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Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

It is remarkable to me how quick we can be to forget when it is convenient to do so. When Kabot was up for re-election all budget mismanagement issues were said to be passed along by the Heaney administration, now when ATH is forced to answer for budget issues that may not be of her own doing someone on this board actually makes the claim that Kabot left her in a strong financial situation with regards to the budget (obviously not a direct quote). Personally I would agree that this video may lose more votes than it wins but for a write-in candidate who was already shown the door pretty convincingly last time around. I understand the constant need for change and a fresh start, and many people will vote against an incumbent simply for that reason, but you accomplish neither of the two by voting for Kabot. And PLEASE let us not judge the personal life of one candidate when the hammer could so easily be dropped on the other." Oct 28, 11 2:14 PM

Does anyone here honestly believe that there was some sort of conspiracy going on in which ATH tricked Kabot into drinking and driving and then had her pulled over?
Breaking News: People make friends in the workplace. If you are shocked that someone who had early access to the situation and was a friend and/or supporter of Throne-Holst would call her to say hey guess what, sleep a little easier tonight because your opponent decided to drive while intoxicated, than you are quite simply naive. All Throne-Holst said was that there was never a suspicious call saying "we got her" that would imply some sort of foul play.

This is unfortunately how these things work, every justification can be made when "your" candidate either messes up or finds themselves in a sticky situation despite not actually being at fault. The moment this happens to the opponent of "your" candidate most of us (I am sure I am guilty of this as well) are demanding their head.

Let's not pretend that were Throne-Holst to be arrested for DWI most of those who have already commented on this article would jump all over it (rather then try to find some way to actually blame Kabot for it, hint hint.)" Oct 28, 11 4:15 PM

Some of you really need to listen yourselves. I understand that people are very passionate about the direction and future of our town but some of the things said here are just silly. "Bridget should distance herself from Anna" if that was an intelligent move in any way for Bridget she would do just that. Instead it appears she's choosing to remain associated with the incumbent who won (I believe) every single voting district last time around (possible that I am wrong here and feel free to correct). Did Anna force Bridget and Brad to film inside town hall? No. Did this group violate ethics code? It appears they did. Should the good people of this board have greater concerns as far as what it is they choose to judge their Supervisor on? I believe so, I also believe that the amount of attention this has received sheds quite a bit of light on how little (in terms of actual policy) people have found to make a strong argument against.

As for "trick-linda-into-drinking-and-get-her-pulled-over-gate" I completely understand that someone would raise concerns over a phone call Anna received that night. Once again, I just think it's a little silly to not see the difference between a supporter of hers calling and giving her the news and a major conspiracy. Bottom line, don't blame someone else because you got caught." Nov 1, 11 6:22 PM

Reg Rep, I think that you also bring up some good points. And yes, it would be pretty clear for anyone to see that i'm not quite as blown away by Kabot's "integrity" as other on this board. And yes I do plan to vote for Anna Throne-Holst for Supervisor. That being said, I chose only to actually contribute to this board, which I have followed for some time, after I felt that many of the comments I was reading were simply unfair and needed to be questioned.

As for the support of the PBA, there is no question that Throne-Holst has had that for much of her time in office. However, rather then play it safe with her budget she has called for the the retirement of several police officers which the town has the right to do (though she is I believe the first to actually do so.) To do something like this right before an election that one would assume she would want to simply lay-low before suggests (at least to me) that while there is no doubt that she understands the political game, Throne-Holst ultimately cares about the best interest of the town." Nov 2, 11 12:00 PM

Anna Throne-Holst Unopposed For Second Term As Southampton Town Supervisor

First of all, please don't spam every article related to the election with this extremely long post, this is the second time i've seen it already. More importantly you make claims that would imply an insider knowledge of the policitician and of the actual person that I highly doubt you have." Nov 2, 11 2:35 PM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

obbservant that was just an awful post. You need to stop acting like Linda is some sort of saint. As for the DUI situation, EVEN if Throne-Holst received a call informing her of the then-supervisor's possible DUI, this does not mean that she was involved in some sort of plot to catch Kabot drinking and driving (the more important question should of course be why Kabot would have put herself in such a compromising position in the first place.) Secondly, to act as though this write-in campaign was operating completely innocently without throwing any mud in the other direction is just pure ignorance. One has to wonder if Linda's relentless attempts to bring the supervisor down through ethical complaints (use of town hall, campaign donations), while being reasonable complaints, rather than through merit suggests that she knew she could not beat the current supervisor in that respect.

...All in all, a little competition always makes things more interesting and as such i'm glad Linda at least made an attempt. That said, ATH has now twice beaten Linda handily. As someone said earlier, this board has become little more than a place for right-winged venting, but when it actually has mattered the people of this town have spoken and acted in support of our supervisor.

I would be curious to know how many of Linda's votes were actually from supporters of hers and how many were simply voting as close to along party lines as possible." Nov 9, 11 4:48 PM

Looks like Fleming's already got her eyes on the big chair, wonder if/when this will become too big an issue to ignore" Nov 11, 11 9:54 AM

to be fair I think it's important to realize that there was much less of a need to bring out the vote for the supervisor race this year than in 2009. It is my opinion that we would have seen a larger showing in the supervisor voting (perhaps both for Anna and Linda) if the public believed that there was a realistic chance of victory for LInda.

And for the record, my comments very rarely claim to be fact. I generally respond to the posts of others and offer my take on an issue when it appears to be different from a previous poster." Nov 13, 11 4:26 AM

Well actually Reg Rep I clearly stated that there was less of a need to bring out the vote for the SUPERVISOR race. Of course Throne-Holst and team would still be concerned with winning a majority on the town board. I believe that much of the campaign effort aimed at linking the 3 as a team was done so in hopes that Throne-Holst could help Bridget if necessary (which it wasn't) and pull Brad in, which they may have fallen just short of doing. Did you ever consider the fact that Throne-Holst's ability to fundraise (insert your illegal donation jokes here and then realize that my point is still accurate) contributed to MUCH of the exposure that Brad and Bridget receieved.

Now either pour yourself a drink or put down the one in your hand and relax a little bit. Don't be so quick to respond angrily that you end up missing the entire point of the comment you were responding to :)" Nov 14, 11 2:15 PM

Regs I wasn't making light of anything I just knew that by mentioning "Throne-Holst's ability to fundraise" I was obviously opening the door to this subject (which both you and Ms11932 mentioned).

Anyway, I must admit that I am not all knowing (SHOCKER) and would in all sincerity like to know more about the deal you believe that Anna made to keep Bridget off of the independence line before forming my own opinion on it.

In general Reg Rep I think you make some good points but can at times mistake personal beliefs (which is all I would ever claim to offer on this site unless stated otherwise) with unchecked facts. I understand the need to keep each other honest but I don't believe that I have ever claimed anything to be fact (rather than opinion) in my posts when it was not. Please feel free to correct if I am wrong here.

As for Ms11932, I certainly understand that each of the issues you bring up are legitimate issues that should concern anyone when analyzing a politician. On that note, I will say this. As far as being a liar, I believe that if Anna's intention was to say that she did not receive any phone calls re the DUI then she did in fact lie. I believe that IF she was consciously choosing her words carefully enough to say "no I did not receive a call saying "we got her"" (without actually saying "no I didn't receive any call at all) then she was making a political move which you may call sneaky or dishonest but do so with the understanding that this is a common occurence in politics and it is certainly not one that is exclusive to ATH, Independents, Democrats, anyone other then Republicans, etc.
With regards to the donation issue, I think it would be foolish to question the supervisor's popularity and ability to fundraise in general (maybe not on this board) and as such I do not contribute this in any way to her reelection. (Back to Reg Rep for a second, you mentioned ATH's major reelection campaign, you may have noticed that she did not put out any lawn signs this time around, which goes back to my point about a clear emphasis on the town board elections.)
Now if you're going to call me out for making baseless comments that are not backed by factual evidence, don't go starting your post by suggesting that all this woman cares about is herself. Not only is that incredibly hypocritical coming from someone who I highly doubt knows the woman personally, it is simply ridiculous considering she works one of the most thankless jobs imaginable.

Finally Ms, as I have said to Reg Rep in the past, I certainly wouldn't condone any controversial activity on the part of the supervisor. But, when the major complaints about you have absolutely nothing to do with your policy making and actual body of work, you must be doing something right." Nov 15, 11 5:34 PM

Brad Bender Concedes Southampton Town Board Race To Christine Scalera

Obbservant, while I personally disagree with much of your post, rather then respond to a heavily biased post with what someone else will undoubtedly call a biased response, I will simply ask your opinion on a few topics:

1) Do you not believe it is at all possible that the somewhat unheard of Brad actually benefitted from being associated with the incumbent supervisor, especially considering that he lost by such a small margin despite no previous experience in public office?

2) If Bridget won because she "proved in office she was even better than Anna (winning inspite of Anna)" (if this isn't a baseless statement then i'm not sure what is) then WHY would she have continued to associate herself with the Supervisor. You can't have it both ways here obbservant.

3) As far as this major campaign put on by the supervisor, do you not find it interesting that her team chose not to put out any lawn signs this time around? Perhaps it would be more appropriate to call this a team campaign, albeit one that fell short with respect to Brad. Point being, the money spent contributed to three campaigns rather than just one. Also I assume your autobiography line was a joke but it certainly doesn't add legitimacy to a post that already appears lacking in that regard.

4) While the actual officers involved could have handled the situation more professionally, can you honestly blame anyone other than kabot for her DUI? Have you seen the video? I mean honestly, the woman clearly goes over a double yellow and then struggles to speak and at times makes very little sense while doing so. SHE ALSO ADMITS to having had a couple of glasses of wine which means she should never have put the keys in the ignition just weeks before an election, incredibly foolish.

5) Finally, while I have no idea what this exact number would be, let's not pretend that Linda's total votes aren't divided between her supporters and general conservatives who would have voted for whomever appeared to be the closest thing to a Republican candidate. I also wonder if Linda's decision to run as a write-in rather than launch a formal campaign had anything to do with wanting to avoid questions about her own character rather than simply sit on the sidelines and attack her successor. It's also odd (from what I understand) that she was able to participate in debates despite not being a formal candidate. Haven't heard any cries about the ethical implications there." Nov 23, 11 1:19 PM

I apologize, these things always end up longer than I intended." Nov 23, 11 1:20 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller Tamara Wright Headed To Brookhaven Town

Tennyson, how can you try to spin this when it is clear as day that Wright was not only deserving of keeping her job, but was seen as such an asset that she was snatched away before it was even official that she was leaving southampton......we are all guilty at times of interpreting news in whatever fashion is most inline with our beliefs but this is just a ridiculous stretch by you" Feb 1, 12 2:49 PM

She was only reappointed after too much time had passed. Time for her to entertain other, apparently more appealing, offers. Bottom line, certain members of our town board left the door wide open for this to happen. The fact that she took a higher paying job after feeling slighted by her colleagues can't simply be summed up by her "fishing" all along, without acknowledging the slip up of our own board." Feb 2, 12 1:19 AM