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Two Firms Make Pitches For Westhampton Beach Sewer District

Brian Tymann should take a walk around the Village Streets in the evening and see how many residents lights are on. He will find most streets have about a 10% or lower occupancy 75% of the year. BRIAN WE ARE A SUMMER COMMUNITY. Regular folks cant afford the prices in prime WHB so no one lives here full time. The current stores and restaurants close because there are no patrons. ASK THEM. Yes the sewer system is a great idea but at what cost? Will the tax payers agree to those costs? Will Morre and the rest of the Trustees shove it down our throats without taxpayer approval? Brian, the Mayor and the rest of the Trustees cant even give a price or the burden on the taxpayer yet which I find hard to believe. " Dec 23, 15 12:30 PM

Westhampton Beach Pizzeria Owner Hopes To Slice Red Tape

They should let him expand to the whole shopping center with all the vacancies over there. Good Pizza also. " Jan 12, 16 3:50 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Discusses Sewer District Options With Designers

A sewer treatment plant across from the Country Club, WOW. Lets see how that goes over with the people who pay most of the taxes in the Village. Also no residences being considered- only the wealthy real estate owners? WOW. Possibly the Village can invest in land for the plant and pumping stations next to the Mayor and Trustees houses. Finally spending tens and tens of thousands of $$ and they have N0- Nada- Zero- idea of the potential cost and potential grant $$. That's a big WOW. " Feb 16, 16 12:26 PM

Thank You for replying. I still can believe tens of millions of dollars will be spent for a few business's who only really operate 3 or 4 months a year or a grant will be provided for this. But I am just "Realistic". If part of a grant will be given and the balance supported by tax payers who will never benefit from the sewers that's a thing I belie taxpayers should decide in a vote. I still believe (being Realistic) the majority of the supposed pollution is simple fertilizer and basic road run off since the Main Street business are not open the majority of the year and probably contribute very little to the bay pollution. Our illustrious Mayor (and the Trustees) are selling this "concept" as a way to increase business on Main Street in a Village that's (let's face it) a summer Village without a sufficient year round population to support it. Black and white. Take your "science" hat off. Put your business hat on and let's be "Realstic". " Feb 20, 16 8:25 PM

Exactly Patti Schaefer. So if you read the report fertilizers, road run off. Etc would be banned. Main Street WHB would be moved to higher groumd. Everyone would have a sewerage treatment plant. But WHB officials are "selling" this as a way to increase traffic and business on Main Street in a town with a population that leaves for basically 9 months of the year. Look at all the vacancies in and around the Village limits. Do you think thats a result of not having sewers? Do you really think the business's on Main Street which are mostly real estate offices and clothing stores really flush their toilets more than any house in and around the bay? Lets be "Realistic". The Village officials and Mayor Moore need to stop the insanity and stop spending the taxpayer dollars on this "crap" -no pun intended. " Feb 22, 16 8:43 PM

Town Trustees Surrender Authority Over Village Beach Driving

keep all vehicles- except emergency ones- off the beach. " Feb 25, 16 3:19 PM

Yes "The Royal We" and we used to light our homes with whale oil. Why don't we do that anymore? And no- I don't own a house near the airport and I like the private jets coming in delivering all the people who keep our tax base low and support all the "locals" who build their homes, teach in our schools, work in the landscaping business, restaurants, etc. you get the picture- Correct?" Feb 26, 16 7:31 AM

Demise Of Health Republic Of New York Cost Local Hospitals Millions In Lost Payments

Lets be "Realistic". A non-profit healthcare operation operating under the Affordable Care Act- providing unlimited health insurance, no pre-existing condition exclusions, care with "affordable" premiums, coverage for family member past 18 yrs old, was doomed from the get go. Who in their right mind thought this could work? Thats why they all failed. " Mar 1, 16 7:25 PM

Board Members Discuss Possible Options For Sewage Treatment Plant In Westhampton Beach

Love to be a fly on the wall at that Country Club meeting. Still can't believe no one has any idea the potential cost or the amount the Feds will pay for. They did hire a "top notch" firm who has done this before. If the Feds pay for all then do the whole Village. Why stop at the Main Street Stores. If they don't pay I calculate the cost at about $25 mil per mile and $10 mil per pumping station. So that looks like a bill big for us taxpayers if they don't pay. Google sewers and pumping stations and see the cost. " Mar 1, 16 7:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Paves The Way For A CVS

I agree. No need for CVS. But they didn't approve a CVS. And if a CVS is crazy enough to put a store in where they will destroy competition all around than thats their choice. Of course anyone who opposes the whole deal and wants to put in a bowling ally of rec center should make the owners of the property an offer to buy the land. Ill bet the owners have a price in mind they would sell for. " Mar 9, 16 6:12 PM

The Villages "long term plan" is a sewer system. Build a sewer and they will come. Ok ok I agree a sewer is a good idea for the Village- but- for the whole Village not just the developers who support the Mayor. Like I said if the Govt pays the bill for the small sewer then why not apply for the whole Village. Its not just Main street polluting out bays its the everyone bordering and discharging on or near the bay. Bottom line for business on main street is (and lets be Realistic) we are a summer community with a large percentage leaving the Village for most of the year. Still doesn't mean a good marketing plan can not bring people in." Mar 10, 16 7:05 PM

Southampton Town Faces Opposition From Uber, Cab Companies Regarding Proposed Taxi Rules

Another money grab by Government. Uber provides an alternative lower cost better quality of travel. I use it everywhere and extremely satisfied with their management of the system. Possibly the taxi companies need to step up- accept change- and become Uber drivers themselves." Mar 16, 16 1:13 PM

UPDATE: Farina Denies Rumored Allegations Regarding Explicit Photo

Not to get political- but this is why Trump is gaining so much momentum. Enough the "business as usual" or "status quo". The people in charge have been screwing in up for to long. Anything is better then what we currently have. The PC crowd has had there chance " Mar 17, 16 8:05 PM

Former Bank Building Languishes In Westhampton Beach

Hambone- lets "anticipate" who's paying for the sewers before they change any zoning to allow for it. Remember a good $50 to $75 million project the taxpayers will be burdened with if the Feds don't pay for the whole thing. Still can't get that out of our officials. Remember elections approaching." Mar 22, 16 7:23 AM

Eruv Proponents Offer Deal To Westhampton Beach Village; Board Is Considering Offer

it would be interesting to see how they justify those fees and if they were written off in the past. Plus, I guess even the "proponents" of the eruv would have to deal with the tax increases as a result of the Village paying the bill. " Mar 30, 16 7:28 PM

Springs School District To Offer Spanish Translation At Next Board Of Education Meeting

Hopefully one day it will be translated back into english. Just saying. Tired of having to be politically correct. " Apr 5, 16 7:16 PM

You miss the point. And if more then 50% of the population is not speaking english than thats another problem no matter where I live in the U.S.A. You see- or possibly you don't- the life boat called the USA is sinking. We can only take on only so much before the life boat sinks. " Apr 6, 16 7:53 PM

Correct harbor. But its still in the USA. Read below. The life boat can only take on so many people before it sinks." Apr 6, 16 7:55 PM

OK No problem. Become a legal citizen and pay taxes. If it takes time to become a legal citizen then pay taxes as you are waiting. If you want the benefits our our grand parents than assimilate, did I say pay taxes, sacrifice (as my grandparents, parents, and I do) to become productive members of society. You see, yes, we can absorb some but not all. You might not like that that answer but unless you want to be the lifeboat of the world and take on the financial burden (I don't) than shut up. Plain and simple." Apr 8, 16 9:28 PM

Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

Mr Gregor should understand the 99% use the road and beach more then the 1%. Dope." Apr 12, 16 1:08 PM

Deli Owner Challenges Westhampton Beach Village's Decision To Run Beach Concession Stand

Now the Village is in the restaurant business? Crazy. Lets see the figure at the end of the summer. When is this Mayor up for re-election? She needs to go!" Apr 13, 16 9:31 PM

Your comments are cosmetic Mayor Moore. As an elected Mayor we expect you to bring benefits especially since you doubled your salary as soon as you got elected. The Village has no reason to be in the food business. Paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the engineers report on the sewer district is a waste of tax payer money and you will be held accountable when this whole deal pans out. If you have info the feds will pay the whole bill then put sewers throughout the whole Village. Come clean and tell the truth. I can't believe after all this time you have no idea who's paying for this." Apr 17, 16 9:06 PM

No its not "clean enough" especially since the $71,000 is just the beginning of the taxpayer funds. Hundreds of thousands more will be needed. Still cant believe there is "no idea" how much this will cost when you are looking to an architectural firm whos experienced in this area and there have been other sewer districts built recently plus pumping stations. Secondly the idea the sewer district will bring business to the town is incorrect for the reasons I've stated before. Thirdly and to stick with the point of this story the Village has no business being in the food business competing against local business. You should be looking ways to bring new business into town (yea yea yea the "sewers"- really?) Too many vacancies from the RR tracks to the village. " Apr 18, 16 8:11 AM

BTW I do give you and Rob credit for sticking up for the business owners and not being afraid to say so. " Apr 18, 16 8:30 AM

Westhampton Beach Businesses Split Over Smorgasburg Food Expo Proposal

Great idea for the Village especially to bring outside people in. On Friday nights its difficult to get a seat in any Restaurant in WHB without a reservation. This will add people who want a quick meal and then walk around the Village and spend time shopping. This Village needs something that creates a "buzz" and adds people to shop. The farmers market is different in that when I buy there I need to get the food home to put in the fridge or freezer.
As a note Starrs opened last evening. The place was packed like it always is. They have a vibe there that attracts people. The other businesses need to create the same buzz and patrons will come. Other Main Street restaurants were empty. They should take a page from Starr if they want customers, Great idea and hope it moves forward. " May 6, 16 5:00 PM

Best Yet Market Gets Final Approval From Westhampton Beach Planning Board

Great Addition to Village. Good Luck!" May 13, 16 8:03 AM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

Moore is owned by a residents who's she afraid of. Cant step out of the shadow. Nice to see Brian is not afraid to speak up. My prediction is he will be the next Mayor. " May 19, 16 6:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Expected To Sign Off On Eruv Settlement Next Month

Scary to think the legal eagle Moore (and her legal eagle husband) is heading this one up. Brace yourselves. " May 19, 16 6:42 PM

Sandpebble To Be Awarded More Than $750,000 In East Hampton School District Lawsuit

Why do all these east end Villages and Boards hire Sandpebble? Betcha theres a story there!" May 28, 16 7:05 AM

Westhampton Beach Planning Board Approves Shopping Center In Former Bowling Alley

I hear ya Icecreamman. But if you want something different there make an offer to the owners on purchasing the property. " Jun 12, 16 7:03 PM

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