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Auction winds up with many bids, few deals

Just more desperate realtors looking for "ups". None of these auctions are for real. The big Remsenburg auction was a bust and the seller is dumping the auction company. The "auction" on Montauk Highway is a total fake and they will keep those annoying signs up until someone finally bids what the seller wants. (How come Southampton town zoning allows those signs to stay up?). All these two clowns are trying to do is generate publicity and steal the buyers of other realtors...." Mar 31, 09 7:54 AM

BTW, the Montauk Highway one is in Quiogue if anyone wants to take the signs down themselves..." Mar 31, 09 7:55 AM

Guldi is considering another bid for public office

This way he can claim that the mortgage fraud charges against him are a politically motivated "witch hunt". It's pretty obvious that this will be his defense... " Jun 26, 09 9:59 AM

This way he can claim that the mortgage fraud charges against him are a politically motivated "witch hunt". It's pretty obvious that this will be his defense... " Jun 26, 09 9:59 AM

Owner of Westhampton Beach strip mall files appeal

How about a chance to create a little more business in the village. I think the proposed structure is a lot more visually appealing than what's currently there..." Nov 20, 09 9:17 AM

Bishop Leads Altschuler After Absentee Ballots Counted

Congratulations Congressman Bishop... One more vote against the corporate takeover of America. The news today is that corporations are earning record PROFITS. All on the backs of average working (and non-working) Americans. End the Bush tax cuts for the class who has gouged our society for the last 10 years.... They will never reinvest their profits anyway. Haven't done it for 10 years...won't start now." Nov 23, 10 6:25 PM

Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

If the Eruv is so integral to Jewish life why did Rabbi Schneier not create one when he formed the Hamptons Synagogue so many years ago?
Where in Leviticus or anywhere in the Talmud does it state that an Eruv must be delineated by black plastic sticks on telephone poles. Haven’t these Lechis evolved from the original fortress walls of ancient cities, to later, hanging strings around the named area’s circumference to, of late, the posting of these plastic sticks on telephone poles. I would think, in today’s “information age” the next logical evolution would be maps.
The simple “official” mapping of the delineated boundaries by a qualified religious leader, both allows observant Jews to know the geographic limitations that are imposed and cannot be questioned by the surrounding community. In today’s world, a map can be easily obtained by a user via Temple handouts or the internet.
I think, Rabbi Schneier, as the co-founder of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding, who has built a career of reaching across religious and ethnic boundaries, meeting with cross cultural icons such as Russell Simmons and Pope Benedict and being publicly acknowledged as one of the most prominent Jews in America by Newsweek Magazine and the Forward is just the person who could solve this contentious issue that continues to alienate American Jews from their neighbors, by taking the forefront and adopting the map system and using our community as an example of a village that seeks to live together in harmony.
This would be a significant legacy for this man of peace to aspire to.
" Jan 20, 11 6:27 AM

Village Trustees Shoot Down Proposal For New Supermarket In Westhampton Beach

I would like to see each board member disclose donations recieved by Waldbaums over the years before they can deliberate this proposal...." May 26, 11 11:45 AM

Bishop Says No To Boehner, Yes To Reid Plan

All this to satisfy the greed of the monied class who brought this economy to where it is..." Jul 29, 11 9:51 AM

Driver Faces Charges Following Westhampton Beach Crash

Good Luck Gus and Joyce.... and everybody please support the bagel shop through the winter!!! It's the best..." Sep 14, 11 12:36 PM

Southampton ZBA Rejects Front Yard Pool Plan In Bridgehampton

Looking at the aerial photos of the neighborhood, the next door neighbor to the south appears to have a road side (front yard) pool. The subject property seems to back up to a swamp or wetland, which would not allow for a pool to be in the back because of DEC and Southampton Environmental setbacks. The 3 neighbors on Oak Street and the home 2 lots south all have backyard pools that, presumably, were built before the current environmental setback were put in place. It seems rather unfair to not allow Ms. Finkel the same property rights extended to all of these neighbors. Is there something else going on here?" Dec 16, 11 11:25 AM