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LIPA Scrambles To Repair Massive Power Outages

to come back and see that for several days now, i have been under razza5351's skin is quite rewarding. you missed the part where I wrote that we were lucky and got power back right away...nonetheless, I was ready for anything. So here's the teaching moment for you. While I am trying to draw attention to the unjustice of a utility that answers to nobody and charges the most expensive prices in the contiguous 48 states - juxtaposed with families with children at 6+ days with no power, you are attacking me. Look, you can feel however you like, but I'm going to keep on fighting for folks when I see those with less than I suffering injustice at the hands of scoundrels like we have all over the place. Now, back to enjoying Labor Day!" Sep 5, 11 7:27 PM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

How are details still sketchy about a fight in the village involving 300 people? That would make it the largest incident of civil disobedience in the 400+ year history of the village no? If someone skips a step in this town we all know about it...don't withhold the information, just let everyone know who rented the place and who was at the facility that night?" Sep 5, 11 7:32 PM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

I am unsure of what is worse, the ability to recall information as useless as the tree cutting brouhaha from 9 years ago or the drive to go look it up online and then use it to say whose fault the trees coming down were. Nature, can you try to sum up your overall point/conclusion? It is basically that Irene was a terrible hurricane and that if it weren't for the one woman who lives near a lipa headquarters, as many trees wouldn't have come down? Did you hear that several hundred new outtages have been reported this morning throughout SH, BH and Water Mill? Your overall point is murky, can you please just come out and say what you are looking to communicate? Thanks." Sep 6, 11 7:05 AM

Well, you ''older people'' certainly deserve a lot of respect for the fact that you have no loved ones in jail, yes, congrats, that must be a very good feeling...not everyone holds the stoic intellect that the wise old owl gains from decades on the branch, hope we can all get there." Sep 6, 11 8:26 AM

Thiele Calls For Transparency From Stanley

Is it ironic for any politician to call on transparency ? Popular to call on the college to be wise with taxpayer money...just not expedient to actually practice that yourself...this is showmanship plain and simple. To argue that either of these characters is less upstanding that the other is to miss the point that they are both taking advantage of the system in which they operate." Sep 7, 11 1:46 PM

are you reading what nature is writing! this guy knows what he's talking about! don't argue with him, learn your lesson like I did! :>)" Sep 7, 11 4:05 PM

is it not true that the new person in charge of the school inherited this problem from the previous administration - sound familiar? its time to let it go, the drive to actually hear the apology is unseemly and reduces your credibility" Sep 8, 11 7:13 AM

Massive Brawl Breaks Out At 230 Elm; One Arrested

would it be accurate to say that details remain sketchy. sounds like a non issue anyway." Sep 8, 11 7:17 AM

Thiele Calls For Transparency From Stanley

Stan asked me to specifically say I am sorry, deeply sorry to you for all of your troubles. Now what?" Sep 9, 11 7:00 AM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

Can you imagine? A room of people clapped after a law was passed whereby their neighbors have to clip their hedges a certain way or be charged under a new law?! Oh to have that be my biggest problem in life...holy mackeral. I can see it now, "What are you in for, first degree murder, you? Oh, I didn't clip my hedges properly at my estate in the Hamptons..."" Sep 9, 11 11:47 AM

grooming of the privet is the gateway legislation. wait till you see what else they are going to want to see you keep groomed...." Sep 10, 11 7:38 AM

Waves, Surge Batter Beaches, But They Mostly Withstand The Attack

nice usage of "batter" and "attack". don't forget ''ravaged'', ''onslaught'' and "devastation"." Sep 10, 11 8:01 AM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

its fun to joke around, but it is definitely not true that anyone who is helping to administer the village is an idiot. " Sep 11, 11 7:19 AM

just breath, you may want to just breath. who knew there was so much animosity surrounding privet hedges. " Sep 14, 11 5:48 AM

Offer To Plant Cherry Trees In Agawam Park Withdrawn

the cherry trees in washington dc don't detract from the monuments there...but somehow they would in southampton? my relatives are on that monument and on behalf of them, whomever objected is ridiculous and or as old as summertime. the person, not the season - although close." Sep 14, 11 4:14 PM

Flanders Deli Seized By State For Failure To Pay Taxes

This guy broke the law and it was wrong, but why does Tim Geithner get to keep his job after not paying self employment taxes for almost 10 years. Federal Government employees owe billions in back taxes. 2000 employees in the executive office of the president owe over $830,000. Did Charlie Rangel have his assets seized, did Tom Daschle or the 11 IRS contractors who owe a staggering $3.8 million in back taxes had the locks changed on their office? There are currently 231 members of the senate who owe $2.5 million in back taxes and 447 in the House of Representatives that owe $5.8 million. In all about 276,000 employees of the federal government owe over $3 Billion dollars in taxes. But this guy with the good coffee on Flanders Road owes $50k and he's done. More from the do as I say not as I do crowd. " Sep 15, 11 6:59 AM

Southampton Man Charged With DWI After Driving Wrong Way On Sunrise Highway

The cemetery is filled with innocent people that were killed by nice people who were driving drunk. " Sep 17, 11 6:24 AM

The Open Book In Westhampton Beach To Close

These stories are far too common over the last several years. Its a real shame. I still miss Long Island Sound record store and lots of the mom and pop places that have had to make the same difficult decision. It must be very hard and I wish you well in the next chapter." Sep 18, 11 5:45 PM

Southampton Town Board Considers Cyclical Reassessments Instead Of Annual Process

My vote is for every 3 years. Subjecting the taxpayers to this punitive process every year will not improve how its received. It will reduce municipal overhead and save trees. Like everyone else, when you make less money, ie state aid is lower, you make do...you shouldn't come after us for the difference. " Sep 20, 11 6:25 AM

Are you aware of any assessments that have ever reflected a decrease in value and thus a decrease in taxes? " Sep 20, 11 10:26 AM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

Because of the extended horrible economy most local employers are at their lowest level of staff/employees in decades. as tough as this is, municipalities should take a lesson from private enterprise when it comes to taking measures to be more efficient with less. Doesn't help, but that's where we are today. " Sep 22, 11 5:51 AM

Local Relief Effort Is Underway To Benefit Upstate Flood Victims

Way to put the FUN into Fundraising! Good job." Sep 23, 11 7:15 AM

2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

"the problem'' is not small business owners, cops, old people or any of that. and we the people should not be fighting each other, we should be fighting the problem. which, is mismanagement at the top, not at the bottom." Sep 23, 11 7:17 AM

Southampton Ambulance Districts Eager To Look At Third-Party Billing

This sounds like a good idea, but there is simply no need for ''an advisory group'' representing additional red tape. The volunteer ambulance teams out here are incredibly dedicated and always there when we need them. The health insurance, in most cases, would pay the ambulance charges. In those cases where there is no health insurance, there can certainly be ways to handle that as there are now. But to insinuate that there is some sort of shenanigans going on with the budget and that the ambulance could make due with less by being more efficient is not supported anything I've ever read or witnessed. Thank goodness for those folks." Sep 24, 11 7:26 AM

Then is your position that since Flanders tried it 20 years ago and it didn't work then that it should never be attempted again? Now that computers can do the heavy lifting, sounds like a good time to try it again. It will not increase the cost of your health insurance - that's what the new healthcare reform legislation is for." Sep 27, 11 6:49 AM

yo checkin, that WAS a joke. read it again. you got the wrong guy if you think i'm defending any sort of unconstitutional law. carry on." Sep 27, 11 5:29 PM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

Irony=multiple posts from people laughing about how many posts there are....hahahaha." Sep 28, 11 6:50 AM

Businesses Fear Giant Wage Jump For Seasonal Workers

Yet the barrel of another gun held by the federal government with the support of our local congressman aimed at the local business owner and the middle class. " Sep 28, 11 6:57 AM

I agree with Congressman Bishop that offering legislation to de-fund and defunct this decision is the right way to go. There is no such thing as fairness...never has existed and never will exist..if you can locate it anywhere in nature, please point it out to us, but legislation will not create ''fairness''. its simply impossible. " Sep 29, 11 6:18 AM

no, the reasons that governments and businesses can never be compared are vast. but for example, governments run at losses forever yet continue to keep their jobs. no government needs to be concerned with turning a profit or watching costs, they just confiscate more of your tax dollars if necessary. governments simply eliminate their competition via regulations and taxes that they insidiously impose on the little guy, in other words, they use our own money to squash us and lastly, no government needs to be nice, decent or obey the laws, I don't have my own army. " Sep 29, 11 7:06 AM

wow, there is so much anger and resentment coming out regarding how much money people make and what they have achieved. and,, it seems that achievers and those that have earned money are looked at with such disdain and hatred. has it always been that way or is this relatively new? i don't ever recall hating people that have earned money when i was broke. growing up in the hamptons we were always surrounded by folks with more than us and still are, but we don't lay all sorts of stereotypical hatred at their feet. how did we get there and why? isn't most charity funded by wealthy folks and aren't the majority of taxes in this country paid by those that make the most money? aren't most jobs in this country provided by wealthy people that achieved a lot so they hire folks to help out? not all bosses are evil and not all employees are unhappy slave labor. it feels weird to even have to write that on a forum where i think you need to be over 18 to participate..." Sep 30, 11 6:30 AM

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