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Shinnecock Hills Golf Club President Says Tuckahoe Road Proposal Is A Matter Of Safety

I'm pretty sure Jay would give up his career as a public servant in an instant in exchange for kudos (or whatever else) from the richy-rich. $5 million in exchange for that road??? A pittance! How about $50 million?" Jul 7, 16 11:39 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Members Stand Up For Rights To Access Southampton Village Beaches

Definitely not sure about this, but I seem to recall having read in the SH Press a while ago that the members of the Shinnecock Nation have very limited access to the waterfront on their own reservation. Does anybody know if this is true? " Jul 28, 16 10:46 AM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Since when does our local government have the right to lease or award any part of our beaches, or any other area not zoned as such, to commercial enterprise? What is that???" Aug 14, 16 1:47 PM

Pastor Says He Will Bring 600 Haitian Immigrant Children To Southampton If He Can't Provide Aid

Maybe I didn't read carefully enough, but do these kids have parents? Where are their parents? and are they ready to give up their children to this guy?" Mar 17, 17 10:10 AM

Discovery Land Files 'The Hills' FEIS With Town; Developer Wants To Buy And Preserve Another 33 Acres

Am I missing something? Our new friends from Arizona have stated that if they don't get their golf course, they will develop the heck out of what they are left with.

I don't see how this is going to happen.
If their golf course (etc., etc.) is rejected, does anyone seriously believe the Arizonians will stick around to build houses in the East Quogue woods? They are not the Farrell brothers and East Quogue is not Sagaponack. Without the golf course the houses will go for a mere fraction of what they would with a golf course.

No, the applicants want the golf course with it's $600,000++ PER year PER person membership dues, attracting deep pockets and the demand for wildly high priced houses that go with it.

"We know golf". Exactly. Golf, not residential real estate development north of the highway in scrub oak woods 5 acres, only part of which can be cleared.
" Jul 10, 17 11:13 AM

Ah Turkey Bridge now I see that you said all this before me. %)" Jul 10, 17 11:19 AM