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New Parrish Art Museum Expected To Open Next Fall

I fiddled while Rome burned.

Water MIll can now advertise that it has the largest "Billboard for Excess" on the East End." Oct 13, 11 1:35 PM

Have you driven by this project recently?

Very slow progress before winter hits in my opinion. Where is the labor person-power to close this in ASAP?

No wonder they asked to extend their lease in the current Southampton Village location." Oct 30, 11 4:07 PM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says


"Further, I woul;d be petrified of any weapon without a trigger,"

Perhaps you meant "with a trigger?"

[ignoring the term "weapon" which may not apply to an inoperable shotgun?]" Nov 1, 11 7:52 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

27east, please interview the Mayor and the Village Board, and confirm that they have no APPARENT conflicts of interest on this deal (including fathers-in-law, members of the SHV PD, real estate commissions, former Board members, etc.).

Fiddle we must!" Nov 2, 11 6:56 PM

Parrish Extends Lease; Southampton Center of the Arts Plans Still Preliminary

Per 11/2 update,

have you driven by this project recently?

Very few workers on the job, and the roof, skylights, etc. look a long way away from completion IMO.

If this structure does not get closed in soon, it could be a miserable winter!

Not to mention the anticipated time-line." Nov 3, 11 8:24 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

Fiddle on fellow fiddlers, as your personal anger tramples our precious Constitution into the ground!

Rome continues to burn." Nov 14, 11 12:17 PM

Thank you for confirming that, in your view, personal anger trumps The Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Please think about the instructions you are giving to everyone, including terrorists and others, who do not support our way of mature, diligent, and enthusiastic law and order. Indeed such scum may seize upon your words to "justify" illegal action in the cause of a "higher good."

Please think through the broader implications of your posts here.

Thank you." Nov 14, 11 3:02 PM

East Hampton Town Will Hold Hearing On Requesting Federal Airport Grant

The proper thing for the EH Town Board to do would be to postpone this hearing until later in January, so that the will of the voters may be heard through the recently elected Board members.

A refusal to delay the hearing will demonstrate, once and for all, that the Board is NOT interested in democracy, but rather in fiddling while Rome burns (metaphorically speaking that is).

The future of the East Hampton airport affects ALL East End communities, especially the residents of eastern Southampton Town who live and work near the airport.

See you in January for a properly-noticed hearing." Nov 16, 11 8:20 AM

Editor Shaw and Mr. James,

Thank you for the fine reporting on this and many other issues.

Is it factually accurate that the EH airport has a significant surplus in its budget (assuming this line item has not been robbed by Peter to pay Paul) and could therefore pay for the deer fence, as ineffectual as it might be (!!!)? Please confirm.

If there is indeed a surplus in the airport budget, why must we endure the smoke-screens lighted by others about the need for FAA funding, property taxes rising, etc. to pay for the deer fence?

Is everyone here interested in simple factual accuracy?

See you in January for a PROPER and DEMOCRATIC hearing on this issue." Nov 16, 11 7:23 PM

John Jermain, Bulova Projects To Get Underway

According to the 9/28/11 article (link above), the estimated cost of the Bulova project was $100 million, yet above the figure of $60 million is used for the cost. This represents a 40% reduction in costs.

Has the scope of work been reduced by 40% with revised plans and specifications?

Have the developers arranged additional financing which has yet to be made public?

Has Sag Harbor Village been assured that the project will not run out of financing before it is finished? If so, has a performance bond been posted, and for what amount?

Might be a good time for a FOIL request for all documents on this project." Nov 21, 11 12:47 PM

Suffolk County BOE: Wilkinson Beats Cohen By 15 Votes

At a minimum, Mr. Wilkinson should ask the Town Board to postpone the 12/1/11 hearing on the FAA funding for the airport deer fencing until the recently elected Board members have taken office.

Alternatively, he should publicly announce, before the 12/1 meeting, that NO VOTE on the FAA funding will take place in 2011.

The voters have spoken." Nov 22, 11 2:14 PM

John Jermain, Bulova Projects To Get Underway

PS -- An earlier article (8/22/08? -- click on "More" at the top left for link) indicated that this project would carry a Platinum LEED rating. Is this still the case? Or have they dropped this high standard for a lower rating, or none at all?" Nov 22, 11 2:19 PM

Stanzione Welcomes Airport Debate

Actually independent observer (?), you may have missed the runway on this.

If the Town takes the FAA money, the issue is probably over forever. There will NEVER be the chance of local control, as a practical matter.

This may not be a "Dems" issue?

Would you give up the protection of The Dongan Patent over local control of our bays and wetlands?


Well, you seem to be giving up even the possibility of local control of our airspace.

Why? Is there money to be made after the FAA finances certain projects? What is the rush?

The airport budget has a large surplus, part of which is available for the deer fence. What is the rush to accept FAA funding?

What is the rush to silence those recently elected to discuss this?" Nov 28, 11 8:07 PM

East Hampton Town Board Agrees To Seek FAA Grant

The following comment is ONLY about the timing of any vote on the FAA funding, and not about the merits of accepting or rejecting the funding, OK?

If the lame duck Town Board votes on this issue before the recently elected members take office in January, then it should be very clear to all that:

The fix is in.

Such a lame duck vote would be shameful, embarrassing and counter to the ideals of the United States of America.

Democracy requires restraint when one is in power.

Democracy requires that those in power recognize that they owe -- to the larger good -- time, patience and forbearance to let the people's new chosen representatives to speak.

Democracy requires vision -- without anger and hidden agendas.

Does the current lame duck Town Board have these democratic responsibilities clearly in focus, or is "the fix in?"

Have a good weekend.

Truly yours fiddling in Rome,

Nero" Dec 2, 11 2:29 PM

Board Watcher,

Please chime in on whether you feel the Town Board should vote on the FAA funding before the newly elected members are in office in 2012.

Thank you." Dec 2, 11 8:57 PM

Yes, great weather, thank you for the reply BW.

Perhaps you did not see my lead-in caveat at the top of the recent post: the main concern is over the timing of this vote, and how the lame duck board seems eager to "cram" the vote into 2011 before the new members take office and can participate in the discussion.

All of your points about whether or not take the FAA funding, as well as the broader issues you discuss, would still be on the agenda for discussion in 2012.

You seem well-informed about airport events and politics, so please tell all of us:


PS -- If already know that "it won't matter" if the vote is taken in 2011, then have you implicitly confirmed that (based on private information):


What happened to the democratic process, or don't you care about this higher issue?" Dec 4, 11 4:46 PM

OK one more chance for you Board Watcher -- you have not really answered the basic question, but instead have thrown up lots of flack, smoke, red herrings, etc. etc..

Two new members of the town board are going to be in office in about a month. We elected them, perhaps in part because of their different views on this issue. Such is the working of a healthy democracy.

If these new members are not allowed to participate in the current discussion and vote on FAA funding,


then the lame duck board will leave a logical person with no other rational conclusion, other than that it wishes to CRAM this decision down the voters' throats before New Years.

In other words, the current board members, who force a vote on this issue in 2011, should instruct that their campaign headlines for the next election will be,

VOTERS BE DAMNED !!!" Dec 5, 11 2:54 PM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

Money money money.

Greed greed greed.

Attorneys attorneys attorneys.

Fiddle fiddle fiddle.

This could get a LOT more complicated real quickly!" Dec 14, 11 6:01 PM

East Hampton Town Board Drops Charges Against Penny

My goodness, quite a fiddling section is developing in the EH Town Board Orchestra. So much dysfunctional drama!

And did not Ms. Quigley also miss the meeting earlier this week to swear in the new Board members?

Have a good weekend, and Happy New Year!

Nero" Jan 6, 12 3:09 PM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

If it is indeed Mr. Prosano and Mr. Malone on the tape, then the fiddle section of the EastEndDysfunctional Governmental Orchestra ("EGO") has just gained one new member, not including "Billy" and "John" who have yet to be identified. If they are also SH Town employees, then EGO can add two more seats to the fiddle section.

Anna Throne-Holst is the Supervisor..

If she does not get to the bottom of this, and kick butt here if necessary, then she may have be be nominated to become the Conductor of EGO, or at least the Head Fiddler!

Rome is smoldering.

Nero" Jan 12, 12 3:30 PM

Mayor Says Southampton Village Supermarket Law Has Good Chance Of Passing, Despite Opposition

Is this the same administration which proposed bow-and-arrow deer hunting in the Village! It may be time to have the drinking water in Rome checked for hallucinogens!
" Jan 13, 12 12:42 PM

Bay Street Says Southampton Is Best Option Amid Few Sag Harbor Possibilities

Oh my, so hard to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, and cruise ship tipped over in Italy. RIP victims.

Parrish Art Museum (PAM) moving to Largest Billboard for Excess in New England.

Bay Street Theater to move to PAM site on Jobs Lane?

Money money money.

Greed greed greed.

Fiddle fiddle fiddle.

You can't make this stuff up!" Jan 16, 12 7:41 PM

Mayor Says Southampton Village Supermarket Law Has Good Chance Of Passing, Despite Opposition

The Golden Rule?

He who has the gold, makes the rule." Jan 23, 12 6:01 AM

"The consumer should make the choices . . . . . ?"

After the Emperor of Southampton Village enforces the Golden Rule?" Jan 24, 12 7:53 PM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

Attention Fiddlers !!!!

Wake up !!!

It does not matter one WHIT what market is proposed for this location.

The location is probably the WORST place to put a food market in Southampton Village.

Are you brain-dead?

If God and Jesus proposed to open the Market of The Almighty here (with a guaranty of the Life Eternal), it would STILL be a terrible location.

Fiddle On !!!

Keep re-arranging deck chairs on The Titanic !!!" Jan 26, 12 9:22 PM

PS -- and don't forget The Golden Rule:

"He Who Has the Gold, Makes the Rule."

Perhaps this location would be a perfect spot for Bay Street Theater?

Fiddlers, unite!" Jan 26, 12 9:35 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

Perhaps Skip's profits will be shared with former managers and employees who were fired so unceremoniously, without notice?" Jan 27, 12 8:40 PM

Skip, thanks for all the good times, and I trust you understand "Karma."" Jan 30, 12 2:51 PM

Karma Karma Karma

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Feb 1, 12 9:53 PM

East Hampton's Diana Weir To Lead Altschuler Campaign For Congress

Randy Randy Randy

Outsource Outsource Outsource

Greed Greed Greed

Insider Influences Insider Influences Insider Influences

Carpet Bagger Carpet Bagger Carpet Bagger

Forbes Campaign Forbes Campaign Forbes Compaign

Weir-d? Weir-d? Weir-d?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Feb 2, 12 6:33 PM

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