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Wifi Issues Nix Video Feed Of Thursday Debate

Does not matter. We do not need to see Altschuler spewing his same old, Bush era, ten-point tax cut and deregulation spiel. " Oct 1, 12 12:55 PM

Bishop, Altschuler Joust Over Ethics, Outsourcing During Riverhead Debate

What? Are you insane? Outsourcing has nothing to do with the problems we are facing? A 13% effective corporate tax rate is too high?! Outsourcing IS destroying American jobs AND these companies are actually getting tax breaks for sending our jobs overseas. I find it completely unbelievable that someone would put their right wing ideology ahead of American Jobs.

Altschuler outsourced American jobs. He is part of the problem." Oct 1, 12 12:59 PM

Gay-Lesbian Youth Support Group To Host Town Hall Meeting This Month To Discuss Teen's Suicide

Board watcher's post displays an ignorance that is typical of those that do not understand that sexuality is not a choice. It is this type of blind arrogance that is exactly why counseling and clubs HAVE to be available for gay students." Oct 10, 12 11:00 AM

Bishop Seeks Sixth Term In Congress

Hey, bigfool, where were you when Atschuler got the same "free advertising?" Are you capable of any rational thought, you zombie ignoramus." Oct 31, 12 1:51 PM

Bishop And Altschuler Debate In Bridgehampton, Focus On Economy

Joe, your post reeks of desperation. You know you've lost this election and that the Dems will hold the senate. Enjoy your last gasp. " Nov 1, 12 11:53 AM

Hah! The all caps stench of raving desperation. Undocumented, you need to drink heavily on election night, wear a helmet, and then crawl back into mummy's basement, give one last kiss to your poster of Joe McCarthy, and wait for the men in white coats. " Nov 1, 12 9:16 PM

UPDATE: Campaigns Offer Rides To Polls On Tuesday In Light Of Gas Shortage

He did not say "to vote out of revenge". You guys are pathetic. Lie, steal, cheat, disenfranchise - you are still going to lose. " Nov 5, 12 6:38 AM

Bishop Looks Ahead Into New Term

Captn crunch, you grow more and more miserable every day. Nothing more parasitic than know-nothing teabaggers. " Nov 21, 12 12:40 PM

Police: Teens Arrested In Amagansett Burglaries

And you ask why their names aren't being released?" Nov 23, 12 2:19 PM

Tuckahoe School Community Split On Exclusivity Deal

I would not want my kids going to a school that no longer honors kids for their academic achievements! Hey, twistedsister, kids should be seen and not heard, huh? What century are you living in? Backward!" Nov 29, 12 2:17 PM

Tuckahoe School Officials Ask Lawmakers For Help, Painting A Dark Financial Future

Chief, even if an unthinking, tea party, talking point zombie can be considered independent, you would still have failed to earn the distinction. You are to intelligence and coherence what Rush Limbaugh is to charm and good looks. " Dec 1, 12 8:30 PM

If you live in the district, even if you rent, the house you live in pays taxes to the school. The school has very strict residency rules and the verify it! Bling the Latino community is a canard!" Dec 2, 12 10:47 AM

This is America! Public education is a hallmark of our democracy. It is what makes us great. If you think Latinos are to blame for all if our education problems you are not paying attention!! " Dec 2, 12 1:42 PM

Why don't you offer some proof that that is happening in Tuckahoe, sweetheart? Put your petty money where your big mouth is." Dec 3, 12 2:22 PM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Boards Hire Firm For Merger Study, Agree On Exclusivity Deal

Always the kids who suffer for the incompetency of these school boards, isn't it? Take a look at the Tuckahoe School website - they've got FOUR people in their business office! FOUR - I bet they each make at least $75 grand each plus benefits. They've got TWO gym teachers - again, no doubt each making at least $75 grand plus benefits. And isn't this the same school board that just two years ago wanted to spend their "surplus" building on campus housing for their superintendent? They spent at least 100 grand on architects and lawyers on that one. And how about the fact that they split the superintendent/principal position that used to be handled by once competent person into two positions? There's another 100 grand!

Mark Twain said it best, folks "In the first place God made idiots. This was for practice. Then he made School Boards." I feel sorry for the people of that district, of whom I used to be one!" Dec 12, 12 2:11 PM

In Wake of Sandy Hook Massacre, Bishop Says Congress Must Seriously Address Gun Control

"marginally faster"?! This guy's weapon in Connecticut was too slow for you? You gun nuts should try viagara to help you with your shortcomings." Dec 19, 12 9:10 AM

Congratulation, pbr, on the most assinine post on this board!" Dec 19, 12 9:33 AM

Tuckahoe And Southampton Identify Key Questions For Merger Study, Seek Volunteers For Panel

Pay attention, kiddies. Stinker has clearly identified himself as the newest member of the Tuckahoe school board. This is how you communicate with taxpayers in your district? Hah! No wonder your school is on the brink of collapse and the community is fed up. Stay classy, HS. Disgusting. " Jan 12, 13 10:44 AM

Bigfresh, you've got it backwards! Us tuckahoe taxpayers have been propping up Southampton with our tax dollars for years! We have paid literally tens of millions of dollars in tuition fees to Southampton high. Our taxes are nearly 3 times as high as yours and you're complaining about us! Hah! What a freaking joke! It is the refusal of Southampton hight to cut Tuckahoe residents a break that has led the school to its decline. Wow, the blatant ignorance of the facts in your post is astonishing, even coming from you. Your tax hike will be well deserved" Jan 13, 13 10:16 AM

And it is Southampton, desperate to fill a school after a huge, unneeded expansion, that is leading this push. I suggest you direct your complaints to them. " Jan 13, 13 10:18 AM

Observant, aka former board member, since you brought it up, the school went down hill AFTER you forced out Rozzi to satisfy your need for personal vengeance.

The business officer you refer to was a complete idiot, hired by an inept board who then gave him a huge raise for his ineptness. It was your time on the board that led to Tuckahoe's demise. I remember it well, as do so many others. You cannot escape your past. I feel sorry for everyone still living in that district, all of whom are victims of idiot school board members who cannot see past their personal agendas. " Jan 15, 13 9:19 AM

Hey, teach, your logic is flawed. Are you unable to disagree with the president of the United States because you didn't run for the presidency?

You and observant or both off base. The buck stops with whoever is in charge, but that does not mean that the school wasn't destroyed long before their time!

2 years ago 2 members of this current board came to the Tuckahoe tax payers and asked to spend a million dollars of SURPLUS on on-campus housing! (the third member now believes that he is the 'sheriff" and has complete autonomy over the entire district!) They had a chance to listen the community and drop their referendum but they refused and the kids paid for their intransigence. That action forced many of us to leave the district rather than face continued bs.

If you live in Southampton, your taxes are going up. If you live in Tuckahoe, you've lost what was once a great little school and your taxes will go down, but so will your property values. May advice, get out while you can!
" Jan 15, 13 9:26 AM

Decision On Religious Boundary Lawsuits Could Come This Year

mostly ignorant, is that like a little stupid?" Jan 18, 13 1:26 PM

Little Fresh Pond Association Files Lawsuit Against Southampton Town ZBA

Excellent! the ZBA is a corrupt board of revolving-door-friends-of-contractors that rarely act in the best interest of the community! I hope this is the first suit of many to come. Hey, Nature, which ZBA member are you?" Jan 22, 13 4:27 PM

Sag Harbor Getty Closes After Owner Says He Could Not Turn Profit

As opposed to your "on target" comment, Nature?" Jan 22, 13 4:27 PM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

If the shoe fits, razza. " Jan 30, 13 11:04 AM

Sag Harbor Community Coalition Tries To Curb Underage Drinking

So now the "tyranny of government" extends to alcohol regulation? Does teabaggery know no limits? Apparently not. Sounds like maybe you've had one too many." Jan 31, 13 1:52 PM

Cuomo Calls For LIPA Privatization; Local Lawmakers Suggest A Publicly-Owned Utility

Privatization = increased rates" Feb 11, 13 10:14 AM

The U.S. government is wasting billions of dollars each year paying contractors to do work that could be done for nearly half the price by federal employees...Unlike other studies that compared the salaries of federal employees to their private sector counterparts, POGO's analysis compared those salaries and benefits to what contractors actually billed the federal government for comparable services.

Of the 35 job classifications that POGO studied, contractor billing rates were on average 83 percent higher than what the government pays federal employees. In one instance, contractor billing rates were nearly 5 times higher than the full compensation paid to federal employees performing comparable services. Contractors were more expensive in all but two of the occupations—groundskeeping and medical records technician." Feb 11, 13 10:18 AM

Police: Pair Arrested After Robbery In East Hampton Home

Don't worry, mommabear, these right-wing lunatics ALWAYS pass judgement without knowing the facts because facts are of no importance to them." Feb 12, 13 10:47 AM

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