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Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

My great great great grandmother married the Duke of France. That and 50 cents still wont get me a job." Oct 26, 11 1:52 PM

Looks like the teflon doyenne Anna has lost that velvet touch:
1. Caught in "late night" lie.
2. Exposed in throwing her running mate Bridget under the bus with the Independance line.
3. Humiliated by the under performance of her personal appointee, Michael Sordi.
4. Now subject to an ethics investigation where she clearly violated the Ethics Code.

I hope the voters are paying attention and the Ethics Board acts impartially." Oct 28, 11 2:18 PM

Fleming Will Compete Against Maertz For Shot To Challenge LaValle For State Senate Seat

what a joke, i voted for her - never again. - she needs to learn how to be a councilperson first. - what a joke ..." May 31, 12 2:17 PM

Hampton Bays Resident Jeremy Brandt Set To Challenge Fred Thiele In November Election

Its good to see a young business owner looking to "bring the voice of the people to the Assembly."" Jun 5, 12 3:16 PM

Southampton Village Homeowner Asks For Relief From Pyramid Law

people in the village complain to much - when i drove by the house today the sun was still balzing down on the negibors house -
" Feb 15, 13 11:34 AM