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Ducks Unlimited releases black ducks in Flanders as part of ongoing study

I was there and it was great to see how DU let the kids get involved. We all had a great day." Mar 18, 09 11:43 AM

Wilkinson concedes that dock sale is off the table

Lease the docks to the fishermen for a dollar a year in the lease they are responsible for the up keep of the dock. By the towns numbers it cost $120k a year to run. I bet you the guys can run those docks for a lot less. You can't let these guys fail some of them have been doing this for generations they are not even asking for a bail out like the banks and car companies just some help so they can help themselves." May 24, 10 4:34 PM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

This was a plea bargain what role does the judge have with it? I'm not defending him I'm just not sure how that works" Jun 4, 10 10:55 AM

Police still looking for woman who robbed Westhampton Beach bank on Saturday

They should catch her I worked for a bank for 7 years we got rob twice, head of security told me a bank is rob everyday in the tri state area and 95% are caught." Aug 11, 10 3:21 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

You have to be real careful around schools my friend was going upstate last year he pick up his son from soccer had all his gear in the back of his car. six inches of his gun case was exposed somone call the cops he was arrested and all guns taken from him with no ammo in the car." Oct 26, 11 4:00 PM