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Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

... these developers will continue to cut off public access to commercial property. It is happening in Montauk and on Dune Rd. The continued privatization of waterfront property is what is happening here.

I believe in property rights - as they exist relative to the established zoning codes. Every project before the town board requires massive zoning concessions with NO public give backs, especially with the CPI/Canal proposal.The PDD law is killing the town.

I find it reprehensible that the Shinnecock Canal will be closed to the people of Southampton. Be careful what you wish for. " Dec 11, 14 7:21 AM

Southampton Town Board To Make Final Decision On Canoe Place Inn Application Tuesday

... there are no public benefits to this projec,t which are needed for the change of zoning, as per the PDD legislation. The only benefits are financial gains to the rechlers.The CPI should have nothing to do with the canal project, they are separate issues. This becomes an illegitimate/illegal zoning modification if passed.

Anna and the board have lost site of the specifics of the PDD law - if they even understand it." Jan 8, 15 9:38 AM

... I thought they were building a "technology park" not an "industrial park" at the airport? They promised high tech companies, TV and film industries moving in, homeland security companies, green technology development companies, accompanied by high paying jobs.

Now they propose banks, restaurants and a health club - all very high tech and high paying, right, chief, and, already in existence in West Hampton area and struggling, right, chief ? The old bait and switch.

Continue to drink the PDD/rechler Kool Aid , chief, eventually you will blow it out your nose." Jan 8, 15 10:35 AM

Zeldin Questions President's Bipartisan Plea In Response To State Of The Union Speech

... is this guy simply gonna' blast Obama for the next two years - is he ever gonna' say something positive - or is his disdain for Obama going to always be part of his every day rhetoric? You are a young guy Zel, don't be against everything - try to think positively. You'll get better results and be less painful to listen to." Jan 21, 15 2:54 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

... TB, a majority of people that spoke or wrote were against, not for, the project. In the Press, this web site and at town meetings the majority were against this development. It is unfortunate that the Town Board did not hear them.

" Jan 23, 15 10:46 AM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

... these guys left out absolutely vital pieces of information in their submitted application. In their arrogance/ignorance they continue to show they can not be trusted nor can they be counted on to take appropriate measures to protect the drinking water of three thousand homes that depend on the water from the sole source aquifer over which they are attempting to spot zone this horrible project.

The Town Board has to put an end to this charade now and preserve the property" Jan 26, 15 1:27 PM

Zeldin Wants More Details Before Supporting President's Call For Military Action

... nice sermon, Dan. After each sentence I found myself shouting, "Amen"!" Feb 12, 15 2:39 PM

Political Positioning Begins For 2015 Southampton Town Election

... TB, why are you cowering to these third rate, third party political hacks? You represent the party of Kennedy and Clinton, not Reagan and Romney. Time to step it up." Feb 16, 15 9:55 AM

McAllister Calls For More Water Testing At CPI Site

... I didn't know Clinton had peccadilloes, I thought he only had a dog." Feb 23, 15 1:28 PM

East Quogue Community Notes, February 26

Maria, don't worry about the pine trees and the beetle infestation. If the Town Board gets its way, the forest will soon be destroyed by bulldozers making way for a golf course and 1118 homes - leaving the beetles no place to infest.

Hey, maybe the developers can include this as a community benefit! " Feb 24, 15 9:51 AM

Nathaniel Rogers Renovation On Track To Cost $9 Million, Take 13 Years

... if they are going to move Southampton Hospital to the college site, it might make sense to turn the existing hospital into Town Hall." Feb 24, 15 11:48 AM

I agree with Anna that it is one of the most important and visually beautiful intersections in Southampton Town. Topping Rose, the Rogers house, the building housing the Almond restaurant, and now, potentially, the creme de la creme, a full blown beer and beach ball selling CVS. A true "corner of history" as per ATH." Feb 24, 15 12:39 PM

Environmentalists Say East Quogue Development Would Further Damage Water Supplies, Waterways

Nature - you seem to be able to read Gobler's mind since you have the ability to question his objectivity. If that is the case, keep reading and try to gets a grasp on the facts and the issues surrounding the Hills - because presently, you are without one." Mar 6, 15 10:30 AM

Clarity On County Road 39 Traffic Patterns Continue To Frustrate

...I’d be most interested in knowing how all that directs traffic, in terms of grocery shopping,” Supervisor Anna Throne-Holst said. “Whether they go to the beach or not is not so interesting to me. I’d like the traffic engineers to … translate that into traffic patterns.

“It’s not necessarily the case that it can be mitigated?” asked Councilwoman Bridget Fleming. “That may be the case,” Mr. Voorhis replied.

Classic politico/consultant doublespeak mumbo jumbo.

" Mar 12, 15 2:32 PM

Forum On Public Education Urges Parents To Opt Out Of Common Core Testing

... I would say there were closer to 300+ people at the meeting, not the " more than 100" you report. For that reason alone, your story stinks.

Whether thru design or the inability to count, by under-reporting attendance, your minimize the impact of Anderw Cuomo's assault on education. No community organization or governmental meeting can assemble the number of people like this week's meeting did. The passion there was palpable. The desire to protect the education and health of our children and the future of this country was the order of the evening." Mar 25, 15 8:11 AM

Dennis P. Molloy Of Westhampton Beach Dies March 26

... good guy, sad to hear of his passing." Apr 5, 15 3:41 PM

Found 'Pollock' Painting Raises More Questions Than Answers

... if it is real, its gotta' lose the frame." Apr 10, 15 9:50 AM

South Fork Parents Are Choosing To Opt Children Out Of State Exams This Week

... politicians know it is more politically expedient to take from children than it is to take from adults." Apr 17, 15 10:00 AM

Residents Warn Southampton Town Board To Run From 'The Hills'

.... the only thing worse than your spelling, grammar, punctuation and logic is your command of the facts, Lawrence Chip. You blew it the other night. The discourse between parties on both sides of this issue has been courteous and professional. You were uninformed and nasty. Keep it in Miami." May 7, 15 9:04 PM

DEC Closes Western Shinnecock Bay To Shellfish Harvesting Due To Toxin

... this is before any shovels are in the ground on any proposed projects. No upside to big development." May 8, 15 1:44 PM

Residents Warn Southampton Town Board To Run From 'The Hills'

... you have nailed it, Obbservant." May 15, 15 12:54 PM

Proposed Benefits For 'The Hills At Southampton' Planned Development District

... ridiculous numbers, totally pumped up. These benefits are still not real, the environmental ones are necessary due to the destruction of the pine barrens and the bays brought on by the development. I like the "educational programs" in "habitat restoration" offering. The developers ruin the land and they invite our kids in to repair the damage.

You can continue to feebly attempt to buy your way into this project with these payouts Discovery Land , you can continue to hurl crap against the wall, but based on the turnout at East Quogue last night, and the overwhelming vote of no confidence for this project by residents, you are shoveling it against the tide." May 19, 15 7:57 PM

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