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Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

You had your chance. You failed. Move on." Sep 28, 11 3:59 PM

Gee, how long have you been waiting to use that one? " Sep 29, 11 11:12 AM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

You are absolutely right on, Razza. I would never have voted for throne-holst before Kabot jumped in. I visit these boards infrequently because they are over run by right wing zealots and it is certainly no surprise that they support this failed former supervisor. I wish there were another choice - a progressive choice - but I am quite certain Anna will beat Linda and that will have to suffice for now." Oct 20, 11 9:55 PM

Gregor, Town Board Battle Over New Leaf Pickup Program

Who cares. Get over it" Oct 20, 11 9:56 PM

Lawmakers Break Ground On Bridgehampton Sidewalk Project

Oh no, government spending money to create jobs and improve lives! Quick, taepartiers, don't miss an opportunity to post your typical b s " Oct 21, 11 6:49 PM

Right on cue! " Oct 21, 11 7:08 PM

Sounds like he hit a nerve, eh reality last! I am still laughing! " Oct 22, 11 9:21 AM

Kabot: Throne-Holst Contributions Violated New York State Election Law

Mr Kabot, you should be embarrassed to post such puerile drivel under your rel name. You are as pathetic as your wife, or whatever relation Ms Kabot is to you. Pathetic." Oct 24, 11 7:25 AM

lbrand, your hypocrisy is stunning. You sound like every other wingnut on this site. Two things: 1) where did I say I support Throne-Holst 2) It is OK for you to complain but not me? Why don't you run? What a stupid comment. I think you owe me an apology. Lance Kabot is a child, you are no better" Oct 25, 11 1:01 PM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Perfect, Razza! Absolutely spot on!" Oct 27, 11 9:18 AM

So much irrational hate for ATH. She may not be the ideal choice, but she is certainly better than Kabot and definitely not nearly as evil as so many try to portray her. She turned around the town's finances and that is a verifiable fact. Funny how Kabot supporters have nothing positive to say about her so they lash out at her opponent instead. The same negative, petty, and vindictive tone that Linda has used throughout. Anti- intellectual claptrap" Oct 29, 11 10:05 AM

Yes, Reg rep, anyone who disagrees with you is actually Anna Throne Holst in disguise. Progressnow is wrong. You do not need to get over yourself, you need to get over your obsession with ATH. It is a bit frightening to be honest. By the way, I think your caps lock must be jammed. " Nov 1, 11 12:44 PM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

Bigfresh, what makes you think you have the right to tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body. Classic right-wing, big government intrusion. The world's economic problems were created by republicans deregulating banks and wall street, unfunded wars, and unfunded give aways to big pharma. You, like your ignorant cohorts, are completely clueless. The tea party is over. Go back under your rock." Nov 9, 11 4:20 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

"protectionism"?! If we wanted gluttonous free- marketers to determine what is a "quality" experience we'd live in Riverhaed. Do you view anything outside of you myopic conservatism or are you such a complete corporate zombie that you are compelled to see everything through a permanent Walmart haze of idiocy?" Nov 10, 11 7:03 PM

UPDATE: Absentee Ballot Count Continues In East Hampton

"Of course the Republicans passing these laws never acknowledge their real purpose, which is to turn away from the polls people who are more likely to vote Democratic, particularly the young, the poor, the elderly and minorities. They insist that laws requiring government identification cards to vote are only to protect the sanctity of the ballot from unscrupulous voters. Cutting back on early voting, which has been popular among working people who often cannot afford to take off from their jobs on Election Day, will save money, they claim.

None of these explanations are true. There is almost no voting fraud in America. And none of the lawmakers who claim there is have ever been able to document any but the most isolated cases. The only reason Republicans are passing these laws is to give themselves a political edge by suppressing Democratic votes.

The most widespread hurdle has been the demand for photo identification at the polls, a departure from the longstanding practice of using voters’ signatures or household identification like a utility bill. Seven states this year have passed laws requiring strict photo ID to vote, and similar measures were introduced in 27 other states. More than 21 million citizens — 11 percent of the population — do not have government ID cards. Many of them are poor, or elderly, or black and Hispanic and could have a hard time navigating the bureaucracy to get a card."" Nov 20, 11 11:17 AM

Because she is a sad, pathetic, vindictive whiner who wants to try to take votes away from ATH so that she can claim her loss was not as bad as it actually was. The voters have now overwhelmingly rejected you twice, Ms. Kabot and your own party does not even want you. Leave us alone." Nov 20, 11 11:20 AM

Sidewalk Proposal Causes Stir In Tuckahoe

Bigfresh, you are clearly against any public improvements whatsoever, including those that create jobs and protect the safety of children. Just because the school has been there with no sidewalks for a long time means it should simply remain that way? Do you live near the school or have children there? Yeah, didn't think so. You clearly like to hear yourself talk." Dec 20, 11 3:31 PM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

Liberalism may be a mental disorder but conservatism is a disorder of character. " Jan 2, 12 11:38 AM

Southampton Town Board Republican-Conservative Majority Holds Off On Key Appointments

Typical republican party bs. I am so sick and tired of this nonsense. Maybe Ms. Scalera could start off her tenure on the board by telling Malone and Nuzzi to keep their politics to themselves" Jan 3, 12 4:16 PM

There is a consensus on this board between democrats AND republicans that Nuzzi and Malone are no good for this town." Jan 4, 12 9:34 AM

Hidden Cove Puts Human Face On Homelessness

philathome, you nailed it!
" Jan 4, 12 4:44 PM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

You nailed it, progressnow. Lest anyone think progress now is unfairly attacking bigfresh for his blinding hypocrisy, read his post from Dec 5, 09 8:16 AM which I have pasted below:

"The DEC is an INCREDIBlly powerful law enforcement agency that answers to no one!! There are no elected positions that we, as taxpayers, can influence with our votes. Do you know that the DEC can search your car, boat or even your HOME without a warrant?? Talk about a potential abuse of power!"" Jan 17, 12 3:24 PM

Developer Launches Online Petition For Remsenburg Subdivision

Mr. Citarelli, yes, you have the right to build on land you purchased as long as it falls within current zoning restrictions and as long as it does not negatively impact your neighbors.

Perhaps your attitude - “Don’t throw stones through my glass, because I’ll throw a missile at you. If they want a circus, I’ll make it a circus" - is getting in your way.
" Jan 26, 12 10:37 AM

Mayor Says Southampton Village Supermarket Law Has Good Chance Of Passing, Despite Opposition

Over-development is not inevitable and it is most certainly NOT natural" Jan 26, 12 10:39 AM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

How would you "opt out"? What has the affordable healthcare act imposed on you? Please provide a specific example of how it has adversely affected your life. " Feb 22, 12 5:38 PM

Hey wing nuts, enjoy your last few sips of tea because the wave that swept you in is about to sweep you out. Never have I a seen such a collection of talking point zombies as on 27 east. The inability of these right wingers to think on their own is why they are right wingers in the first place. " Feb 22, 12 5:41 PM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

Phil, you know that cap America is a man of limited intellect and ignorant biases, you should not expect better than childish names and a refusal to accept facts" Mar 13, 12 10:52 PM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Congratulations. While most others here tried to hide their bigotry with double talk, you come right out and embrace yours" Mar 19, 12 10:46 PM

You agree with chief's blanket stereotype of an entire group of people because you too are a bigot" Mar 20, 12 7:16 AM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

Mick, does your mother know you're using the computer in the middle if the day? " Mar 22, 12 1:29 PM

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