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Man killed in Noyac crash

It has nothing to do with locking your doors....
do not move your car without putting on your seat belt
It is so simple and will save your life" May 8, 09 9:54 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

oh please, now it's the police that's the problem? get a life... The police officers do not hang around headquarters waiting for something to happen they are out on the road keeping the quality of life up to your standards." May 24, 09 7:16 PM

Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

Samiam,,,,, that is not a legal left turn.... go to the light make a left than turn into the parking lot... could save your life" May 25, 09 6:18 PM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

What a nice man what a great family he made" Jul 2, 10 8:55 PM

Firefighters Respond To South Main Street Fire

This is one of the "goods" the alarm saved the building... no question... The firefighters responded and took care of the hazard... no fire just smoke damage, if the dectector was not there?....." Dec 21, 10 8:37 PM

Detector..." Dec 21, 10 8:42 PM

Emergency Crews Stage Rescue in Coopers Beach Parking Lot

Thank you Scott from Rapid Recovery for donating the equipment and manpower to make this drill happen. More than just a towing company! A good freind of emergency services." May 26, 11 10:17 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

Thank you Witch Hazel.... and people should stop hiding behind false names, I'm sure if your name was print there would be a lot less posts as are above. So much false information......." Jul 26, 13 9:19 PM

Repaving Work In Hampton Bays Causes Major Traffic Jams Over Three Days

Southampton Town police had one eastbound lane closed by hill station road most of the early trip. I think it had little to do with Hampton Bays paving" Apr 14, 16 9:55 PM

Flanders Rest Stops Could Be Designated 'Text Stops' Soon

The accident had nothing to do with texting, while it's a good idea to have areas to stop and text Tocci's accident was not a result of texting and should not be labeled as such.

" May 26, 17 7:40 PM

Southampton Town Board Supportive Of Aquatic Center Proposal For Hampton Bays

STOP...you can not make money on pools... sanatize, heat, keep up with County regs you can not even think of breaking even... It is a money pit a big money pit
" Feb 7, 18 10:03 PM

Charlton D. Halsey Of Water Mill Dies March 10.

Mr. Halsey sold me property on straight path when I was around 20 years old at a discount and told me I was the future of Southampton and people were moving out and we need to do everything we can to keep the young people in southampton. He saw this 30 years ago, I'm still here ,not sure about the next generation. Rest in peace Mr. Halsey and thank you." Mar 26, 19 9:07 PM