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Recession means busy streets on the East End

Lizzie Grubman - Per Wikipedia - 2001 SUV incident
On July 7, 2001, Grubman drove her SUV into a crowd of people outside a nightclub in the Hamptons, injuring 16 people. After being asked by security guards to remove her Mercedes from a fire lane, she backed the vehicle into the crowd and was later charged in a 26-count indictment, for felony crimes including second-degree assault, driving while intoxicated, and reckless endangerment.[9] Grubman had been facing up to eight years in prison, but only served 37 days in jail and received five year's probation after reaching a plea bargain.[6]
The trial garnered widespread media coverage[10][9][11] not because of the particular circumstances of the crash, but because of what Richard Johnson, editor of the New York Post's Page 6, referred to as "the overreaching drama of class warfare."[12] Grubman was alleged to have made an inflammatory statement before striking her victims with her vehicle: "F*** you, white trash".[13] Later, allegations arose that she received "special treatment"[14] at the hands of police, who did not perform a Breathalyzer test,[14] despite allegations (and later, criminal charges) that she was intoxicated at the time of the incident.[15][9]
Grubman has claimed that the SUV incident was an accident.[16] An expert hired by the plaintiffs in a civil case against her who reconstructed the accident based on data from the car's "black box" stated that in his view her actions were likely intentional.[17]
...... Lizzie - Stay in Manhattan" Mar 20, 09 2:36 PM

Montauk train service cut takes effect; shuttle service could be on horizon

Not to pile on, but according to a NY Times article published 10/2009 titled "New Oversight Has Not Cut Approvals of L.I.R.R. Disability Claims"

"Despite the railroad’s efforts, the Government Accountability Office reported that as of last April, Long Island Rail Road workers applied for disability at a rate 12 times that of other railroads; that only three doctors handled most of the claims, a clue to potential abuse; and that 64 of 66 claims were approved. "

and that

".. the board receives far more occupational disability claims from L.I.R.R. employees than from workers at any other railroad. Since 2000, as many as 97 percent of L.I.R.R. workers over age 50 who retired with 20 years of service have received the disability payments, which is three to four times the national average for railroads."
" Sep 15, 10 10:42 AM

Southampton Town Board Stalled On Police Technology Upgrade

This an expensive project, and "highhatsize" is right, there will be annual recurring costs (typically 15% - 25% of initial liscencing) in maintence fees.
I went on the NYS DCJS web-site (http://www.criminaljustice.ny.gov/crimnet/ojsa/impact/index.htm ) and didnt see anything about "approved vendors" (Admit isnt the only player in this market), but did see that the state was co-funding these projects. Q: Would the town be getting any state funding to pay for the initial implementation and subsiquent recurring fees? Q: What would the recurring expenses we should expect with this project?

Also, the other purchasing entities of this system were counties - not towns. Q: Why isn't Suffolk Ccounty taking the lead here? Why is the town taking the lead?

Finally, there are other proven policing technologies that are cheaper to implement and maintain - with less risk (these projects sometimes fail altogether) - that can lower the cost of policing, while improving safety and lowering crime. For instance, ALPRS (automated liscence plate reading systems) and video monitoring systems are being adopted in a lot of juristictions. Q: What other options were considered? Was a cost-benefit or comparative benefit analysis ever done?

My read on this is that the chief trying to fast-track a project that shouldn't be. " Mar 7, 12 8:04 AM

Westhampton Chamber Reverses Course, Agrees To Host Halloween Parade

Can someone in the know please post the names of the merchants who were against doing the parade?

I dont think the decision "transcends business interests". If the main st section of the parade was canceled, i would have avoided them - forever.
" Oct 2, 12 7:51 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Allows Vehicles To Access Beach

nature : go to lashley and try walking around and you will see what I mean.
why was my previous post taken down - was it because there was a link to a petition to ask the village government on it?" Oct 24, 13 3:21 PM

Tribe Protests Beach Work In Hampton Bays

Michael Wright,
Are you related to tribe member Gordon Wright? (and did Gordon tip you off that this was going to happen and were you staking out the beach to manufacture this story?)

I find it one hell of a coincidence that a tribal trustee, the contractor and a press photographer all show up on the same spot of beach at the same time.

" Jun 12, 14 3:29 PM

Political Newcomer Wants To Bring Fresh Perspective To Westhampton Beach

By litigation budget, I assume she is referring to the million dollars (and counting) the village has spent fighting the Eruv. Plus, there is the litigation risk when the village and town lose. No one has ever won a fight against an Eruv, so why pour more money down the drain? " Jun 17, 14 6:39 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

I think beachbme11978 has it right and you (realistic) are really (pun intended) Tom Moore (Maria's husband) or Joan Levan.

However, if she can get a new supermarket built or convince waldbaums to renovate/expand, restart the redevelopment at the (former) bowling alley, trim the police force and other unnecessary head counts, and move a waste water treatment plan forward - all those votes for her will not have been in vain and she will have earned a raise. " Jul 9, 14 2:45 PM

Future Of Westhampton Beach Police Department Uncertain As Consolidation Talks Swirl

Westhampton beach is an outlier in the number of officers by population as well as by size. The fact is, we don't need them all, and a consolidation would save taxpayers a bundle as the police force is one of the largest cost centers in the village budget. Its not like there is so much crime that we need them.

I'm told that there is a lot of duplication of services. For instance, whb has officers doing radio dispatch eventhough they can pick up county and town dispatch.

Its only through small-town cronyism, nepotism and political patronage that the force has grown this big and expensive (prime example is ray dean's contract) and it's time to start cutting back.
Government head counts have a tendency to grow if left unchecked, and now is a good time to think about alternatives.
If the mayor and the board aren't looking at alternatives, they aren't doing their jobs.

The personal service/valued response arguement is a lot of hooey. Officers should treat everyone (seasonal or year-round or visitors) the same way. If year-rounders want to keep a police force because they won't get ticketed while seasonal or other visitors do, I say that's all the more reason to start cutting.
" Sep 3, 14 4:06 AM

The village should look at implementing more video cameras and automated license plate readers to cut costs. Both have been shown to lower costs and crime rates." Sep 3, 14 4:35 AM

Southampton Supervisor's $88.5 MIllion Budget Would Add Seven Employees

So the highway dept cuts back leaf removal service, and they add head count? That doesn't add up to me." Oct 2, 14 5:13 AM

Westhampton Beach Business Owners Want Looser Regulations, Sewer District

I wish a professional environmental consultant would chime in here, but a sewer district doesn't have to mean ripping up all our roads and pumping waste all the way up to the airport.

There are smaller, more efficient technologies that can be used downtown to treat waste that can enable the village to improve its infrastructure. They should be considered." Oct 16, 14 2:17 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Taps Gonce As Next Police Chief

Congratulations to our new chief.

A commissioner? Seriously? Seems to me like someone's (palmer's) lame attempt to establish a crony poosition at village hall. So much for new ideas and progress. The next election can't come fast enough." Dec 16, 14 2:30 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Discusses Eruv In Closed-Door Meeting

Note to village board : the eruv has been up for months and the sky has not fallen. Stop wasting my tax dollars on a lawsuit that is unwinnable. Stop wasting real money on an imaginary line. " Jan 17, 15 5:23 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Is Expected To Create Police Commissioner Position Thursday

So many questions.
Does a dept of 11 really need a commissioner? Isn't that what the board is for? How many other departments with a dozen officers have commissioners?
Why not hire a consultant to do the accreditation paperwork instead of establishing a full-time position?
What does the commissioner do all day long after the accredidation process is complete?
If a subsequent administration comes in and wants to abolish the position, how much is that going to cost?

" Feb 5, 15 11:59 AM

Nathaniel Rogers Renovation On Track To Cost $9 Million, Take 13 Years

I would have prefered that the town used that money to build something useful, like an aquatic center. What a waste." Feb 22, 15 4:30 AM

Search Continues For Elusive Eruv Markers In Westhampton Beach

O'Dwyer, since you feel so passionate about this issue, why don't you pony up for lawyers to argue it? I for one, don't want to see real money - my tax dollars - spent fighting over an imaginary line.

We should be talking about an aquatic center, revitalizing businesses, getting a sewer system/district , ...

O'Dwyer, I am dubbing you town crier of West Chelm. " Mar 22, 15 6:04 AM

I meant Chelm Hampton." Mar 22, 15 6:07 AM

LOL" Mar 22, 15 6:12 PM

Jack, you are 1/2 right. Bigotry and intolerance are no laughing matter.
But I think its pretty clear that its YOU who wants the government to validate your irrational and dangerous beliefs.
" Mar 23, 15 12:10 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Will Take Second Look At Sewer System

Instead of plugging into the satelite system at the airport, how about a smaller cluster system for a main street waste water district?" Mar 28, 15 6:47 PM

Hampton Bays Ku Klux Klan Member Claims Town Police Harrassed Him

Congratulation, Munker and Loyal White Knights. You just made the FBI hate group watch list." Apr 11, 15 6:12 AM

Jason Lee Acquitted Of East Hampton Rape Charges Wednesday

Couldn't the victim's brother testify via Skype or something?" Apr 29, 15 7:16 PM

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