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Southampton School Board Considers Student Uniforms

School uniforms?? The school board and the staff of Southampton Schools may want to begin enforcing a dress code for all students before even entertaining the thought of uniforms. Children should be encouraged to have some idividuality before they enter the "real world" and they can do that,within guidelines, now. The teachers,assistants and all other faculty should also take a look at themselves before entering the scholl. I've seen some pretty outrageous outfits lately and they've been on the school staff!!" Feb 1, 13 4:09 PM

UPDATE: Driver In Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty To DWI, Held On $250,000 Bail

Jim has it right. To all those that posted complaints above the sobriety checks: who really cares how you feel about you being inconvenienced. I assume you feel you were inconveienced when that fatal accident occured and the traffic was stopped for such a long time. There was a person laying dead at that scene. Your comfort is so unimportant in the big scope of things. Procedures must be followed in an accident involving a fatality. It's the law. And now another innocent person has been killed by someone that chose to drive drunk. The police have an obligation to the public to TRY to control drunk drivers in any and every way within the law. You people can complain all you want but this practice is one way to curb those that purposely drive under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Whether the person is legal in our country doesn't change a thing about this or any other dui. Wake up people. You could be the next victim." Jan 6, 14 10:37 AM

Water Mill Couple To Go To Trial After Judge Refuses To Dismiss Forced Labor Allegations

I couldn't agree more,American pie hole. This woman saw what she thought was a big pay day. Hopefully she will go back to Bali before she tries to ruin another decent family." Oct 13, 14 6:56 PM

No Lemonade For You; Seinfeld Lemonade Stand Shut Down in East Hampton Village

Tired and Broken, If you're referring to Jerry Seinfeld's career I think you should check yourself. As for the police comments, they handle ALL calls whether it's a dog barking, a car accident, a bar fight, an aided case, a drowning and everything in between. It's the cranky neighbor that we should look at here. Llimretaw-- who you gonna call when you need help? Seinfeld's neighbor?? Good luck with that. The police salaries pale in comparison to local plumbers, electricians and a host of other hard working people in our area. You're an uninformed person that loves to complain!" Aug 30, 15 9:33 AM

Southampton School District Not Required To Withhold Findings Of Farina Investigation, State Open Government Official Says

Don't give up demanding the info on Farina. When and if the records are made public, the town is gonna lose their minds. Keep seeking the facts.
" May 3, 16 4:29 PM

Schmidt's Market In Southampton Village Ready To Open This Week

June Bug, didn't you learn if you're not saying something nice then keep your mouth shut! There's always 1 in the group.

" Aug 17, 16 10:18 AM

Hampton Bays Bar Will Reopen With New Name, Owner

All the best to you. I think you'll do fine.
" Nov 8, 16 1:58 PM