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Civil Rights Activist Bob Zellner Arrested In North Carolina For Protesting Voting Law

Of the 41 percent of Republicans who consider Benghazi to be the worst political scandal in American history, 39 percent are unaware that Benghazi is located in Libya. 10 percent said it's in Egypt, 9 percent in Iran, 6 percent in Cuba, 5 percent in Syria, 4 percent in Iraq, and 1 percent each in North Korea and Liberia, with 4 percent unwilling to venture a guess.

From Public Policy Poll" May 15, 13 11:21 AM

In the month before attackers stormed U.S. facilities in Benghazi and killed four Americans, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens twice turned down offers of security assistance made by the senior U.S. military official in the region in response to concerns that Stevens had raised in a still secret memorandum, two government officials told McClatchy." May 15, 13 11:22 AM

Obama called it a terrorist attack the following day. The rethugs just rewrite history to suit their narrative. With the release of hundreds of documents by the white house we learned what sane people knew all along about the Benghazi "scandal" and this is that there is not scandal. The rethugs, with encouragement from their zombie bagger followers, will, once again, overplay their hand!

Hey, Mr. Boehner, where are the jobs!!" May 17, 13 8:20 AM

Republicans Altered Benghazi Emails, CBS News Report Claims

One day after The White House released 100 pages of Benghazi emails, a report has surfaced alleging that Republicans released a set with altered text.

CBS News reported Thursday that leaked versions sent out by the GOP last Friday had visible differences than Wednesday's official batch. Two correspondences that were singled out in the report came from National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes and State Department Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland." May 17, 13 9:09 AM

East End Voters Decide On School Budgets, Board Members

What people are clearly saying with their vote is that they do not want to stop kids from going to the best high school possible! " May 22, 13 8:20 AM

Democrats Post Bender, Zappone and Throne-Holst For Town Board Election

ATH is a pro-development, moderate Republican - NOT a democrat! The problem, Turkey, is that the SH Democratic party only wants to chalk up a win and are apparently to lazy are too damned right wing to go out and recruit actual DEMOCRATS! who will stand up to developers and fight for the average Joe. I will not vote democratic party until they place an actual democrat on the ballot and, if Kabot and her banker friends win, so be it, it won' t make any damned difference. " Jun 3, 13 3:38 PM

Part-time, town board employees don't do crap and earn, what, about $70 grand a year! Time to cut that salary in 1/2 and then attract folks who are in it for the town and not themselves. " Jun 3, 13 3:41 PM

Nationionwide Sequestration Cuts To Head Start Will Hit Home

The country HAS been changed through a fundamental change in the redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle class to the wealthy. Open up your eyes and take a look at the ever-widening income disparity gap! I can pretty much guarantee that you are not in the top 3% of earners in this country but you will never freaking admit that Obama's policies will help you more than republicans. You are blinded by your own ignorance, 27dan" Jun 4, 13 10:30 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

Absolutely amazing how many hate-filled morons post on this site. " Jul 26, 13 6:48 PM

Southampton Town Credit Rating Gets A Boost Just Before Securing $25 Million Loan

Ntiger and Turkey Bridge, both of your candidates are equally incompetent and obnoxious. " Aug 1, 13 1:27 PM

Traffic Solutions Remain Elusive Following Accidents Requiring The Closure Of County Road 39

These accidents are a direct result of an instatiable want to turn Southampton into Riverhead." Aug 2, 13 10:36 AM

New Fashion Camp for Teens, Tweens Starts In East Hampton

$1850 for 2 weeks." Aug 2, 13 10:38 AM

Sunrise Highway Crash Closes Westbound Lanes For 30 Minutes On Sunday Evening

It was a heck of a lot longer than 30 minutes! " Aug 5, 13 4:20 PM

Southampton Church Leaders Question Transparency Of Suffolk County Board Of Elections

No tax exempt organization should be supporting candidates of any party with money!" Aug 5, 13 4:22 PM

Vice President Joe Biden Vacationing In Southampton This Week

Yeah, let's get congress back to work so they can vote for the 41st time to defund Obamacare and continue to ignore the jobs bill. Like having the rethugs in Washington really makes any difference." Aug 6, 13 2:46 PM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

Right Z, "illegal" is not racist, but automatically assuming someone's status based on skin color IS! " Aug 19, 13 10:50 AM

Colin Powell Visits The Tuckahoe School

Who decided which childred got to attend?" Aug 30, 13 12:44 PM

Tim Bishop Weighs In On Possible U.S. Military Strike Against Syria

Preliator and Captn America's teabagging bromance is getting out of control. What happened, did one of you catch the other steeping someone else's tea?" Sep 10, 13 4:29 PM

Candidates Await Results Of Tuesday's Primary For Conservative Line In Southampton Town Supervisor Race

Phil Keith? HAH! If that's the best you can do, you've got problems." Sep 12, 13 7:56 AM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

No, babyboo, it is you who is wrong. Completely wrong. A fact which is easily verifiable with just a bit of resource from a reliable, unbiased fact source like Factcheck.org

Here is the TRUTH about the free phones (that have absolutely nothing to do with Obama)

SafeLink Wireless, the program mentioned in the e-mail, does indeed offer a cell phone, about one hour’s worth of calling time per month, and other wireless services like voice mail to eligible low-income households. Applicants have to apply and prove that they are either receiving certain types of government benefits, such as Medicaid, or have household incomes at or below 135 percent of the poverty line. Using 2009 poverty guidelines, that’s $14,620 for an individual and a little under $30,000 for a family of four, with slightly higher amounts for Alaska and Hawaii.
SafeLink is run by a subsidiary of América Móvil, the world’s fourth largest wireless company in terms of subscribers, but it is not paid for directly by the company.

Nor is it paid for with "tax payer money," as the e-mail claims. Rather, it is funded through the Universal Service Fund, which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company, an independent, not-for-profit corporation set up by the Federal Communications Commission. The USF is sustained by contributions from telecommunications companies such as "long distance companies, local telephone companies, wireless telephone companies, paging companies, and payphone providers." The companies often charge customers to fund their contributions in the form of a universal service fee you might see on your monthly phone bill. The fund is then parceled out to companies, such as América Móvil, that create programs, such as SafeLink, to provide telecommunications service to rural areas and low-income households." Sep 16, 13 3:59 PM

Southampton Village Trustees Approve Redrawing Village Boundary For Housing Development

Developer is father-in-law of Mayor. Makes no difference if he recused himself. Welcome to Condo Land, Where Condos are King!" Sep 17, 13 9:36 AM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

Marlinspike and Captn Crunch are the picture of manic teabaggery. Facts mean nothing to them. Their answer to everything is talk louder." Sep 17, 13 9:38 AM

Southampton Town Sends Sandy Hollow Apartments Back To The Drawing Board

Coward. This is why we will not have much needed affordable housing in this community." Sep 19, 13 5:43 PM

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