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Bender Pitches Bag Ban To Westhampton Beach Board

... how 'bout no more candidates that wear cowboy boots?" Jun 4, 15 12:39 PM

VFW Post Hopes To Move Into Westhampton Beach Digs By End Of Month

... this deal never made sense from day one. Total debacle. Four homes slated for the Quogue VFW - tragic. Town should have fought hard to buy this - using Community Preservation Fund money - to preserve community." Jun 8, 15 7:53 AM

Bridgehampton Residents Want To Explore Ways To Preserve Wick's Tavern Corner

... so CVS is gonna' move right across the street from Rite Aid in Bridgehampton, to go head-to-head, until one knocks the other out. Reminds me of the three major sporting goods stores in Riverhead all within a five iron of each other. Two, if not all three, are doomed to fail. Subsequent tenants will be of lesser quality and the property will continue to spiral downward, in both cases at the expense of the residents that live in surrounding areas. But, I get it, property owners have rights irrespective of how short-sighted and harmful their development plans are.

Secondly, attorney Bruyn, states that his client might be offended by the way his client has been treated by the Town and the population. So, like the couple that demolished the house on Agawam lake, that was, in fact, of historical value, only to leave a vacant lot; they will continue to move on with the development even though they are not sure of what they are constructing, in an apparent spiteful fashion.

Thirdly, why interview a former town board member - I would rather hear from one currently sitting on the board.

Preserve the corner in Bridgehampton, it is one of the most historically significant and beautiful intersections in the Town.

Alternatively, continue down this path of rampant commercial development , one where the only person making money, will be the guy that sells night shades to protect our eyes from all the neon." Jun 12, 15 9:45 AM

Southampton Town CPF Might Purchase Concer Property In Village

... It's over, the damage has been done. Why buy it now?" Jun 14, 15 9:59 AM

Bridgehampton Residents Want To Explore Ways To Preserve Wick's Tavern Corner

... how about preserving the dignity and the beauty of the East End? That's all." Jun 14, 15 10:02 AM

Killorans Threaten Legal Action Against Remsenburg-Speonk School District

... nonsense, programs have been established for children with special needs in surrounding districts. It is not about "family and friends" , just as it is not about family and friends for students without special needs. It is about providing appropriate educational material and life skills for these students, thus utilizing and maximizing shared services and resources for their specific educational benefit. Ideally, every district should be able to offer such programs, but it is not economically feasible. The fight here is not with WHB schools - it is with Andrew Cuomo." Jun 18, 15 2:19 PM

Town Trustees: One Old Ponquogue Bridge Fishing Pier Is Salvageable

... no need to ask Pell, ask Horowitz, he'll gladly tell you." Jun 23, 15 11:01 AM

Town Expands Scope Of Questions For The Hills At Southampton

... from day one Anna wanted to see community outrage over this project. That would be critical to her thinking relative to her vote. Last month 110 people gathered in the East Quogue school at a Town Board meeting held there. Forty citizens spoke; thirty were vehement in their opposition to this project, ten (make that nine, one was on the developer's payroll) were for it.

Not one project before the board in the past ten years had such strong opposition. That, coupled with the devastating impact to ground and bay water and the Pine Barrens all testify to the fact that it is time to shut this thing down.

The people provided that which was of utmost importance to you Anna, the developers and this project got spanked.
" Jun 23, 15 5:34 PM

Flanders Man Sentenced Up To 25 Years In Prison For Killing Newspaper Delivery Woman While Drunk Last Year

... if this guy drank a bottle of whiskey and then went bar hopping, there is something wrong with a system that allowed this guy to be served any more booze." Jun 26, 15 2:11 PM

Pyrrhus Concer Memorial and Dedication Set For August

... Seriously? Epley and Anna can point to where his house used to be - "it was right over there". Move on - let it go - you can't recover from this travesty." Jun 30, 15 3:04 PM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

... the article/post, whatever you call it, states that anti semitism is in the rise, particularly in colleges and universities. Implicit is that it is Americans that are behind this. I would argue that since these schools cited are probably attended by 30-40% foreign students he source of this discord probably is not American but foreign.

On another note, as you continue on in your campaign for the presidency Lee baby, let's not forget the people who elected you. Even though you are Jewish it's time to bring home some bacon to the East End. Capisce?" Jul 6, 15 7:41 PM

... what crimes have Jews committed of epic proportions (at times) ?" Jul 15, 15 9:18 AM

Painting Of Confederate Battle Flag Evokes Mixed Responses

... let's here more about the huge "KKK presence in Hampton Bays and East Quogue". You seem to be dialed into it." Jul 16, 15 10:03 AM

Zeldin: Anti-Semitism On The Rise In United States

... yea, got it, high hat. Thanks for the history lesson. I was asking biba." Jul 16, 15 9:34 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

...It's the same old story, different zip code. Serve a visibly intoxicated person, SLA laws in pace to remedy that. Continue to do it and lose the privilege of having a liquor license. Pack a place to a dangerous capacity, blast music at intolerable decibels, existing town laws in place to monitor that. Continue to disregard the zoning laws, shut the place down. This has been going on for fifty years out here, nothing new. Enforce that which is on the books already. The owners of these places have to play it smart - a delicate balance.

The last thing we need is another layer of unenforced laws - this might be where this situation is heading - a waste of time.

" Jul 25, 15 10:54 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

... CR 39's downsizing a few years back left the road too dangerous for vehicles the size of a Jitney to traverse. The Jitney hasn't had a bad summer, the road is the problem. " Aug 12, 15 7:44 AM

Throne-Holst, Calone Prepare To Battle For Right To Challenge Zeldin

... ATH's political career ends 12/31/15 and her real estate sales career begins the next day." Aug 20, 15 2:35 AM

East Quogue Luxury Golf Course Developer Answers Questions

... time for the developers to state, specifically, how they are going to keep children out of the East Quogue school. By law, this is an impossibility. Once residency is established - they child is in. Hissey's statement that no children are "expected" is different from earlier statements made by the developers, that no children will attend via some "covenant " signed when a home is purchased.

If they think that marketing them to people who will only "use them in the summer months" is sufficient, they are sadly mistaken. East Quogue was told the same thing when Southampton Pines was on the table - no kids/summer residents. Yet today school buses roll out of that development five days a week from early morning until late afternoon, and the biggest complainers about property tax in the hamlet are its residents.

Time to show us, from a legal perspective, as was promised long before Hissey and the new PR whiz showed up, how Discovery is going to keep kids out of the school. An Important question that needs an answer now.

" Sep 2, 15 10:45 AM

Southampton Town Asks Homeowners To Help Fund Dune Road Raising

.... this is not an attempt to do a "public approach" (whatever that means), it is an attempt to fleece the taxpayers. FYI Anna, if you don't repair the road, no one will be able to get to that bridge you talk about crossing." Sep 16, 15 9:41 AM

... the Town pays down it's debt and pays employees with CPF money, Nature?" Sep 17, 15 3:10 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

,,, people still have morels, I pick mine up at the vegetable stand." Sep 18, 15 3:31 PM

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