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County Road 39 Crash In Southampton Lands Two In Hospital, Snarls Commute

If people keep to the speed limits of 35mph on Cty Rd 39 this probably wouldn't have happen." Aug 12, 11 8:27 PM

Southampton Fire District Seeks Approval For North Sea Firehouse

A better site for both would be the lot next to Burger King." Dec 7, 12 11:28 PM

School Bus Involved In A Minor Crash On County Road 39

I have seen that coming to work the other day. Looked like the bus made a left turn into Dunkin Donut and the car made the right turn into it at the same time. If it happened on CR39, traffic would have been back up to Hampton Bays!" Aug 28, 13 10:57 PM

Two Injured In Crash On County Road 39 In Southampton Friday

Just saw a taxi today, making left turn onto windmill lane from white st, going in the left land (i.e. wrong way) then run the red light and making another left turn onto north sea road.... summer time used to be crazy, but not this crazy until now. The drivers here both in beat up old cars from out of state to the shiny benz are driving like maniacs." Jun 26, 14 1:20 AM

Southampton Village Looking To Create Boardwalk Along Lake Agawam

That boardwalk is gonna be filled with duck and bird droppings...." Oct 23, 14 4:13 PM

County Road 39 Traffic Changes Will Not Be Implemented In Southampton This Summer

I like an HOV lane suspended 10' above CR39... i.e. never gonna happened..." Jul 9, 15 10:35 PM

Lets route it though Peconic Bay, it's feaseable, just like the Florida Keys Bridges." Jul 9, 15 10:38 PM

Southampton Town Will Require Parking Passes To Stop Illegal Crabbing In Water Mill

That won't work, all they do is drop off a bunch of people with buckets and drive off. The crabs still get caught, we will need heavy fines for crabbing without permits and more frequent check-up by police or bay constables, especially at night!" Jul 31, 15 11:47 AM

Lynch's Garden Center To Change Name By End Of 2017

I probably would keep calling it as "Lynch's", as "Fowlers" just doesn't have a nice "roll" to it.... But we'll see.." Apr 22, 17 9:00 AM