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Still No Charges Filed After Southampton Village Crash That Killed One And Left Another Injured

The only think that can explain this delay is that the dead woman is from abroad, and so has few community ties, and the criminal who used his car as a deadly weapon must have family connections to the SHPD. " Feb 15, 17 8:20 PM

One Killed In Accident On Hill Street In Southampton Village

Multiple witnesses were interviewed at the scene and reported that the driver was driving at least 40 miles over the area speed limit of 25 mph, swerving into the oncoming lane to pass cars, exhibiting signs of road rage and frustration with slow traffic. In this case, the fact that he was apparently sober is actually WORSE, as any mitigating factors of impaired judgement can not explain his behavior. In Southampton, it is always about who you know. The dead woman is from Europe and has no community ties. The driver's family must have friends on the SHPD or in the prosecutor's office to have avoided arrest at the scene and continues to be uncharged two weeks later. The behavior of law enforcement shows a disregard for human life, a pattern of corruption, and may well approach criminality. " Feb 20, 17 10:30 AM

Grand Jury Examining Hill Street Crash While Southampton Village Residents Seek Slowdown

The DA obviously does not want an indictment in this case. Nothing about the way it has unfolded, in silence and secrecy, suggests that he does. There were multiple witnesses who reported to the police on the day of the accident that the driver was going 70 mph. Now this entire thread has been hijacked by an absurd conversation about making the speed limit on Hill Street less than 25? There is little you can do about someone who engages in road rage and drives 3x the speed limit, in the direction of oncoming traffic, other than to arrest and prosecute the criminal.
" Mar 18, 17 7:47 PM

Robert Stelling Remembered For Sharing Love Of Beach, Family And Community

Robert was beloved by so many and adored by his beautiful family. All who knew him are heartbroken. Prayers and love for the Stelling and Rosko family. " Dec 11, 17 9:20 PM

Shinnecock Nation Tackles Electrical Issues At Billboards

Is it the Shinnecock’s legal position that they can build anything they choose to on the shoulder of the Sunrise Highway, even, let’s say, a 5 story condominium - if they wanted to? And that the patch of land - a shoulder of a state highway - is not subject to any state or federal oversight? That seems to be the argument here and it does not seem likely to prevail in court." Jun 23, 19 9:45 AM