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Westhampton Beach Village Board Challengers Promise Faster Results

Hey I ve read some of your other posts. You seem like a well to do person. I have a real cool bridge for sale. Special price for you. You Game?" Jun 17, 15 8:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Could Eliminate Lifetime Benefits For Former Elected Officials

Great Idea by the Mayor. Enough is enough with these "lifetime" benefits provided to any employee let alone an elected official serving a part-time or even full time position. I support enough social welfare nets with the taxes I pay. Keep the positive momentum moving. Good Job!" Jun 18, 15 7:38 AM

Former Gas Station Razed In Westhampton Beach

"Lets get a sewer district established"? Do they know this will cost the community $50 to $100 mil? Lets see them them get this past the taxpayers!" Jun 24, 15 3:55 PM

Newcomers Sweep In Westhampton Beach, Incumbents Hold Seats In Quogue

Will the new WHB Trustees have a backbone or will they have the Village meeting at the Oneck residence? Its gonna get interesting!" Jun 24, 15 6:45 PM

Former Gas Station Razed In Westhampton Beach

Hollywood. Would be kind of crazy to run for office mid-term would it? As far as the sewer district the cost would be astronomical. Tens of millions of dollars. That's a fact. Google other communities that have installed it and you will see the cost. Do you want your taxes to substantially double so Main Street can have sewers? Lets face it be "Realistic" this is a community made up of summer people (And I thank them for keeping the tax base down believe me). After two or three months in the summer the community clears out. Main St business has a hard enough time supporting itself during those months and sewers are not going to change that. Now the "developers" want sewers because they think (and possibly true) it will raise the value of their land. Otherwise unless the Fed supports and pays for most of it it will not be financially viable for many taxpayers of the community." Jun 25, 15 3:56 PM

Provisional Westhampton Beach Police Chief Fails Civil Service Exam

Another accomplishment of the current establishment and the leader at Oneck. One step forward- two steps back" Jun 26, 15 8:00 PM

On a National basis we have all read the problems having untrained and/or unqualified Police leadership and training has created for our communities. I guess I'm not surprised our unqualified Mayor is perpetuating the inexperience in this Village. Wonder what "friends" she is accommodating with this one? The lack of "qualified" leadership" has already cost this Village dearly. To bad the Mayor and Trustee don't offer up their checkbooks for their decisions. Its too easy for them to pass this onto the taxpayers. " Jun 30, 15 3:34 PM

Movie Night Is A Success In Westhampton Beach

Good news. But Mayor Moore please be truthful. Who paid for the Movie Projector? If it wasn't the Village it was it the Library? Who's the Sponsor? and due tell us at what cost? Can it now be returned? If the Village or the Library paid for it both are funded by the taxpayers so please- stop with the BS. BTW I recently looked at the Library financials and they are very healthy via tax-payer funding. Well over $4 mil in cash and definitely a strong positive cash flow. Why do you as a Board member continue to ask for tax increase for support?" Jul 1, 15 12:34 PM

Beachbme- excuse me for holding my public officials responsible for their actions. I started by saying it was "good news". My problem is the lie the mayor is telling in how it was funded. Public funds were used. What else is she being dishonest about? Yes I started out supporting this Mayor but she is proving herself to be less then adequate. Welcome to America! We are permitted to speak up on when our public officials don't do the job they promised or tell blatant lies. I have attended almost every public meeting and will continue to do so and speak up when situations arise. Happy 4th! Its a great country. " Jul 1, 15 3:08 PM

Provisional Westhampton Beach Police Chief Fails Civil Service Exam

Beachbme- never a positive thing to say. really to quote you- if you don't like this Village move on! I would prefer to hear your opinion. Its America. This is how things change. Have a great 4th of July." Jul 1, 15 3:14 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Eliminates Free Lifetime Benefits For Elected Officials

Are you her husband or do you live on Oneck?" Jul 8, 15 7:31 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Secures Permission To Connect With Gabreski Sewer System

The WHB community needs to keep an eye on this process. The ultimate cost could approach $60 to $75 million that could be passed onto the tax payers. Its been said the Mayor might try designate the area as a "business improvement" district where the taxpayers "might" have no say in the matter. If the Mayor and Trustees think sewers will bring people into this town after the summer months they are breathing too many toxic fumes from the current nitrogen in the Bays. The current restaurants and stores don't remain empty because of no sewer system.They remain empty because of a lack of full time residents. I applaud the effort but lets keep the truth out in the open. " Jul 15, 15 8:54 PM

Remsen- no doubt a sewer system would be beneficial but before you talk look at the costs. Are you a taxpayer of WHB? Do you know the cost? I do. Sag Harbor was built in the early 1970s- 40yrs ago. Sewer systems will not bring full time residents to WHB. Jobs will. do your research first. " Jul 19, 15 10:08 PM

Stop And Shop To Take Over Southampton And East Hampton Waldbaum's

Soon enough the doors of the WHB store will be shut if not sold. Hopefully the Mayor and her new Trustees who ran on reviving the Village have a handle on this. (so far since she has become Mayor the vacancies have risen). With the medical center moving I see a lot of vacancies already in and around the Village and its not even February yet. And Mayor don't use the sewer system as an excuse until you show the taxpayers where you are getting the $50+ million to install them." Jul 20, 15 4:11 PM

Eruv Opponents Criticize Westhampton Beach Board For Lack Of Communication

Go to a Library meeting where Mayor Moore is also on the Board. Ask them a question and try to get it answered. Wont happen. Moore and her cronies think they own the Library and Village. Time to hold their feet to the fire." Aug 11, 15 6:20 PM

Westhampton Free Library Employees To Vote Friday On Unionization

Correct. Very classy that Joan Levan with her language. Lets hear Joan Levan name the 30 Adult WHB Residents who signed the Tucker DiBenedetto petition who work in the Library. Actually isn't it in violation of the Library Charter for her to even discuss or promote this? Now I can see why the employees in that Library are so fearful of her. I also hear there are a couple of civil rights violations against the Board and Levan. No wonder Moore is running for the hills.
" Aug 19, 15 12:13 PM

One More Comment. I hope all the employees vote the union in This is the only way you can protect yourself against the Board and Joan Levan. GO UNION! And the community should PUSH the Board for elections and not the whims of Joan Levan and who she wants to appoint. The community should also ask Levan and the Board why they keep pushing for tax increases each year when they have close to $5 million in cash reserves in the bank? Check the Library website and view the financials. Its all there. " Aug 19, 15 12:18 PM

Westhampton Beach Waldbaum's To Close Its Doors In September

Agreed. but the Mayor has a lot of vacancies to deal with lately. her platform was to fill those but than reality checks in and she becomes another BS Politian. And also remember she appears to have some other troubles on her hands now. Possibly the Village will get luck and she will resign from this position also." Aug 20, 15 10:12 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Seeks Bids For Sewer District Scenarios

Is nice to see Tenn Tom (Remsenburg) weigh in. Also Hamone (NY- not sure if he is WHB Village Resident) weigh in. Yes a sewer district would be beneficial but the cost astronomical. We live in a wealthy area but how many "local" residents will vote for a sewer district if it only accommodates the stores and real estate developers on Main St. Is it really worth the cost?Would more density make a difference in our Bays? But that would really be expensive. Bottom line is Main St is empty outside the summer months because people go back to their main residents not because there is no sewer district. Our Mayor and Trustees need to be more truthful in their approach. But Mayor Moore is a Deer in headlights." Sep 11, 15 7:23 PM

Public Demands That Westhampton Free Library President Resign

Levan has been on since at least 2007 that's 8 years. The self appointed Board has no term limits. Every few years they reappoint themselves to different positions such as President or Treasurer. She is NOT leaving her private club and the friends she appointed will not vote her off. But an election might take care of that." Sep 16, 15 6:53 PM

Hampton Bays School District Creating Committee To Spend $400,000 On Technology

Anyone looking into the future will see technology as being the key. The District should do everything they can to educate students on technology- coding- programing and providing the best teaching and hardware to facilitate this. Hampton Bays do your kids a favor and forgo the spend on the sports and do the technology thing. Be a model for the East End and see your graduates soar. " Sep 22, 15 6:50 PM

Levan, Two Others, Abruptly Resign From Westhampton Free Library Board On Friday

Now that Joan Levan is free from her position she is also free to elaborate on all the "half truths, lies, and personal safety issues". Of course she has nothing to elaborate on. Joan- lets hear it all. Ill give Tom Moore about 6 to 12 months with the "skeletons" he has in his closet not to mention his wife's position in the Village. " Nov 3, 15 1:13 PM

Suffolk Awards Westhampton Beach $75,000 Grant For Main Street Project

So let me understand this- the Board obtained a small grant for the reconstruction of curbs- sidewalks- milling and repave of Main street- large balance being paid for out of the other reserve accounts- only to be ripped up for the new "sewer district" they are also proposing later on down the line. What am I missing?" Nov 4, 15 9:13 PM

OK CountryMouse. Putting the lines behind the stores just doubled the cost of the project. Running lines down Main street only requires one line. Now you need two. Based on one line the Village is looking at about $60m in cost. Have they received the sign offs from the Feds yet to fund this? I hear not. And then theres the cost to the many taxpayers to bear this cost for the benefit of only the stores along Main Street. Lets see how that vote goes. Anyway as a Main Street store was closing down for the winter I asked about their excitement of a possibly sewer system to help the foot traffic on Main Street and they said year round patrons will keep the stores open in the winter- not the sewers. HELLO. " Nov 5, 15 7:56 PM

Full Disclosure I voted for her and wouldn't again. Yes has done some good but the Sewer District and lack of truth is souring me. I am all for progress but tell the truth and stop the BS." Nov 5, 15 8:00 PM

Tomtom I agree the Bay needs to be cleaned up. Its not just coming from Main Street its coming from all over the east end. But at what cost to the taxpayers? Will Village residents like myself vote yes to bear the cost? I like your comment on 5/9/15 this year where you state "tax the developers instead of the taxpayers". I would support 100% if only the people who used the system paid for the system. And finally at the end of the day the only thing I am asking for is the truth from Mayor Moore. That's all simple and concrete. Then us WHB taxpayers can vote. Are you a WHB taxpayer?" Nov 6, 15 8:28 AM

Westhampton Beach Community Speaks Out Against Proposed CVS

The Mayor thinks a $50m sewer system will bring people to our Village. The local yokel blogger Speir thinks like the old timer he is. I think another Pharmacy will put the smaller one out of business but let the free market decide. We all have to step up to the plate at some point and make our business succeed or fail. With no year round population in WHB possibly another big box draw like CVS or even a Starbucks would draw people into the Village. It worked for Huntington and Port Jeff who have year round populations. The National Brands have marketing budgets and ways of attracting customers the smaller names do not . East Hampton, Southampton, and Hampton Bays have benefited. Why shouldn't WHB?" Dec 7, 15 9:29 PM

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