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27east.com To Implement Metered Subscription Plan

So you people are suprised the paper is trying to make more money? The SHP needs to make more money so they can can pay for the liberal policies they support. And. Or. They can make more money since at heart they are really really republicans. This is the Hamptons. And we need to support the people who are keeping our taxes lower and employing our citizens.
" Jan 31, 14 7:59 PM

State Comptroller: West Hampton Dunes In 'Moderate Fiscal Stress'

WHB and Quogue pat themselves on the back because they have the high taxes to support the budget- Teller has been a disaster for the Village.Teller is the consummate civil servant living off the taxpayers dime all his life." Feb 12, 14 2:00 PM

Western Hamlets Renew Call For Garbage District

Get real- higher taxes in the long run. More government employees- more benefits- subsequently more pensions for taxpayers to eventually fund. Keep it with the private carriers. Competition will keep prices lower." Feb 13, 14 7:42 AM

Judge: Westhampton Beach Village Can Tear Down Guldi Home

Mr Jorna needs to stop whining how unfair things are. Yes his building plans took a long time to approve and he did a great job. But personally if I lived on Main Street and had to listen to that loud music every Friday and Saturday I would twitch more then I already do. Take the accommodation and run Simone. " Mar 10, 14 7:29 PM

Westhampton Beach Mayor Unveils $9.8 Million Budget

Wy not a decrease? Why is there funds being put aside to pave Mill Road? What another waste of money. June is approaching and this Mayor has to go. " Apr 3, 14 8:34 PM

East Quogue School Board Intends To Try To Pierce Cap Again With Budget Proposal

Not a big budget at $20+million. Hmmm I beg to differ. Mr Black stating there are uncontrollable costs? All costs are controllable. You just need the GUTS to do it. A few bucks here and a few bucks there adds up to a whole latto money. " Apr 9, 14 7:31 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Of Education Adopts $54.7 Million Spending Plan

Ms Mensch thinks the tax cap is a detriment to our education system? How about the teachers unions and the benefits provided? When was the last time the bus contract was bid out- oh- wow- what a conflict of interest. Or is that contact grandfathered in now. " Apr 9, 14 7:40 PM

Water Quality Concerns Broached At Westhampton Beach Village Meeting

Teller is waiting to see if any friends or family is in the business." Apr 17, 14 1:33 PM

Newcomer Could Seek Westhampton Beach Mayor's Seat

WHB needs a new Mayor. Good Luck. Teller has been a disaster. If anyone doesnt think that look in the back issues of this paper and see the problems his administration has caused. " Apr 17, 14 1:35 PM

Piercing State Tax Cap Could Mean No Tax Rebate For District Homeowners

The reason for the tax cap is to keep spending in check. Unrealistic and unsustainable teacher contracts are driving the costs. " Apr 22, 14 9:20 PM

As Housing Prices Rise, Younger People Take Off

Taxes taxes taxes. Who can afford to live here anymore. As long as the teachers- and local government employees salaries and benefits are permitted to run wild the taxes will continue to go up and young and old people will leave. Thats why a lot of teachers and government employees decide to leave and go to a less expensive state while the rest of us continue to pay for their retirement. Google who are the highest paid teachers in the Country and Nassau-Suffolk comes in right on top. " Apr 29, 14 7:17 AM

Westhampton Beach 2013-14 Budget

When will we see a spending "decrease"? " May 12, 14 9:03 PM

Hulme, Wisnoski Vying For Lone Opening On Westhampton Beach Board of Education

Anyone who has come into contact with Wisnoski should know this guy is a disaster. Also as a former School Board UNION President his focus will be to continue the sweet teacher benefit programs that have caused our taxes to continue to increase. Look at all the past years and the benefit programs consinue to go up and cause tax increases. He also talks about the ways to "challenge the intursion into local control of education" well Mr Wisnoski that intrusion is to keep these boards spending under control and it appears to be working. " May 14, 14 1:14 PM

Westhampton Beach Lawyer To Challenge Mayor

Finally an alternative. And a good on at that!" May 18, 14 5:57 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Launch Alert System

Possibly the Rocket Scientists at Village Hall will send a mailing out to residents. Not everyone goes to Village Hall or Rogers Beach. I wonder if the installer was a friend or family of Mayor Teller. Vote Teller Out. " May 23, 14 8:58 PM

Political Newcomer Wants To Bring Fresh Perspective To Westhampton Beach

Teller has to go. His actions has caused this Village way to much money and he fell short on his campaign promises. For instance purging the Village of the Police Chief. In stead he gives him a fat pay contract and backs his inactions and the problems of the Police Dept. lets also remember the stagnant business policies of Teller that creates the vacancy signs signs throughout the Village. this Village needs a health change. " Jun 17, 14 8:20 PM

Teller Seeks Fifth Term As Westhampton Beach Mayor

Mr Teller your answers in this interview are exactly why you need to be replaced in this position. Transparency of office- Are you kidding? Maintaining Village Finances- Are you kidding? Now you want to meet with Main Street and listen to their suggestions? Vote Teller Out. This Village cant afford his fiscal responsibility and transparency anymore!" Jun 18, 14 3:57 PM

Federal Judge: Westhampton Beach Village Cannot Block Religious Boundary

Now highhatsize- you sure are a guy with some bigotry in your blood arent you." Jun 19, 14 3:20 PM

Yes. And your statement embodies the definition of a bigot. You should be ashmed of yourself and offer an apology. Your statement is what perpetuates such behavior in our society. And your play-on-words- bigot- prejudice- is BS.
You have exposed yourself." Jun 20, 14 10:20 AM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief To Retire Next Week

Actually he owes Teller for the sweet pay package as does his sister at the beach." Jun 24, 14 7:36 AM

Possibly now we can get a real Chief in this Village who earns his pay and doesnt sit in his office- or home- or wherever all day. I didnt know who this guy was until I saw his picture on the front page of Newsday. He should be ashamed of his performance or should I say non-performace all the while collecting a fat compensation package." Jun 24, 14 7:39 AM

The new Mayor is a breath of fresh air. Teller and Dean are legacy lifelong WHB residents who think the world owes them something. Now dont get me wrong. I give credit to Dean for negotiating a sweet pay package. And Teller gave it to him on a silver platter. What I have a problem with is Dean hiding in his office all day and not managing his Dept. The circus that was created by Dean and Teller is disgusting and made WHB a laughing stock of the east end. So you saw Dean getting his coffee in the mornigna and at football games. Was that on Village time? Ill bet it was. What did he do about the drugs and alcohol at those games? How about the drugs in the school? I personally witnessed it. The crime in the Village that we read about weeks later in the papers? Give me a break. Glad to see this guy go. And from what I read on this site so many others are also. " Jun 25, 14 1:19 PM

Hollywood. You smoking something? State the facts as I did. Stop the BS. You sound angry. Puppets? What the heck are you talking about? Argue with me about the performance of Teller and Dean as I did. Show me where I was wrong. Who ever said anything about village codes or lights on. Threat of jail time ? Are you NUTS?. Sober up- get your facts - formulate an intelligent response (consult w beach girl). And respond. " Jun 25, 14 10:13 PM

Westhampton Beach Chief Marks Final Day In Office, Mayor To Remain For Another Week

Typical of the Teller- Dean- Haefeli administration. How much more damage can they do in a week? Possibly I should NOT ask that question. It will be interesting to see the skeletons in the closet of Teller and Dean after their "transparent" administration. " Jun 30, 14 12:48 PM

Beachbme- Holywood- Did i hit a sensitive cord? A relative of your? Were you on the "friends and family" plan of the Mayor also?

Lets see nothing personal with me its just when MY tax dollars are being spent I expect conservatism- responsibility. Afterall both Teller-Dean- Haefeli have a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers.

1. Dean "large" sign on bonus and FAT contract,
2. Teller paying a former employee $10k exit bonus without trustee approval.
3. Teller -Haefeli refusing to release the Attorney report this winter on their "overpayment" of Village employees.
4. Teller-Haefeli refusing to even approach or listen to changing the "Master Plan" to accommadate a potential new business.
5. Teller-Dean- the fiasco with the Police Dept over the last few years.
6. Teller- Paying tens of thousands of dollars to his attorney relative for a small sign infraction of a Main Street business.
7. Teller hiring Dean sister to run the beach without interviewing other canidates.
8. Teller accepting Dean sister paying people off the books to work at the beach.
9. Dean hiding in his office charging the taxpayers for OT when he was nowhere to be found.

Need I continue? Lets hear your "facts". I guess now you know why he was voted out of office and the other one quit when that happened. " Jun 30, 14 2:55 PM

Beachbme- Hollywood- etc only need to review the record, reasearch the last 4 to 5 years, and attend the meeting to see that i am correct. If you choose to be blind to it then nothing I can do about that. The record (facts) speaks for itself and so did the Voters. " Jul 1, 14 1:36 PM

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