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State Education Commissioner Fields Questions On Common Core

Chief, in my 20 years working as an engineer designing runway lighting systems at the three major New York airports, not once did I have to take a test. I had to get exact answers in a timely manner, apply them to the project and then get the project done. As for the heckling last night, parents and teachers are way past upset because Comm King has not heard one word we say. This is not about education, it's about corporate backed, for profit data sharing at the EXPENSE of our children. Not one person I have spoke to is against higher standards and more challenging work (for those children who need it), but to have teacher evals tied to testing, especially in special Ed classes, has got to be the stupidest idea I have ever heard. So yes, people are crazy-mad because what is at stake is the future of our children. And finally, the superintendent can only do so much. He is required to uphold the Ed Dept policy. Policy that is being funded by billionaires with their own agenda. And -hint hint- it's not educating our children. " Nov 27, 13 3:29 PM

The problem is poverty. If you take that out of the equation, we are at the top of the pack in education achievement. And I don't think lowering the bar is the answer. The answer is to raise the bar for those who can achieve it and more. But to not put irrational goals on special needs kids. Every kid is different. To make then learn the same thing at the same time is just not possible! And you keep talking about teachers wanting more days off, more money, etc. These are the people who spend more time with your children than anyone else but you. I do not see a problem paying them well. How can we rationalize paying millions of dollars to a guy who throws a ball around once a week, but not allow the educators of our kids a decent living? Because as a society, our values are crap! And paying teachers more would still not equal (or even come close) to all the money that has been thrown around by billionaires and corporations to back their agenda. Also, watch your taxes rise as our districts try to implement the unfunded portions of the program. As I suggested before, research will open your eyes. Have a happy thanksgiving. " Nov 28, 13 10:29 AM

St. Mary's Church Brings Farmers Market To Hampton Bays

Thank you St Mary's for hosting the Hampton Bays Farmers Market!" Jun 4, 14 10:40 AM

Local Travel Team Taking Sweet Trip To Disney

Go Riptides! Win, lose or draw, we are proud of you!" Jul 7, 14 8:17 PM

UPDATE: Services Set For Hampton Bays Restaurant Owner Doug Oakland

Hampton Bays has lost a great community leader, and a heck of a nice guy. My thoughts and prayers go out to Steph, his mom, and his kids. " Jul 3, 15 11:29 AM

Dr. Richard James Hastings, Formerly Of Remsenburg, Dies December 31

RIP Dr. Hastings. He cared for me many years ago when I broke my arm in a freak monkey bar accident in elementary school. I was stuck in the hospital for 2 weeks, and I STILL remember his smiling face visiting me every morning. Condolences to his family." Jan 7, 16 11:57 AM