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Southampton wrestling coach arrested on drug charges

Ryan all the best to you. I hope you turn things around and are given a 2nd chance after you beat this.
In the meantime I think the coach needs some distance from our kids until he has clearly demonstrated he is beyond this issue. The kids come first." Mar 27, 09 7:48 PM

Oddone attorney files appeal

I know it's part of the process, but the thought of Oddone actually winning his appeal makes me want to vomit. " Apr 23, 10 11:53 AM

UPDATE:Oddone Released On Bail Monday

This is a travesty of justice. How his lawyers sleep at night is beyond me." Dec 23, 13 1:33 PM

Sag Harbor School District To Consider Eliminating Valedictorian And Salutatorian

With all due respect to Ms. Luck, she has no basis for a complaint. The rules are clear and she was in third at the cutoff date. In sports when the clock runs out, same thing. If you score after the buzzer, it doesn't count. Take pride in her accomplishments and teach her about fair play, not complaining because things didn't go the way you would have liked.
And as the contest was already over, maybe the Salutatorian "backed off" and had he or she continued the "contest" Ms. Luck still would have remained in 3rd. You do your daughter and the community a disservice." Oct 27, 14 7:10 AM