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Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

... "popular" ??? .... come on!" Feb 25, 16 3:17 PM

Proposed PDD Moratorium Advances To Public Hearing Scheduled In April

... I agree with Scalera. This whole PDD thing is distorted. They have the ability to stop PDD's - simply vote no on the application, now. Kill the Hills - preserve the Pine Barrens and our drinking water. Don't drag it out.

The Town Board has to decide whether they are going to suburbanize the East End by way of these zoning give-aways. That is what we have to look forward to with these idiotic projects." Mar 10, 16 3:13 PM

Wright Steps Down As Southampton Town GOP Committee Chairman; Hagan Elected To Post

... I agree. The last six months for him has been nothing but one success after another. Watch out, Dems! " Mar 11, 16 2:52 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Shares Vision For New Ponquogue Beach Restaurant

... absolute home run. Great idea. Developing and making better that which should be developed for the good of the people. " Mar 24, 16 1:42 PM

County Chooses New Septic System For Meschutt Beach In Hampton Bays

... these systems "eliminate nitrogen by employing microorganisms that consume the waste that is collected inside a septic tank". Nothing new here - these are the way all these systems work. Not better - just bigger?" Mar 25, 16 11:50 AM

Gregor Argues Against Use Of $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

... Lee Zeldin said the federal govt. should pay for this due to the severity of the situation. Gregor an Schneiderman should reach out to him for the funds." Mar 25, 16 10:58 PM

... the road is flooded all year , every full moon , every major storm. Let's not politicize this , if it is not fixed the road will be permanently impassable and deteriorate to the point where it will break up. Gregor wants money for equipment - understandable. You can have both - forget the rich vs poor thing, that is nonsense. Repair the road , get equipment for Gregor and let the Feds pay for dune Rd. Emergency situation - fix the damn road. Give taxpayers continued access to the beaches. Anna dragged her feet on this from day one - showing her inability to get anything done. Schneiderman is trying to get it done." Mar 26, 16 5:09 PM

UPDATE: Town Releases 'The Hills' Environmental Study To Public

... if the Town Planning Department requested not to release this document, it might be time to release the Town Planning Department instead." Apr 20, 16 2:43 PM

... enough with the condescending Civics lessons, Nature. The people above know exactly what they are talking about, trust me. Nowhere in the above postings can it be inferred that the writers feel that the project will be approved. This is about a department that has no authority to limit release of an important document attempting to do just that." Apr 21, 16 1:46 PM

... on another note, what is with this " deputy supervisor" bit. If the supervisor is absent, one of the other four council persons should run the meeting. The still have a quorum and can legally enact laws. The deputy supervisor, since not elected, has no vote, and has no right to sit at the table." Apr 23, 16 10:08 AM

Next Southampton Town Board Meeting Is Pushed Back A Week; Now Scheduled For Tuesday, May 3

... How can an politically appointed deputy supervisor lead a meeting of elected officials?" Apr 23, 16 10:21 AM

... might be simple, but not necessary. One of the board members should run the meeting, not someone that rarely attends them. " Apr 24, 16 9:19 AM

Zeldin Sees Trump Support Staying Strong On East End

... who cares what the voters think in the district. What do YOU think, Zelmo? Who are you endorsing? What's the holdup?" Apr 27, 16 4:50 PM

Ruling On Canoe Place Inn PDD Lawsuit Could Come Soon; Developers Have Not Started Construction At Hampton Bays Property

... were these boulders in the original plan or is this something new ?" Jun 1, 16 4:53 PM

UPDATE: Discovery Land Changes Time Of Saturday Informational Meeting

... what Discovery's employees have to say Saturday should not take long, maybe one Bloody Mary. Plenty of time to make it over to the East Quogue school for a reality check." Jun 7, 16 3:16 PM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Expect To Finalize Design Of Permeable Reactive Barrier By This Fall

.... test, test, test - all this nonsense should have been checked out before this project was approved. There is a chance that this thing might not work? Ridiculous." Jun 8, 16 11:58 AM

East Quogue Civic Association Meeting To Discuss 'The Hills' Turns To Screaming Match

... how 'bout the chemicals in the groundwater beneath the development? Incessant fertilization and pesticide application will pollute the aquifer beneath this nightmare of a development.

By playing the " too far away from the bay to be any concern " card, as the developer has, you admit that the toxicity exists . Using your logic, we are lucky it is only in our drinking water and not the bay." Jun 13, 16 7:20 AM

... why weren't you at this meeting, Mark?" Jun 23, 16 9:36 AM

Southampton Town Officials Want To Include Boat Channels In 5-MPH Speed Restriction Law

... how 'bout they dredge the channel and make it navigable - right now you have to go 5mph in spots to keep from bottoming out. Long overdue." Jun 24, 16 11:48 AM

Southampton Town Deems The Hills Environmental Impact Study Incomplete For The Second Time

... the only "concrete steps" in this proposal will be the ones leading to your two level underground parking garage beneath your 150,000sf club house - which will be bigger than a Home Depot and dug directly into the fresh water aquifer.

Now that's what I call a community benefit." Jun 25, 16 7:24 AM

Discovery Land Insists That 'The Hills' Won't Add Any Children To Local Schools

... there can exist no covenant between any municipality and the school district and/or the homeowners association. The NYS Department of Education set residency requirements that discovery can not control. Keep one kid out and you break the law. For Schneiderman to say that he can get involved in this shows he has no clue. Robert Long knows that.

The principals of discovery, long before hissey was involved, pitched this project to the town saying that THEY will prevent any children from attending the school, they have the legal power to do it. Anna and Bender and the two repubs nodded their heads in agreement, despite the fact that it was legally impossible. Now it is some nonexistent homeowners association that will make the decision. Fantasyland.

The principals of discovery, long before hissey was involved, said their target market was the "downtown NYC crowd" meaning Wall Streeters. They are here already and have been for over a hundred years. To think you can keep them out of their homes in the off-season and limit when they can visit is laughable. They won't sell a single house.

We have heard this "no kids in the school" thing before. It was the way Southampton Pines was pitched. Buses roll in and out of there all day dropping kids as far away as Southampton, attending all of our schools, while half the lots remain undeveloped.

As far as the "financially distressed" East Quogue school district goes, that is a result of shallow politicians realizing that the group impacted by a lack of proper school funding are children, and kids cant vote and they cant fight for themselves. They have no unified voice. So it is easy to limit needed funding to schools on an annual basis. It is actually easy, it is the coward's way out.

And no over-promised /under-delivered check from any hit and run developer will ever alleviate that need." Jun 28, 16 3:05 PM

Donald Trump To Attend Fundraiser In Southampton on Saturday

... Wiillllbbbuurrr " Jul 1, 16 7:45 PM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

... why isn't the video of the meeting on the town website?" Jul 2, 16 5:57 PM

Discovery Land Insists That 'The Hills' Won't Add Any Children To Local Schools

... Mark, your employers submitted a pre-application to the town board asking for 86 houses and a golf course almost three years ago A few weeks later they upped the number of homes to 118, without even discussing it with the town board, they knew nothing about it.

Was that the right thing to do?

" Jul 2, 16 6:14 PM

... your lawyer/ consultants cobbled together this response quickly. But you did not answer the question. I propose that you weren't forthcoming with the scope of the project and if there was a need to keep negotiations confidential - you should have waited until you had a complete project before you approached the town board.I submit that the town board would not have voted for 118 homes from the outset and, I believe your group felt the same way that's why they backdoored this project.

Your "bird box" analogy along with your attorney stating that, on occasion, the common folk would be allowed to eat in your restaurant point to the fact that your community benefits are both laughable and inadequate. You have no community benefits as per the PDD law.

Did the town board know of your plan to develop 118 from the get go? It potentially becomes a pivotal question in light of the upcoming congressional election.

This is the nature of anti- development." Jul 3, 16 9:42 AM

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