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Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

... I don't think this cop thing is legal. Can you tell them not to run for the school board, can you tell then not to join the American Legion, can you tell them not to join fraternal organizations? Political party organizations are separate from town government. When government officials take the heat from party leaders and make decisions based on an organization's mandate, it is because they, themselves, are ineffective.

The article states police and politicos 'have alleged that political affiliations have deeply influenced departmental decisions on promotions and officer assignments" really made me laugh. That is the way the whole friggin' town and county are run. Who's kidding who?" May 30, 13 10:43 AM

... "the Town Board is and must be free to make judgements about the running of the police department". But you say they must adhere to the direction of the part bosses, which is it? Are they free to formulate their own opinion or must they adhere to the to the bosses? You seem to be saying that they are political hacks cowering to the bullying of those running the party. So it is OK for them to follow blindly but not the police?" May 30, 13 12:45 PM

Suspicious Letters Prompt Concern At Southampton Town Hall

... Bin Laden was a nut, and the repubs spent four trillion dollars and we lost twice as many Americans than were killed in the WTC chasing him down a destructive path of spending and no accountability.

That four trill' really could have been put to good use easing the burden on the local taxpayer.

" Jun 8, 13 9:07 AM

Recent Filming Raises Questions About The Hiring Of Local Police For Security

... using this logic - the town should be billing Neptune Beach and Boardy Barn." Jun 28, 13 9:48 AM

State Wildlife Experts Confirm Coyote Sighting In Water MIll

...did it blow past Bloomingdales and come over the 59th St bridge into the verdant woodlands of Long Island City/Astoria? Or did he scoot past Yankee Stadium on his way to the Throggs Neck or Whitestone bridge? I know coyotes are smart animals so I am sure it avoided the Cross Bronx Expressway at all costs - only a fool would deal with that nightmare." Jul 3, 13 9:21 PM

New Golf Course, Housing Development Proposed In East Quogue

... when pigs fly." Jul 24, 13 8:06 AM

Early Monday Crash Closes County Road 39 Once Again

... I hear that people are starting to complain about the Medevacs hovering and landing. Too much noise - especially on the weekends." Jul 31, 13 11:37 AM

Justin Bieber's Security Team Involved In Brawl Outside Southampton Night Club

... Bieber is underage and should not have been allowed in the place." Aug 7, 13 7:12 AM

... 18+, no way, underage, even if he was with his mommy.
" Aug 7, 13 11:27 AM

East Quogue Golf Course Proposal Back In Spotlight

...property is zoned 5 acre not 1/2 acre, your post is totally inaccurate and damaging" Aug 24, 13 8:28 AM

Proposed Wastewater Treatment Plant Angers Hampton Bays Residents

... what's gonna happen when the people buying these condos start to freak out because of the traffic noise going over the Montauk Highway canal bridge? . There not gonna be happy sitting on their verandas, or trying to sleep with that racket going 24/7. Build a big wall like on the side of the L.I.E. - or move the bridge, or cover it, like they do in Madison County, or bury it, like the Midtown Tunnel. All you need is a PDD - it's that simple." Aug 30, 13 12:32 PM

Jay Sears Pleads Guilty To Possession Of Child Porn; Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison

... Hat - you can not assert that these photos were for his eyes only. Nothing has been stated or written proving that, as much as I hate to think this.

Do you really think that by Sears throwing out the photos out the game is over? Or is it just time to take more photos?" Sep 13, 13 12:48 PM

Analysis Says Grocery Store In Tuckahoe Could Hurt Village Businesses

... key word here is " Urbanism" - that is the direction the town is heading, real fast, too." Sep 23, 13 8:39 AM

Southampton Village Residents Hoping To Save Historical Pyrrhus Concer Home From Demolition

... Sally Spanburgh does a nice job of pointing out the historical significance of structures within the town. She is well prepared and adds tremendous value to any preservation attempts in Southampton. " Sep 26, 13 11:58 AM

Parents Frustrated By Busing Changes At East Quogue Elementary

... "If my child suffered from urinary urgency I wouldn't feel comfortable putting them on the bus." ???" Oct 17, 13 1:31 PM

... I am behind your right to express your opinion, without question. My point is that there really is no such thing as urinary urgency, and if it did exist, the bus driver would have it before your child.

I do remember Seinfeld suffered from Uromysitsis ( at least that's what he told the security officer) when he got caught urinating against the wall in the enclosed parking lot at the mall." Oct 17, 13 5:10 PM

Community Split Over Potential Closing Of Neptune Beach Club

... I am not so sure you can take CPF money and lease the property for commercial use, despite what the Town says. It doesn't make sense. Doesn't the "P" in CPF stand for preservation? If the town bought the property and leased it they would have to get more for the lease on a monthly basis than the amount they paid for it using the same monthly calculation. Otherwise, they would be subsidizing a private business. The simpler way would be for the potential restaurant owners to buy the property directly from the present owners. There is no public benefit in the proposed Town purchase scenario if they intend to be a landlord for a private venture. Buy it, and make the much larger beach the focus, not a french fry spewing restaurant. Basketball, tennis, volleyball, sailing, work out area, band shell, snack bar, bathroom and showers. Clean it up, and make it "the" beach in the Hamptons." Oct 24, 13 4:25 PM

Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

... would it be easier to use drones?" Nov 26, 13 10:30 AM

Gregg Rechler Says Canoe Place Inn Investors Are Growing Impatient

... who cares that their investors are growing impatient? Build restaurants and small motels on the properties as zoning permits - that would be a good use. These guys want to close off public access to the Shinnecock canal, a destination point in the town for decades. This is not the service road of the L.I.E. We don't need more banks and motels at the airport in Westhampton.They "develop" and move on leaving residents and tenants of their over-commercialized projects holiding the bag. I don't think these guys understand or want to understand the character of the east end." Nov 30, 13 10:59 AM

Oceanfront Boardwalk Part Of Town Plans For Neptune Property In Hampton Bays

... opportunity exists here top build a world-class beach facility. Does not need to be commercial facility replete with restaurants. Repave the parking lots, construct recreational play areas, build a boardwalk. It would be a great place to bus senior citizens for a few hours and allow them to sit and take in the beach views. Place a monument commemorating the African-American contribution somewhere on the property. The museum would not draw significant numbers and would become a nonentity, much the same way the Summers building ($6 million politically connected purchase, by the way) is wasting away. Knock one of them down, and make more open beach access.

The "another club down the drain" argument is not reality-based. Neptune's was a hell hole of a dump, replete with drug dealers and stoned out patrons. They had amassed enough violations over the years to have their liquor license pulled, but, curiously, this never happened. It only did business on Sundays and cost the taxpayers ridiculous amounts in police presence, costs that should have been borne by the owner of the "club".

Does a boardwalk have to be through the dunes or can it be built north of the dunes? If nature takes the beach down all buildings are going with it including any clubs, restaurants, or museums built there. The boardwalk, however, will be the last structure standing and the least expensive to replace if built correctly.
" Dec 11, 13 10:30 AM

Rechlers Begin First Phase Of Construction On Hamptons Business District

... interesting how this thing has devolved from a "technology park" when first proposed to a "business district". In order to gain the PDD these guys waved high tech companies and high paying jobs in front of the Town Board. Nice idea.

Once they get approval it turns into a business district as they are pushing for a health club, bank and restaurant in the space. We need a bank in the area like we need another ..., perfectly good health club ten minutes away and what about the two abandoned restaurants on Riverhead Road south of the airport.

Where is the tech center that was promised? These guys , between the airport and their proposed canal projects are single-handedly ruining the face of the Hamptons and I don't think Town Hall has a clue." Feb 3, 14 9:58 AM

In Southampton, Preservation Fund Earns Big And Spends Big

... plenty of money there to buy the Pine Barrens property in East Quogue where developers are proposing to build a non-organic golf course and 80+ traditional cesspool town houses with a 50K sq. ft clubhouse on top of the protected fresh water aquifer thus allowing toxins and nitrogen to leech into our water supply as well as Weesuck Creek and Tiana/Shinnecock Bays." Feb 5, 14 1:51 PM

... much the same way a developer can have existing zoning laws modified/changed to satisfy their personal financial gain, the people of Southampton can modify the CPF rules to benefit themselves and future generations and to protect the environmental sanctity of the East End. " Feb 5, 14 2:46 PM

Westhampton Beach Boys Basketball Wins First Playoff Game Since 2000

... nice team, thoroughly enjoyable game, best of luck in Amityville!" Feb 13, 14 11:14 AM

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