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Jay Schneiderman Defends Residency In Southampton

... check his deleted emails." Oct 22, 15 3:02 PM

Republicans Run On Experience in Southampton

.... It is futile to points fingers at candidates - as these developers contribute to all of them. Contributions should be made anonymously." Oct 28, 15 2:47 PM

Details Of Riverside Revitalization Plan Shared At Public Hearing

... what's with this "gateway" crap? Gateway to this, gateway to that - give me a break ATH. Total nonsense." Nov 2, 15 11:45 AM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

... sign stealers are a sleazy bunch. Six "Stop PDD/Hills" signs were stolen,despite being replaced, from private property on Lewis Rd. in East Quogue in the last month or so." Nov 7, 15 8:38 AM

Southampton Town Board Moves Two Zone Change Applications Forward Despite Opposition

... 12 buildings planned in Bridgehampton, is that all? No problem, piece of cake." Nov 11, 15 1:39 PM

Rash Of Vehicle Break-Ins Continues In Flanders, Expands To Hampton Bays

.... really time to clean this place up. If the state police want to move out of their facility at the traffic circle, let SH Town PD take it over and keep it staffed and operational 24/7. This blight has been going on for decades, time to act. The Town Board can protect the people they represent or they can continue to focus on PDD's and urban sprawl." Nov 12, 15 10:54 AM

UPDATE: Planning Board Proposes Second Entrance For TJ Maxx Expansion

... wait until the shopping center is built across the street with twelve buildings. Talk about congestion and traffic - total nightmare 12 months a year." Nov 13, 15 4:06 PM

... wait until the shopping center is built across the street with twelve buildings. Talk about congestion and traffic - total nightmare 12 months a year.

Joe - get off your high horse- by putting those stores in bridgehampton that you advocate for you are quickly turning it into patchogue" Nov 13, 15 4:13 PM

Former Southampton Town Supervisor Linda Kabot Joins Town And Country

... I would buy a house from her." Nov 17, 15 1:53 AM

State Is Behind In Mailing Refunds To East Quogue Taxpayers

... "chimed in" - give Robert Long a bit more respect than that." Nov 18, 15 11:32 AM

Fourth Westhampton Free Library Trustee Resigns

... why wouldn't someone who's taxes go to support the library be able to run for the board, a resident of East Quogue, for example?" Nov 19, 15 4:11 PM

... enough said." Nov 20, 15 6:53 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

... when you say "trade votes on the board for cash as well ", I assume you mean other than campaign contributions. Or should they be all be investigated?" Nov 24, 15 1:39 PM

... I watched the town board meeting last night to see how the members would react to the Bender affair. No biggy, no shock value, they kind of blew it off.

What I did see was a community of taxpayers who were in a state of panic and despair. The hamlets of Flanders/Riverside are being completely taken over by criminals. Murder, robbery, assault, drugs, prostitution and Bender have replaced what little sense of a proud community there is left. The fear in their voices was palpable. A seventy five year old man has to walk the streets at night with a bat to protect his daughter and grandchildren. Really? What he got in return was a mumbled patronizing response from a board member and a verbal dance from the Supervisor. Are they that clueless that they can't see the gravity of this situation?

This has to be cleaned up TODAY. Development, PDD's, water and quality of life issues are insignificant in comparison to the needs of these people.

This is the real tragedy surrounding Bender, not his drug issues. But he is gone now and, luckily for us, the dance performed by the supervisor last night will be her last - forever.
" Nov 25, 15 10:16 AM

Bender Says He Was Not Aware That Pills Were Being Re-Sold; Board Sets Special Election For January 26

... this guy is no dummy? You might wanna' rethink that?" Dec 3, 15 7:11 PM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

... so Yaz wants to be elected to the town board so he can sharpen his skills for a run at supervisor. Seems like a nice guy but politically inept and unqualified. It is infuriating to me that he really has no has desire to serve on the board other than to advance his political career towards a position he has absolutely no shot of ever winning. " Dec 9, 15 9:57 AM

Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

... Yaz had difficulty answering the questions when he screened in front of the conservatives. The leadership emphatically said so, what more needs to be said? That is why they chose Lofstad. Do you think they wanted to endorse a Democrat? He has no knowledge of issues outside the village of Southampton, and little within. It was difficult to watch/listen to him in the debates - he is not qualified for the role.

I give the Conservative Party credit for choosing her - it was the right decision." Dec 22, 15 11:24 AM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

... I would like to see affordable housing plans used successfully in other parts of the country. Let's see how they were planned, built. Lets see who the stakeholders are, what is "affordable", renting without discrimination, environmental issues/ impacts. Then formulate a model based on input from local government and citizens relative to the east end.

I am sure there is something in town hall resembling this, but it is not been presented/promoted effectively.

Otherwise, continue the piecemeal development with no long term thought or goals." Jan 6, 16 10:48 AM

Zeldin To Vote In Favor Of Obamacare Repeal Bill

... Zeldone cares only about advancing his political career. Nothing more." Jan 7, 16 10:13 AM

Town Officials, Environmentalists Still Reviewing Draft Study For 'The Hills'

... Mark Hissey and his cabal of consultants promised to produce a document in the EIS that would be between Discovery and any potential buyer stating that no children would be allowed to attend East Quogue/Westhampton schools.

It would be stipulated as part of the purchase agreement, no children can attend the schools.

I sincerely hopes this document exists as promised. This PDD would have been shot down two years ago if Discovery couldn't deliver on this.
" Jan 8, 16 1:22 PM

... bingo !!!" Jan 11, 16 7:37 AM

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