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Bonackers fall short in state semifinal

... Great season, Great team, Great coach. Fun to watch. Smooth, well disciplined , team players, great defense, intelligent, congrats." Mar 21, 09 4:28 PM

East Hampton Town audit confirms $10 million deficit for 2007

Mr. Shaw, totally unrelated to the present discussion, I must comment that last week's coverage by the Prss of the community forum on immigration held in Hampton Bays was a disgrace. It should have been the lead story on the front page. It was placed in what apperared to be the "by the way" section.

With al the nonsense going on in the Town, surely, this monumental step in the right direction, warranted better coverage." Mar 22, 09 4:20 PM

No, nobody was paying attention Nothing in my recollection, (33 years) of following Town government , has had as much promise as this meeting. Based on the article , the reporter was only there for the first 20 minutes, a real shame. Payday, Happy Hour, whatever." Mar 22, 09 8:51 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

... the problem is that nobody understands what they are reading. Financial reports and spreadsheets are usually beyond the scope of elected officials at this level. The accountants know it, the comptrollers know it, the auditors know it, the politicos know it.

When this info is presented to a board they all nod yes - they understand - it looks good. When the financial management guys start to double talk and talk in jargon that nobody grasps - everyone simply nods yes.

I would venture to say that most supervisors and boards rely on synopses of budgets presented by their finance people and keep their fingers crossed that nothing as big as this current situation develops.

This isn't about cutting spending - it is about fiscal management and making sure the people in charge understand its intricacies" Apr 2, 09 3:02 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

... pretty heavy post, totally applicable, number19. I am serious.

... and I thought you were Willis Reed." Apr 3, 09 11:25 AM

Bill Masterson says he will retire after 20 years of service

The Town's roads are trashed. Worse than ever. Monumental task to bring them up to speed. Should have bought the ashphalt when it was cheap.

11 snowstorms? I missed ten of them." Apr 8, 09 10:38 AM

...like in the movies." Apr 8, 09 1:46 PM

Knife wielded in clash between immigrant and protester

When this whole immigration issue began the "illegals' were said to be doing the work that nobody else wanted to do, and there was no problem. They weren't taking jobs from anybody. Now that the economy is in the tank they are taking jobs away from the American workers. Quite a reversal in thinking. The use of the term "cheap labor" points to the fact that they were, and are still, in many cases being paid cash. Herein lies the problem. By paying cash a market is created for workers without proper authorization to work in the U.S Thirty years ago the government stopped the restaurant/hospitality industry from under-reporting or nor reporting worker tips. This was a huge issue on the East End. They made changes and it worked out, people pay taxes on their wages. Do the same here, make worker documents that can easily be proven fakes or forgeries, much the same way they did it with drivers licenses. and make sure the employers, mostly contractors, pay appropriate tax. The workers are not the only ones breaking laws. Don't create any more laws as they are already in place and simply need to be enforced." Apr 27, 09 2:46 PM

Westhampton Beach wants access to larger pool of tow truck operators

One tow truck called per month - more in the summer. Not exactly a pressing need. I would hate to see these guys lurking around corners in the summer waiting to tow vehicles at a police officer's direction. It would ruin the vibe." May 1, 09 10:04 AM

Fred Thiele backs gay marriage bill

Isn't "innuendo" what they call Preperation H in the same country?" May 10, 09 1:24 PM

Southampton reassessments do not reflect economic downturn

... I'm done , too. It's getting too nasty." May 18, 09 8:05 AM

Application for 29-lot subdivision in East Quogue is withdrawn

The Feds/ County/ State/Town/Al Algieri should buy all the Pine Barrens from Rocky Point on east. Make it a national forest as these pine forests exist only in two other places on earth, New Jersy and Cape Cod. Why ruin something that is so unique?

These golf courses only add to the problem and at the end of the day when the developer is not making money selling golf he applies to build more houses ie. The Links at Shirley.

I buy into the fauna and flora found in these forests - they are indigenous to Long Island - don't trash them, and while you are at it get rid of the out of towners ruining them with their "quads"." Jun 12, 09 1:31 PM

Podlas shows his skills on national stage

That is a good question - I can only remember two professional football players (Farrell and Jiggetts). Presently, they have a bunch of top runners at Ivy and top tier D1 schools (men and women). Ralph Pepe put alot of kids in top D1 lacrosse programs, including the D2 national chamionship CW Post team this year. Let's see, what else... most sports are represented. I guess you are right, Podlas probably will be the first professional baseball player from Westhampton. What about you?" Jul 9, 09 2:17 PM

Bands set for food pantry benefit

JK is a good guy. I used to work a trade show every January with him for ten days in NYC. He would take the restaurant leftovers we had every night and bag them and distribute them to homeless people on the street as we walked back to our hotel.

It is something I never will forget." Jul 29, 09 9:27 AM

Tuckahoe superintendent resigns amid furor

The problem is that Tuckahoe only has a three member school board. One person's opinion can sway district policy assuming two of the three always will disagree. Need at least five members to be effective and share opinion and information before a vote." Jul 31, 09 3:14 PM

Four Seasons Caterer remakes Prospect Street farmhouse

Had Easter brunch there this Spring with my family - great food. Miss the cole slaw, though." Aug 7, 09 10:58 AM

Supervisor Kabot will fight DWI charge, stay in race

WHB spent all that money on a state of the art police facility and did not include a holding cell? Mayberry was better equipped." Sep 10, 09 4:05 PM

Tim Bishop pushes the House to pass college aid bill

You are correct when you say this is just another loan program.The subprime mortgage mess and housing crisis fueled by loose lending typify this predatory lending on a larger scale. Just look at the mortgage scandal unfolding in our own backyard." Sep 19, 09 10:28 AM

Some confuse rocket for UFO

Yes, I saw it and it was fantastic. Too bad I was in the parking lot of Target in Riverhead when I spotted it." Sep 22, 09 2:33 PM

NOH - you are good. You make me want to buy a telescope - i think it is something I will look into." Sep 22, 09 3:58 PM

Stinchi steps aside, Wruck takes reins of town GOP

In watching the 9/22 meeting on the tube the other night I was surprised to see how verbose Nuzzi had become. He had an opinion/objection on just about every item brought before the board. He has suddenly perked up after what seemed like two years of semi-silence. Had he chimed in with more frequency during his past term he would not now have to convince the electorate, at the eleventh hour, that he is viable and hands on. I am not totally sure that he is either." Sep 25, 09 11:45 AM

Attorney: Linda Kabot will be vindicated

I don't really care about the DWI thing or the 4.5 million budget gap. I do care about the 4.5 million that has been missing and was supposed to be reconciled by last April. A number of finance officials were hired/fired/ rehired/shuffled/replaced/demoted/promotet/shown the door/given a corner office, but with no results. Where are we in this process? Where is the money? This has to be resolved before the election." Sep 28, 09 3:15 PM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

When was the last time Algieri was actually "for" something?" Sep 30, 09 9:05 PM

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