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In East Hampton, Sandpebble Suit Takes An Acrimonious Turn In Public

I say make the Public Officials - yes even School Board members "personally responsible" for their actions. Much of the irresponsible behavior would be averted and release the tax payers from their inexperienced actions. " Feb 17, 12 7:50 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Tells Developer: No Supermarket For You!

You are correct. I dont know a person who doesnt share the same thought- oh- except the Mayor. I shop for groceries out of town and have for a while now. Unfortunately many of our Village Government dont care about local business (and the jobs and taxes they could bring in) and why should they- the tax payers keep on coughing up the tax increases. Lets see what they propose this year. A Decrease? That would be un-american." Feb 22, 12 7:59 PM

Westhampton Beach Village To Consider Law To Override Tax Cap

I would hope the Village of Westhampton Beach will not play follow-the-the-leader with Quogue and vote to pierce the 2% tax cap if necessary. Its time our Governments learn to operate within their current tax structure no matter how painful it becomes- just like the general public has been doing. The percentage increases add up after a few years and I cant remember when the budget was steady or even decreased. " Feb 23, 12 7:32 AM

Hmmm- lets see. Who ran the beach last year and whos she related to???" Feb 23, 12 1:50 PM

Lets also look at one of the Schools where the Principal has a husband as a teacher. How do you manage this relationship if theres a complaint by anyone- which I hear there are but no-ones complaining for obvious reasons.- How about a school board member who has the largest vendor contract with the district. How do you properly manage the bid situations on this one. Legally I believe the degree of transparancy is the strongest in the 2nd situation. Should we go on?" Feb 24, 12 10:06 AM

Finn's In Westhampton Beach Could Close Soon

With the state of the economy- taxes- potentially new taxes- look at our own Village Board apparently supporting higher taxes by piercing the 2% tax cap- limiting new business- supermarkets- in the Village- I cant see how any business can survive out here. What a shame. " Feb 24, 12 8:59 PM

Bridgehampton Teachers Volunteer To Forgo Salary Increases

Agreed- nice beginning. But the real costs are contained in the benefits- pensions- healthcare. Most private companies (like my own) are going to high deductible health plans with HSA's. No more pensions- we have to contribute to a 401k. That will be the real savings for the tax payers now and in the future. Lets see how serious the unions and other east end districts. " Mar 4, 12 8:53 AM

Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

You gotta love it- business RUNNING not walking from this Island- not to mention from this Country (look at all the manufacturing that moved their plants and offices overseas), out of control pensions, benefits, and salaries- local Government (and us dopey taxpayers) not standing up to this- and we wonder why. When will we learn? " Mar 6, 12 7:01 PM

Developer Continues Push For Public Hearing On Westhampton Beach Supermarket

Dare to think outside the box and promote new business and jobs. Who cares about Waldbaums anymore. I stopped shopping there. Might plans need to be updated to change with the times? Still no hotel at the airport and I've gone to numerous events at the new hotel in Riverhead. Waldbaums is not changing its ways so lets move on and promote development. " Mar 7, 12 9:06 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent Warns School Board That It Will Have To Make Cuts

It's only money. What do you want to bet they will vote to pierce the tax cap? To bad they can't return the turf- but then again it only cost about $2.5 mil. " Mar 8, 12 7:00 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Unveils $9.5 Million Draft Budget

"Village officials trying not to compromise services or lay off employees" - Are you kidding me? Why not- lets look to decrease taxes not "live within the tax cap". Why every year is there an increase? Come on folks- someone else please speak up!" Mar 15, 12 8:54 AM

Remsenburg-Speonk Superintendent Says Parents Should Weigh Their Sending District Options

Well- what a suprise? but wait- they didnt mention we have astro turf as an asset? Wasnt the new School Board members platform to improve the relationships between the sending Districts? God forbid this District looses students we will be in deep dodo. Lets see as it stands now the kind of reduction in teachers we will have in leiu of or even in addition to another tax increase this year. Bet you wish you kept the cash in the reserve spending accounts for this rainy day coming. The whole School Board (and past members) should be held "Personally" responsible for their mis-management of the Schools finances and lack of academic achievement over the last few years." Mar 16, 12 9:15 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Unveils $9.5 Million Draft Budget

Hambone. Increases are not necessary. With your thinking we will all soon run out of money unless you have a printer in your basement. " Mar 18, 12 8:52 AM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Put it for vote. If the village rejects it - live with it. If they vote for it- live with it. Enough with all the threats of suits. Learn to live with your fellow citizens and respect each others wishes. " Mar 19, 12 7:10 PM

Oh please. This is 2012. Not 2000 years ago. And I agree with Chief1. Witch hazel cut the crap of bigotry every time someone disagrees with you. " Mar 20, 12 6:57 AM

Westhampton Beach Will Be Forced To Cut School Positions To Get Under Tax Cap

They should have saved the reserve accounts for a rainy day. During the worst recession in decades they choose to blow it on luxuries. Now we pay the price for the past. So much for our districts representing academics. Here they push sports at the price of academics. Let's see where the sending districts decide to send their kids in the future. Our tax increases are only beginning to come to fruition. " Mar 22, 12 7:10 PM

Police: Bicyclist In Stable Condition Following Accident In Southampton Village

Prefer not to jump to conclusions but I say a distracted driver- cell phone or texting- Not paying attention an unfortunate accident. As a regular runner and cyclist in Southampton the vehicles need to slow down and get off the cell phones. " Mar 23, 12 9:47 PM

Developer Still Wants To Build Grocery Store In Westhampton Beach

Let him build. Competition is good. It's his money. My taxes might be decreased if he's successful. Let's face it. A business man wants to take a chance. His dollars. Compare the expertise our our Mayor and Trustees against this Developer and who has done better? Let's face it the Mayor and Trustees are struggling to keep the tax cap under the 2 percent cap this yr. in my business we decreased the budget 5 percent and were successful. Why can't the Village? Look at the School taxes. They are already pushing for increases. I am tired of other people spending my hard earned dollars. " Mar 23, 12 9:59 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

They need to live within the taxpayers means. Why is this so hard to understand? Let the Board pay the increase out of their own pockets for their mismanagement of the prior year budgets." Mar 28, 12 2:06 PM

Westhampton Beach Baseball Hopes For Improvement

Its all about football. Thats no secret." Mar 28, 12 2:09 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

It's the teachers and the unions . The Unions are pushing for the best deals they can for their members. They appear to have zero concern for what's best for the kids they are teaching. And when you have School Board Members - past and present- who's spouses are teachers why would you not want to push for the union teachers who provide your spouses salary ? it's really that simple. you scratch my back. I scratch yours. Start with the School Board. Look at who's married to who in the District. A principal married to a gym teacher. Really. Many prior Whb graduates employed. Where is the quality and equity. " Mar 29, 12 9:47 PM

Listen. A great teacher deserves excellent pay. Just like a great CEO deserves excellent pay. But the CEO lives by the results of their work. A teacher does not. They are protected by the Unions. Not required to fund their pensions or medical benefits. The CEO is. The teachers need to earn their keep just like the CEO and the rest of the private sector. The public just cant afford to foot the bill for the excessive benefits anymore. And in this School District the "conflicts of interest" is excessive. School Board members married to teachers. A school Board member related to the largest vendor of the District- COME ON. Its crazy in the WHB District. And the taxpayers suffer as a result. " Mar 30, 12 8:48 PM

Library Director Wants Westhampton Beach To Check Out Beach Pass Idea

Great Idea. The Library is thinking outside the box. The Village of WHB Trustees should do the same. We will have a vacant Main Street if they (the WHB Village Trustees and Mayor) keep getting their way." Mar 30, 12 8:53 PM

Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

Times change. There is a french teacher in the Middle School that shows movies all the time that are not even in french. The administrators know about it but cant do anything. Many kids complain. I've personally complained. Is this the civil service thats vital to the community? I know cops who are retired at 45 yrs old with a full Pension. Some on disability who work out in my gym. Is this a civil service thats vital to the community? Also many companies used to provide a pension and pay full health care costs. They cant afford to do it anymore and neither can the taxpayers. Look at Greece? Thats where the Unions are taking us." Mar 31, 12 3:21 PM

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