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Former Westhampton missile base boasts rich history

Oh the luxury of hindsight. The island depends on aquifers , but we have landfills, agricultural chemicals, gasoline additive contamination, etc. We all have been very cavalier about what would eventually migrate to our drinking water.
So stop using today's standards against the 1950's. As the news article stated both Bomarc and Nike-Hercules missiles contained nuclear warheads--please read some history of the cold war. Ground water contamination was not part of the equation then.
When your reader states that yes the "assumption" is "100% correct", that plume contamination "may" be caused by the Bomarc site--sounds like another example of junk science to me. If we are to point fingers-- let's first drill test wells and determine where the contamination "really" originates from.
As for the reader "Shocked" with her condemnation of all "these contaminated military sites"--- Well "noise pollution" is the current bad guy and it is all around us---loud cars, motorcycles, atv's and loud music coming from commercial establishments. Since some your readers who are "so sure" of who these guilty institutions are, let's each one of us do what we can-- to reduce all types of pollution.

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