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Suffolk County Asks Westhampton Beach To Provide Police BackUp

Hollywood you need anger management. Give the new Mayor a chance. I personally had dealings with Teller and he was impossible to get info from- even when requesting under the freedom of information act. You are obviously part of his "friends and family" administration. Like I've said before google Mayor Teller and "Chief Teller". Scandal and problems throughout his career. " Jul 13, 14 7:47 AM

Moore Sworn In As Mayor In Westhampton Beach: Announces Search For New Police Chief

So who is Lt. Gonce? Have no idea. Another once obviously hiding himself in Village Hall not getting to know the locals. You sure are pushing this guy instead of finding the best person available. Like I said before anyone who is recommended by Teller and/Dean should immediately be discounted. This Village needs to move beyond the scandals of those two. " Jul 13, 14 8:01 AM

You are not embarrassed to make a statement like this? A local- who was born, raised and graduated HS here- What does that have to do with being qualified? BTW I pay taxes here and could give a crap about whos a local or not. You really are not embarrassed to make a statement like that?" Jul 14, 14 11:06 AM

Underground Basketball Court, Movie Theater Highlight Plans For New Sagaponack Home

Go to China or Russia. you can get close to that. " Jul 17, 14 9:17 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Reviews Hiring Practices

It's important to start hiring people outside the community who are experienced and not just rubber stamp someone because they were born and raised here. Look at the the trouble and cost of the Teller and Dean administration. Look at the WHB school with the protection of the local gym teacher who was photographing young girls changing in the locker room. They appear to protect each other as did many of the local teachers. Also the local school board president who's family has the largest vendor contract in the district. You can't make this stuff up!" Jul 30, 14 8:19 PM

Hollywood you are the one who is wrong. Getting outside counsel is smart on the Village. hiring outside this community Is also smart as long as the experience justifies the hire. Look at Teller and the alleged drug allegations against his daughter. It's black and white in the papers. Look at the school - yes -protecting the teacher. Look at the way the Principal handled the whole ordeal. Obviously she was someone who was inexperienced to deal with the situation and yes many locals including some businesses raised money for the defense fund. They were even selling bracelets at games raising money. All at the expense of innocent children. Question- what type of training has the school given to avoid these problems in the future? And the Principal was she a WHB grad? Do you know her husband is a gym teacher in her school? As far as firing civil service people it wouldn't be a problem if qualified people were hired and not just because they are WHB residents. You must realize you are not in Mayberry anymore. Hiring wrong or inexperienced people could have disastrous financial consequences if the mess up- like the Principal or the handling of the Police affairs of inexperienced Chiefs. " Jul 31, 14 5:37 PM

Beachbme I dont know why I respond to you but I will mention your arguments are poor- Your reponses are based to much on emotion and not on facts. Perfect example above. Your emotions with prior statments of "crooked resolutions", "puppet master", and "junk in your store" speaks volumes of your anger. " Aug 1, 14 3:30 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Approves Raise For Mayor, Severance Pay For Police Chief

Like I siad before. The prior Mayor and Dean are laughing all the way to the bank. It would be interesting to know what the Chief got paid each year in benefits and pay plus the $403,714.28 for unused sick and vacation time. Especially since he was rarely to be seen. What a disgrace and abuse of taxpayer money and the Village let him get away with it." Aug 13, 14 12:29 PM

Audit Results Do Not Surprise Some West Hampton Dunes Residents

Mayor Gary Vegiante and Treasurer Claire Vegliante - wake up WH Dunes! Serious conflict of interest. " Aug 31, 14 12:10 PM

Future Of Westhampton Beach Police Department Uncertain As Consolidation Talks Swirl

Beachbme you sure dont do your friend, relative (son?), co-worker any good by bashing the Mayor all the time and talking like Gonce is the best thing that happened to the Village. Big Wup. She got her pay back to where it was prior to Teller who BTW between him and Dean cost this Village substantially more by hundreds of thousands of dollars and BTW both endorse him. Its wise for the Village to explore all the options. Not rush to a "local" decision all the time to fill a position. It sure has caused enough problems in the past." Sep 4, 14 1:40 PM

Board Fires Westhampton Beach Boys' Varsity Soccer Coach

Probably more to it. But I guess being an example is not important to bird or the ones who liked his comment. I give the School credit. " Oct 8, 14 6:20 PM

Westhampton Beach Business Owners Want Looser Regulations, Sewer District

Encouraging push forward. Keep up the good work! Hopefully the Trustees will also fall in line." Oct 15, 14 12:35 PM

It would not be the same without negitive comments by Hollywood and Beachbme. You should have stood up and offered constructive suggestions." Oct 16, 14 8:01 AM

Crews Grind Mill Road In Westhampton Beach Tuesday As Part Of Repaving Project

Waste of money. Nothing wrong with the road. Even if its being reimbursed. There are more important projects like raising roads and improving drainage that need to be done. " Oct 21, 14 8:54 PM

East Hampton One Of Few Local School Districts To Eliminate Midterms And Finals

Time will tell on the "world stage". " Nov 11, 14 7:12 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board To Consider Five New Laws Next Month

Can't wait to be enjoying the sunset on our beaches and have cars driving by. the kids will love dodging the traffic in between enjoying the waves!" Nov 11, 14 7:21 PM

Oh beachbme. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you.
" Nov 12, 14 7:20 PM

Heroin Charge In Westhampton Arrest On Saturday

Hopefully the WHB Police force is developing a strategy on this. God knows achieve Dean was clueless " Nov 16, 14 6:50 PM

And if the Mayor reads this remember Hollywood and beachbme are bucking for the old guard- Gonce. Lets continue to keep Teller and Dean out of the influence by not hiring there recommendations. read there prior comments for the history." Nov 17, 14 7:51 AM

Westhampton War Memorial Ambulance Suspends Two, Fires One For Violating Protocol

There u go again. Its ok to break the rules and not be accountable. " Nov 18, 14 7:28 AM

Heroin Charge In Westhampton Arrest On Saturday

Read the comments below on known drug drop offs- especially the one at the WHB gas station and advise why your guy is not doing anything about that?" Nov 18, 14 7:32 AM

Ok Possibly. But I did see two of WHB Police cars hanging out across the street from the Car wash this morning "building a case" on my way into town and then again a half hour later on my way out of town- same place. Seems like Gonce should be aware his officers are not "patrolling" the streets. Actually as I think about it I see that senerio more times then I can recall. Great management of the staff. Lets get this guy on board so he can make changes." Nov 19, 14 8:00 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Considers Upgrades To Main Street

Burying the power lines in an area subject to high winds and storms is a smart idea. All of the east end should follow this. It would avoid a lot of repair work and keep the power running in stormy weather. Excellent path to consider." Nov 25, 14 7:29 AM

Westhampton Beach Considers Revisiting Master Plan To Accommodate New Supermarket

Having another supermarket is an excellent idea. I myself constantly drive to Riverhead and Hampton Bays for grocery shopping. Waldbaums is disgusting and an embarrassment to the Village. If another supermarket comes into town and puts them out of business than so be it. Competition helps keep business in check. And for anyone that thinks people go from Waldbaums to Main Street for shopping they are misguided." Nov 25, 14 10:26 AM

West Hampton Dunes Trustee Continues To Serve Despite Not Living In Village

You cant make this stuff up! The whole Board should be thrown out. Another exemple of doing what they want and not following the law." Nov 26, 14 7:29 AM

Hampton Bays, Westhampton Beach Open To Taking On Tuckahoe Students

Chief you makes sense. No one wants to hear the truth. They think the District prints the $$ in the basement." Dec 5, 14 2:39 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Taps Gonce As Next Police Chief

Another Teller-Dean recommendation. And even worse a "commissioner". Hopefully a one term Mayor and replaced Board. " Dec 12, 14 7:23 PM

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