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Thiele Calls For Transparency From Stanley

"the university will pay $5,000 toward the cost of a sustainability conference at Stony Brook Southampton in 2013, and $30,000 toward the students’ attorneys’ fees"

Please read, "the taxpayers will pay". Thanks, Mr. Thiele. " Sep 6, 11 5:50 PM

Stakeholders Asked To Help Lay Plans For New Sustainability Institute At Stony Brook Southampton

By what authority will these elected officials dictate to a university the content of a program that will be held on the university campus? In the name of extremely speculative climate computer models, politicians are fast usurping the freedom of business and individuals. The result is to lower our standard of living and quality of life. Here's an example. Mr. Thiele's allusion to sea level rise, which in reality has only been about 11 inches spread out evenly over the last 150 years http://tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov/sltrends/sltrends_station.shtml?stnid=8518750 , relates to a model prediction so outlandish that the authors caution "The model-based sea level rise projections may represent the range of possible outcomes less completely than the temperature and precipitation projections." We have people losing homes and doing with less - let's get real!" Nov 22, 11 11:21 AM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

Let's see: development of defunct property; creation of local jobs; more product choices for shoppers; increased competition which usually means lower prices and better service. Please do the right thing. " Jan 25, 12 1:03 PM

Strings Are Attached To Increased School Aid Projections

Thiele: “Listen, would we all like to see more financial assistance? Yes, we would.”

Old school politicians like Mr. Thiele can only think in terms of what tax money they can get from the State or Feds or property. The problem is SPENDING. What we need is to lower the cost of education, not spend more taxpayer money on it! Whether it comes from State income tax or property tax, it's still taxpayer money! We need a cap on public pay, a cap on public pensions and a non-Regents diploma choice to reduce over-reliance on special education. By the way, making the useless assessments even more important is plain wrong!

" Feb 1, 12 12:41 PM

Randy Altschuler Unveils Jobs Plan

It is a total misconception that Altschuler moved jobs out of the USA. The truth is, he started numerous successful businesses in countries around the world, including the USA, all without a dime of taxpayer money, all creating brand new jobs. No factory was moved. No company was uprooted. On the other hand, Mr. Bishop has actively participated in doling out hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to companies that took the money and then either closed their doors forever, or spent the money on overseas operations and foreign factories. Unfortunately, every story about Altschuler manages to include the same false accusation.

" May 8, 12 9:53 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

From Village Attorney/Assembly Member Thiele's Assembly biography: "Upon graduation from law school in 1979, Mr. Thiele became counsel to Assemblyman John Behan. He served in that capacity until 1982." Perhaps Mr. Thiele, who now caucuses with the Democrats and largely supports Democratic candidates and issues, influenced his former mentor to make this public pronouncement. Unless it really is just the remarkably shallow popularity contest thinking of I like this guy more than I like the other guy. With every level of our economy crumbling before our eyes, I hope not." Jun 1, 12 5:20 PM

Westhampton Beach Asks Its Teachers To Accept Salary Freeze

"Measures of Academic Progress, or MAPS, testing that is now necessary as part of the district’s Annual Professional Performance Review plan, as mandated by the State Education Department. The MAP program will cost the district $25,876, according to Mr. Radday." This ridiculous, harmful, unfunded mandated was SUPPORTED by our representatives in Albany! It was pushed on us by the Obama Administration and Governor Cuomo. This obsession with testing, MAPS being one of many, is not only costing a fortune, it's costing class time and focus on curriculum, as well. Our reps wring their hands and talk and talk about unfunded mandates and then saddle property tax payers with another one. " Feb 26, 13 5:13 PM

Airport Advisory Committee OKs Solar Panels At Gabreski

25 acres of solar panels to destroy our existing pine barrens, once hailed as the irreplaceable source of our drinking water, misplacing birds, deer and other animals (who will attempt to live on our lawns.) Wait, maybe the 'environmentalists' who approved this want Bellone to use the money to buy open land, though 300,000 a year won't buy much of it. With any luck, the bulldozers will take down Olive Foyl, too." Jul 16, 14 3:09 PM

Trees taken down, questions about the impact on wildlife all tell me that. Here's something that I'll bet was never addressed. Solar panels only generate electric power for 20-25 years. What happens then?" Jul 16, 14 3:29 PM

Please go to Google Maps and see the satellite picture of the airport. You will find that the panels are to be placed in an area that's mostly green.
" Jul 17, 14 10:03 AM

I read that concrete footings are a problem to returning the area to a more natural state and that some companies drive a metal piling that can be removed. The question is, who is responsible for its removal? The taxpayer? The company? Will this array simply sit and rust and contaminate when the party is over? Must we simply hope that this company is still solvent in 20 years? " Jul 17, 14 10:10 AM

Southampton Supervisor's $88.5 MIllion Budget Would Add Seven Employees

Just because the Town took more money from taxpayers doesn't mean that money must be spent! Heaven forbid there should be a property tax reduction somewhere in New York State. Keeping the levy the same with more revenue is the opposite of efficiency. It is overspending." Oct 2, 14 1:39 PM

Homeowners To See Tax Rebates Soon In Under-Cap School Districts

School taxes are largely a function of what the State mandates that schools must do. To change school taxes, the State must change the mandates. Gimicky, temporary give backs are no solution. Just as the piecemeal temporary tax breaks for select businesses haven't changed the fact that New York is one of the worst States for economic growth. " Oct 21, 14 8:29 PM