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Trustees Want To Bring Former Westhampton Beach Village Clerk Out Of Retirement

Consultants rarely make the average going rate as their employment is not continued and indefinite. I have also found consultants who have prior experience on jobs to be the best candidates. As far as the extent and length of contract needed to train a new person the board can make that decision. As far as the "trio" bringing the current clerks competence into question- they did an excellent job as the results have been outlined previously and hence she has resigned- thankfully. As a note look at her reaction and performance at the last Board meeting in March. Now there is another example of an inmate in the Village Hall running the asylum. Three in goal so far. It's obvious to me this Mayor has no respect from his employees let alone this village taxpayer as the truth of his incompetence grows and his proper governance of Village finances continues to be brought into question. " Apr 7, 13 8:51 AM

Westhampton Beach Fire District Sets Tentative Date For Bond Referendum

My question is $14 mil? Thats a lot and another question why does it seem Sandpebble have a lock on these WHB construction contracts? until thats answered my vote will be "NO"." Apr 11, 13 1:43 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Audit Report Still A Point Of Contention Among Board Members

Yes- the Mayor who has been fighting this process from the beginning- even calling up the audit company on a Sunday before the report comes out to "inquire its contents" and even after the Mayor continually stressed the State and Village auditors found nothing, and even after the Mayor basically said "no big deal its a small amount and the State does it all the time, and even after the Mayor approves over $6,600 in "buy back vacation pay" for the Police chief which is not permitted (BTW the Mayor was once a Police Chief so he must have understood the contract since he did help draft it) and even after two of the Village employees embarrassed themselves and the Village by declaring their refusal in a public meeting to work with a suggested consultant is calling for the Trustees who found this error to resign? I think its the Mayor who should resign. The Mayors handling of this whole situation and Village meetings are excellent content for live reality TV!" Apr 11, 13 1:57 PM

Application To Close Westhampton Beach Main Street Withdrawn Following Criticism

wonder how many of the critics of withdrawal own a business on Mainstreet?" Apr 15, 13 1:20 PM

Students Beg District To Reconsider Cuts To District Music and Latin Programs

I understand from the meeting the first 3 referendums were to approve sports items- yet they are considering cutting latin and music programs- the arts- teachers? what we need to realize as a society is we are number 37 in the world for math and science. Yes number 37. The future in the world is math and science. This is where our concentraction should be and the arts- latin- music go hand in hand with math and science mind development. A large majority of the jobs today will not exist in 20 years yet alone by the time many Seniors graduate today. Our future will be in the medical field caring for these kids parents- including myself- through elder care- new medical techniques- drugs- etc. Financial services is going away yet the computer sciences is exploding and advancing with new technololy every day. All this involves math- science- and a creative mind that must be developed at a young age. Focus our schools on academics- thats their future- yes sports release the tension and is an outlet but we are falling more behind the rest of the world everyday." Apr 15, 13 2:49 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Attorney Refuses To Release Audit

Its another example of the Mayor and "his cohorts" thinking they own this town and have a printing press in the basement of Village Hall. What is he hiding? Hiding behind his Village Attorney is a cop-out. FOIL gave their assessment per this article. He is the Mayor. Again- where is his leadership?" Apr 17, 13 1:25 PM

Westhampton Beach Fire District Revises Plan For New Firehouse

The questions remains- why Sandpebble on all WHB projects? What are they charging.? What's their profit margin on the whole deal? It is a public project so the the disclosure is appropriate. " Apr 19, 13 10:05 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Adopts $9.52 Million Budget

And if voters approve the new fire house bond of $15 million the taxes will increase 20% more for the next 20 years to support the bond- not including further increases each year by the Village." Apr 24, 13 9:17 AM

UPDATE: Elizabeth Lindtvit To Replace Rebecca Molinaro

When the current Clerk has to be replaced because she made multiples of that in errors which the Mayor approved and signed off on the mistakes-

The Mayor and Village Attorney should also be replaced!" Apr 25, 13 1:18 PM

Two Westhampton Beach Trustees Oppose Rehiring Of Beach Manager

Isn't she the Police Chiefs sister? OMG. What a Village. No wonder why this place is always in the news. What do you bet the Mayor originally hired her??? I hope they keep a close eye on her performance this season. I'm sure the Mayor will probably pay her extra for buying back her vacation time also. " Apr 26, 13 7:12 PM

Audit Raises More Questions In Westhampton Beach Village

The Chief was awarded $35,000 for accrued vacation and sick time? But the guy always looks so well rested and relaxed. Can't believe he never got sick or took vacation. What a racket. - supported by the Mayor. Hmmmmmm" Apr 26, 13 7:17 PM

UPDATE: Elizabeth Lindtvit To Replace Rebecca Molinaro

With your logic terk. I hope you not an employee of the Village also. By reading your prior postings you appear to be part of the hate or old guard in this Village that needs to be replaced. As a tax payer In this Village I just want the truth and the Mayor and the Village Attorney can't seem to get to that place. Is a shame his tenure has been riddled with one disaster after another. " Apr 27, 13 1:03 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

Very, very well said linews. God know how far this person would have gone had he not been caught. The School needs to do some serious evaluation of policy if it is true male teachers are allowed in the girls locker room at any time the students could be in there. " Apr 29, 13 12:38 PM

Birk Announces Candidacy For Westhampton Beach Village Board

No. Please say it isn't so. The circus will get worse " Apr 30, 13 9:04 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

You are correct. Its amazing to me the way in which this School system handled this from day one. You would think they would be trained in these matters and have to follow some type of State protocol when these things come up. As far as any personal relationship with the accused this School system is riddled with personal relationships and an apparent policy of hiring from "within" or graduates of the school system where the best canidate is not always choosen because a graduate of the school system will trump a better canidate to get a job. Then you have all the childhood friends working together whereby they appear to protect each other. Look at this Principal of the Middle School. Isnt her husband a gym teacher? How can she effectively manage her husbands performance as his boss when shes married to him. Look at the head of the School Board. Doesnt her family have the largest vendor contract with the School system. How can we expect a competitive bid when she presides over the process? There are also many other examples of this in the school system. " May 1, 13 8:01 AM

I dont know who the students are. Get their parents in agreement put the word out with petitions and you will get the support." May 1, 13 4:15 PM

New Village Clerk Appointed In Westhampton Beach; Board Also Hires Former Clerk As Consultant

I guess Teller was afraid not to promote her. What a disgrace. Her performance at the Board meeting was despicable. Again. Another are of the inmates running the asylum. " May 2, 13 9:50 PM

Birk Announces Candidacy For Westhampton Beach Village Board

Bring the Village back? It's been going in the wrong direction since Teller was elected and Birk as a part of that. her preaching of open and transparent government is a joke. She will again team up with Teller and continue the underhanded policies of his administration. " May 2, 13 9:55 PM

Oh. I'm sorry. Yes the Village has never looked better under Teller (and Birk when she was there). Yes let's see. A police Chief getting $200,000+ in pay for a no show job. His sister hired as beach manager handing out special favors and hiring a person "off the books". Numerous overpayments in compensation to employees including a $6,000+ vacation buy back for the "Chief" (by the way- the nerve of this payment floors me). Need I go back a couple of more years with the fiascoes. Yes the Village is shining in its glory. Even the Teller supporters admit this Village is a circus. But one thing we can all agree on is that it all happened under Teller. Yes and Tucker is very guilty. Very guilty of just wanting to get to the truth. Explain to me what's wrong with that? Or. Are you are part of the entitlement residents of this Village?" May 5, 13 8:31 PM

One more item gusbeme. Teller has until 2014. I am considering running for Mayor of WHB. Tell you what I would do. Convert as many full time employees to past-time to avoid paying health benefits. Consult with attorneys to figure out a way to break the pension obligations of the current employees. Retire the building and highway department and vendor out the services to the lowest outside bidder. Make a move to abolish any "lifetime benefit" of any trustee or elected position. Retire the full time police department. You see government is supposed to work for the people and in this Village it appears to exist for the benefit of a few. Our taxes will skyrocket if we don't do some drastic measures and I don't see the benefits of being a Village resident anymore and believe I can find enough people to agree with me. The times are changing. " May 5, 13 8:46 PM

Southampton Village Planning Board Approves Citarella Site Plan

Good deal. Its a shorter drive from Westampton. To bad WHB cant be so business friendly. There are afraid of upsetting the Master Plan drawn up 100 years ago." May 7, 13 8:21 AM

Westhampton Beach Trustees Want To Clarify Code Pertaining To Village Spending

Hed also needs to explain why he awarded the Police Chief (of a 2.5 sq mile Village) close to $300,000 in an annual compensation package (with benefits), authorized ilegal payments to him, and re-awarded the Chiefs sister the Beach manager position after all the fiascos that occurred under her management. Concerned taxpayers need to be cognizant of whats transpired over the last few years and the efforts of Tucker and Dibenedetto to get to the trust. I dont feel its anything personal with these two trustees i feel they are just trying to get some answers and are being resitsted by the old guard of this community." May 9, 13 8:27 AM

What amazes me is the first Teller Fanatic is on the Ethics Board of the Village. I kid you not! Go figure. If you read his dopey blog and see his comments from last evening your going to see an example of all the mess that takes place in this Village with all the mis-information thats printed out there and all the allignments that allows a guy like Teller stay in office. The old guard protecting the old guard with B.S." May 10, 13 12:55 PM

Westhampton Beach School District Announces Preliminary Tax Rate Information

Its going to be a big year for the tax collector. 3.58% for the Schools, 1.99% for the Village, thats 5.5% increase in taxes and thats without the approval of the new $15 million fire house. (And I didnt even say anything about federal, state, and health care costs going up- whait until Obamacare kicks in later this year).
Now dont get me wrong- the Fire Dept is all volunteer. They risk their lives every day. Answer calls in the middle of any night- sometimes more then once. To emply a staff would cost substantially more. Those guys deserve the best. But- $15 mil? Thats more then 3x the Village Hall and 2x new Library costs.
I would also be willing to take the sweet benefits away from some of the Village Officals and School officials and give it to them but that will not happen. With the Village and School officials its unfortunately considered an entitlement thats sacred and noreone seems to stop it.

" May 15, 13 12:45 PM

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