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Rail-bus proposal taking shape

It is a very good idea to keep our rails & bus system running on a year round basis. The system last fall was great and the majority of the year round community then utilized it's service. Plus, the east end community needs a break with the gouging of gas at the east end gas stations it just makes commuting that much of a headache. Have the wealthy visitors pay that price. Plus it is better for our environment keeping everything still in tact of what charm to this area that is still left. The traffic still remains from Southampton 7-11 east in the mornings which still makes me have to take the backroads. Having an alternative transportation makes sense. " Sep 9, 08 1:47 PM

Marlin is tipping the scales at town shelter

WHAT A PRECIOUS KITTY! " Sep 12, 08 10:21 AM

Suffolk to change signs on County Road 39

What ever happened to the mph strictly enforced signs. Why would they think of these obnoxious signs. Too much time on their hands perhaps? It's a power trip and the Town of Southampton police dept should be ashamed of how they portray this conduct w/ use of taxpayers money. I'm glad those signs are coming down. God Bless the vandalist that have manners. Finally somebody said something. " Dec 10, 08 2:19 PM

Well-known Quogue establishment closes its doors

i love quogue & i'm sorry to see this quaint little nook leave it's setting:(" Jan 13, 09 2:20 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

It was gang related....the reality is that these places are now attracting gangs. It's not a matter of race...it was gang related... Use your common sense. Would you want to go somewhere that attracts gangs?... not me!!! I was at the diner with friends a few weeks ago and i plan never to step foot in there late night ever again. The economy failing has been a contributing factor to this & other events that have taken place this past weekend. It's just the reality of our country right now. It's sad & it shouldn't be but this is the reality we're being faced to look at...Heavy drinking, which leads to violence, drunken driving, ... & people losing their jobs, acting erratic, and in some cases being influenced to join a gang. It is very sad that Mr. Butts had fell victim. Truly very sad." May 26, 09 3:41 PM