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Throne-Holst Will Lead New Independence-Democratic Majority On Southampton Town Board

WASHINGTON -- The (REPUBCLICAN) shutdown that lasted for 16 days last month is expected to cost the U.S. economy between $2 billion and $6 billion in economic output, according to a report by the Office of Management and Budget released Thursday afternoon.

Those figures, culled from independent forecasters, may be a conservative estimate, the authors note. They found that approximately 120,000 fewer private sector jobs were created during the first two weeks of October because of the dual threats of the shutdown and the standoff over the debt ceiling. Forecasters additionally expect fourth quarter real GDP growth to be 0.2 to 0.6 percent lower than what it could have been had the shutdown and debt ceiling fight not taken place.

The report provides the most detailed insight to date into how much damage the shutdown caused. Among the notable findings are the fact that federal employees were furloughed during the shutdown for a combined total of 6.6 million days, and they received $2.0 billion in back pay for work that they never performed. The country's national parks lost roughly $500 million in visitor spending nationwide, while almost $4 billion in tax refunds were delayed because the Internal Revenue Service was shuttered.

A wide range of government programs were affected as well. According to the OMB, "hundreds of patients" were prevented from enrolling in clinical trials at the National Institutes of Health; nearly 6,300 children lost access to Head Start, before private philanthropists stepped in to reopen classrooms; and the Food and Drug Administration delayed "nearly 500 food and feed domestic inspections and roughly 355 food safety inspections under State contracts."" Nov 7, 13 3:18 PM

Southampton, Tuckahoe School Boards Still Working Toward Merger

Tuckahoe passed the merger because of the lowered tax rate promised. Thile and LaValle are now talking about figuring how to merge wi th NO tax in crease for Southampton which would mean less to no tax DECREASE for Tuckahoe. You cannot simply say the Tuckahoe vote stands as is if you are going to change the terms!" Nov 15, 13 1:26 PM

The vote was for a merger with a very clearly defined tax decrease. The school's sustainability is a matter of opinion. You must have me mistaken for someone else as I have no personal interest in keeping Westhampton as an option beyond the fact that they have charged us tax payers a heck of a lot less that SH for over 10 years!

A small school may be expensive to operate, but so is a big school that is academically challenged. " Nov 19, 13 4:49 PM

BTW, I am always astonished how quick folks are to completely erase a school district especially as no one is considering the overall impact of property values. Hint: lower taxes do not mean higher home prices nor does being in a poorly performing school district. " Nov 19, 13 4:51 PM

Shinnecock Tribe Considering All Options For Educating Students Next Year

Crack open a history book and answer the question for yourself" Nov 26, 13 5:42 PM

Southampton Village Board Concerned About Plan For King Kullen In Tuckahoe

How much money has Morrow contributed to ATH?" Sep 6, 14 12:09 PM

Southampton School Board Decides To Bring Tuckahoe Merger To A Straw Vote Again

As always, these school boards are playing games while children and families suffer. Tuckahoe and SH districts are total cr-p" Sep 17, 14 6:20 PM

UPDATE: Bishop Concedes Race To Zeldin

I have not visited this site for about a year, but I couldn't resist on election eve. As I suspected, the same old right wingers are still foaming at the mouth and chasing their own tails. Expected, but still sad. " Nov 4, 14 5:31 PM

UPDATE: Tuckahoe-Southampton Merger Fails At Polls

Hey, Southampton, you have just bitten the hand that feeds you. Tuckahoe taxpayers have paid you tens of millions of dollars in tuition fees - these dollars, paid for by Tuckahoe residents (who pay a rate over 3x what you do) will now likely disappear. How do you think Southampton will make up for those lost funds?

You just voted down a miniscule tax increase in exchange for a much larger one! If those gutless board members and parents at Tuckahoe had any courage, they'd stop sending students to Southampton and laugh their heads off while your school raises taxes and cuts programs." Nov 20, 14 6:34 PM

Chief, you still chewing up these boards? My friend, you really need to find a hobby. By the way, your short-sightedness has probably just earned you a big tax increase. See my post below." Nov 20, 14 6:37 PM

Tuckahoe Parents Want Board To Explore Merging With Westhampton Beach

Of course, NOW the parents want to send their children to Westhampton. NOW Dan Crough says "Absolutely" it should be considered. HAH!! Had they considered this in the first place instead of feeding that hand that bites them (Southampton, which would not survive were it not for Tuckahoe Tuition!) they would not be in this position.

Dan Crough and his mindless cohorts were more than willing to throw Tuckahoe students attending WHB under the bus, but now, facing a choice between closure and sending their kids to Hampton Bays (You can bet all of those diehard Southampton supporters are choking on the thought!) they are more than willing to consider it, of course, they want to keep giving the ingrates of SH district another chance because Mr. Crough's children attend that school.

Tuckahoe has attempted time and again to throw this district's taxpayers under the bus, even going so far as to make a merger deal that sees no increase for SH and NO DECREASE for Tuckahoe!!!

The public school system is under attack by brainless local school boards with nothing in mind beyond their own personal interests. " Dec 11, 14 5:20 PM

If only that were true, Golden Boy! But, despite being treated like second class citizens by Tuckahoe, WHB has the students in mind first! That is why the WHB school is 30 out the top 100 schools in New York! The Tuckahoe yahoos who tore families apart when they forced a crap exclusive deal with SH is now coming on their knees with their hands out to WHB.

Hey, Dan Crough, what did you get in exchange for forcing all kids to attend the same school as your kids? A slap in the face from the SH District. " Dec 11, 14 5:23 PM

Southampton School District Proposes Five-Year Tuition Deal To Tuckahoe

Translation: "Southampton voters were too stupid to realize that our school could not survive without Tuckahoe District Tuition fees so we had to act without them. Furthermore, because the Tuckahoe school board has demonstrated that they are more than happy to subjugate themselves to any and all of our demands, we have agreed to further subjugate their taxpayers for another five years to our under-performing district while providing almost no tax relief to their district's taxpayers."" Jan 17, 15 11:14 AM

Zeldin Denounces Obama's Threat To Veto Iran Sanctions

Zeldin living up to his expectations as a witless teabagger. " Jan 20, 15 7:07 PM

Southampton School District Proposes Five-Year Tuition Deal To Tuckahoe

Chief, you are so cute when you're lying" Jan 20, 15 7:09 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Returns, With Supporters

"Significantly scaled back" my foot. Once morrow gets his zone change and builds his traffic clogging, community killing, riverhead monstrosity, he will follow-up with the 6 acres of residentially-zoned property he already owns right next to this. Tuckahoe will have a 12 acres of suburban blight plopped right down in the middle of its once quiet, residential streets. Sure his paid minions have come out to show their support (Florio), but what is in it for you the taxpayer? Nothing. " Feb 8, 15 3:47 PM

Rickenbacker, "All commercial properties are improved as part of a drive to make profit"? A bit naive of you. Everything, espcieally "community", "neighborhood", "quality of life" becomes nothing more than a stone to trod upon on the path to profit. Profit is a dirty word, especially when the profit does not benefit those being trampled." Feb 9, 15 10:58 AM

Tuckahoe Hoping For Single Year Tuition Deal With Southampton

Grisnik, Crow and Stuedte - a triumvirate of incompetence, ignorance and obstinance. " Feb 11, 15 2:30 PM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Returns, With Supporters

Modest? Come on, Rickenbacker, let's at least be honest. Firstly, it is not 40,000 it is nearly 60 thousand with bank, et al. Secondly, the county has consistently and emphatically recommended that all construction on CR39 be limited to 15,000 square feet to avoid increased and intolerable traffic. Morrow is asking for 4 times that amount and you call it modest? Morrow has never proved "need" because it does not exist. Convenience is NOT a community benefit, it is a desire of the lazy and incurious." Feb 11, 15 2:36 PM

Lamm, "We don't have anything nice" is NOT a community benefit. A community benefit has nothing to do with satisfying a resident's desire for convenience. Thinking that adding 60,000 of retail space will make roads less travelled is, at best, irrational and almost certainly implies extreme incuriosity.

Satisfying one's desire for convenience and suburban bliss is short-sighted. You want this - and then what? A target? A WalMart? Perhaps both? Stop thinking about how "nice" this would be and start thinking about the real effects on the community, including the safety of those children at that school that "everyone loves to hate."

And please, stop parroting this less traffic myth. What if someone lives East of the grocery store and decides to come west to your sparkling new King Kullen (there are already three within 7 miles for God's sake). Is that person not new traffic? What if someone who usually travels down Hill Street to Waldbaums decides they want nice things to and instead starts using the residential streets that are NOT meant for increased traffic. Is that not new traffic? Now multiply that times 3000 a day and tell me how traffic is reduced.

Please, people, think with your minds and not your odometers." Feb 12, 15 11:15 AM

Let me state this very clearly for the convenience of the convenient minded and incurious: S community benefit is defined by law, not individual wants. More specifically: “Community benefits or amenities” shall mean open space, housing for persons of low or moderate income, parks, elder care, day care, or other specific physical, social or cultural amenities"

No line there about making grocery shopping a more pleasant experience for Lamm and her friends. If over-crowding, deadly traffic and convenience are what you seek Nassau county has plenty to offer. " Feb 13, 15 3:17 PM

Chief, you use the word liberal in the same manner as teenagers use "like", in the lazy manner of someone without ideas" Feb 13, 15 3:19 PM

"Convenience, convenience, convenience, convenience . . ." You live in a place with an embarrassment of "conveniences" all around you. Within a seven mile radius you have 4 grocery stores, farmers markets, deli's . . . But that is never enough for the convenience-craving junkies who cannot think beyond their own wants to consider the greater need.

Think about the hollow craveness of those demanding more convenience in a place that was once a retreat from the suburban mind set of "gimme now"

We do not disagree on whether or not the mega-mall is a community benefit. It is not. Again - community benefit is DEFINED BY LAW, not by individual tastes and desires." Feb 16, 15 10:05 AM

Marlin, not very clever of you, considering you do not write a reply that does not include the word Obama. You and chief should find a new joke writer. " Feb 16, 15 10:07 AM

UPDATE: Wednesday Afternoon Crash On County Road 39 Caused By Driver Who Fell Asleep

Oooh, a grocery store on that spot would be so convenient! When the roads not closed to clear accidents, that is.

Hope everyone involved is well. 39 is a deadly stretch of road. Don't make it worse, Anna!!" Feb 25, 15 5:00 PM

Morrow's paid lackeys would rather see increased traffic and accidents than admit to the one real truth in this issue: this is the WRONG place for a seven acre shopping mall that will generate ten times more traffic than anything else you could put there under CURRENT zoning.

No, this is not a PDD, it is worse - this is a private developer with politicians in his pocket that thinks the rules don't apply to him because of the size of his wallet. " Feb 27, 15 5:33 PM

Read a Mr Florio's letter today in the Press - sounds an awful lot like Rickenbacker. Their lack of a coherent, factual argument for the shopping mall makes me wonder why they are such fervent cheerleaders for Morrow. " Feb 27, 15 7:34 PM

Rickenbacker, how can one make a "personal attack" on a fictitious screen name?

As for what would be better than the grocery store? Anything that fits into current zoning and which is no bigger than the recommended 15,000 square feet. Zoning restrictions are there for a reason and this 7 acre, 70,000 square foot mega-monster, if approved, will set precedent for all ego-maniacal developers who follow. " Mar 1, 15 8:23 PM

Southampton Students Debate A Sons Of Italy Member About Columbus Day

Damn those liberals and their insistence on presenting a factual history! You're darn straight Walt, those pesky natives are responsible , after all, who told them they could be indigenous!" Mar 4, 15 5:49 PM

Arnold, thank you for your perfectly stated response to VOS' post. VOS, please tell us what you feel you have to gain by ignoring history? " Mar 4, 15 5:52 PM

Tuckahoe School District Agrees To One-Year Tuition Deal With Southampton

Give Dyer a raise, force the kids into a substandard high school at crazy rates and then ask teachers to take a cut. And they want to pretend this is about education? " Mar 5, 15 7:29 AM

Southampton Students Debate A Sons Of Italy Member About Columbus Day

The knee-jerk reaction of the right wing to protect all historical fables always surprises me. "The founders were infallible". "Christopher Columbus was a hero". "Reagan was a conservative". What do they gain by blind allegiance to these mythologies? Are they so comfortable in their cocoon of ignorance that any deviation would simply blow their minds?" Mar 5, 15 7:35 AM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

Nature, thanks for defending the argument that so many have made: spot zoning creates a precedent used by all who follow to build as they please. Based on your argument, why not just eliminate zoning altogether? " Mar 29, 15 7:32 PM

Nature has just perfectly illustrated the complete lack of critical thinking that dominates pro meg-mall conversations. "If traffic is forced to move slower due to congestion, then high-speed accidents (the most deadly) would have to be reduced. "

Just think about this for a moment: His argument is if we triple the traffic things will be so jammed up that it will reduce accidents! Wow, I bet Mr. Morrow wishes he'd thought of that one himself, but I'm sure he'll use it. He can add it to his list of bizzarro land traffic assertions like more traffice equals less traffic." Mar 31, 15 2:33 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Deems Tuckahoe Center Application Incomplete

What are you sitting by your computer just waiting to pounce? Flaks don't have opinions they have agendas." Oct 15, 16 2:02 PM

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