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UPDATE: Paul Hansen, Killed In Drunk Driving Accident Sunday, Is Fondly Remembered

What kind of "friend" leaves their passenger to die alone on a roadside. This was not only a tragedy, but a criminal act. Judge Kooperstein handled this very well.

Deepest condolences to the family and their two boys who no longer have their Dad. How said. " Aug 31, 15 9:28 PM

Clothing was taken for lab testing. This is a very serious allegation. If any DNA is to be found, the lab will discover it. SHPD deserves a bit more credit " Sep 2, 15 7:30 PM

A Broker Turns To Building

Anyone with a check book and a cell phone can become a "builder".

The primary difference however is that most every true builder worked their way up the ladder and know all the ins and outs of each trade. Investor types watch episodes of Bob The Builder and This Old House and feel they've got it all figured out.

" Sep 13, 15 7:45 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

Anyone naive enough to believe that she wasn't aware of the content must be drinking from the same punch bowl of Kool-Aid The video was allegedly filmed at her residence. No doubt she was present at portions of the filming which surely would have apprised her of the content.

What a fooloish thing for an educator to be involved in, even if it may seem trivial. Poor decision on her part, and unfortunately it reflects badly even if hip hop antics are perceived as harmless. It's truly degrading to women. " Sep 21, 15 6:22 AM

UPDATE: Anna Pump Remembered For Grace In And Out Of The Kitchen; Memorial Home Visit Scheduled For Sunday

It's a tragedy. It's time to light this cross walk up. Same for the one in Watermill.

East Hampton took immediate action after the loss of John Jiras many years ago. Why can't Alex Gregor do the same for Southampton?!" Oct 10, 15 9:30 PM

FYI ...the Town engineer ultimately has a say on all road improvements. The engineering department governs all applications and proposals way before the before the DOT gives their stamp of approval. The state simply provides a permit which regulates the work and traffic flow during construction. If we want illumination in the crosswalks (just like East Hampton) our local Township has the authority to put them in." Oct 14, 15 8:54 PM

Sag Harbor Village Resident Files Suit Against Village

Save us from Save Sag Harbor is what this article should have been titled. SHS initially started out with a noble cause. Years ago they had rational voice in speaking out against the proposal of chain stores in within the village business district. Over time however their focus has shifted. It is now run by self serving individuals who simply don't want construction adjacent to their own second homes.

They bully both the applicants and the boards at every public hearing, and are largely responsible for the wave of law suits which are about to come down on the village.

" Oct 28, 15 4:45 PM

Thanks for posting. The design of Mr. Gaynor's home is a very typical historical Sag Harbor house. A five bay Federal style. Mr. Weinstein has the same style home, but even larger! on a much smaller parcel located on Jeffreson Street. How hypocritical. Even more so that he isn't even a year round resident, yet he nay says every application in front of every board.
The lawsuit is all about uncovering a broken process. Sooner or later the truth is going to be revealed. And it won't be too surprising if some nefarious behind the scenes shenanigans have been going on, all under the auspices of a well intended community organization. " Oct 29, 15 6:23 PM

East Hampton YMCA Pool Making Kids Sick, Parents Say

SRK pools in Wainscott has had a solution for years. It's a proven method of decontaminating the water, and it meets all board of health standards. It's called ozone.

Unfortunately the Y has been run by folks who seemingly only care about the budget and balancing the books. The biggest draw in that facility is the pool, yet it goes entirely neglected when it comes to upkeep. This system replaces the need for chlorine which is what's making the kids sick. Chlorine is horrible for the lungs, especially in children.

The total cost for an ozone system is less than seventy five thousand dollars. One would think that they should have done this years ago. It's time for the swim team parents to start a fund raiser. " Dec 19, 15 8:25 PM

Sag Harbor Residents Start Petition Against Installation Of Synthetic Turf Field At Pierson

How this ever got past the board of historical preservation and architectural review and Save Sag Harbor is unfathomable. Russell Sage played cricket on that field back in the 1880's. His hunting dog might have even pooped on it.

We must preserve history, let alone prevent out kids from playing in carcinogenic material. Those fields are proven to cause adverse reactions in the young athletes who play on them. " Mar 9, 16 9:21 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

The public indeed gets to vote, and have a say in how funds are spent. That's not the issue. Giving severance pay should have been a community decision.
" Apr 19, 16 7:09 PM

Fred Thiele Steps Down As Sag Harbor Village Attorney

There were certain factors that led him to resign indeed. Namely that the Village had more lawsuits than you could shake a stick at this past year.

That's enough to wear anyone out. " Apr 19, 16 7:16 PM

Judge Initially Sides With Property Owner In Challenge To Sag Harbor Village's New Zoning Rules

The lawsuit seems to be more about allowing due process rather than simply letting an applicant build what he wants. Had the village not used dictatorship tactics, this applicant could have had the typical dialogue with the Boards in working towards what they deem as appropriate. Instead now there's yet another suit and big waste of tax payers money. " May 16, 16 6:57 AM

Sag Harbor Home Sale A Newsworthy Event

Why is this news? Another Manhattanite buys a house in the village. ...September can't come soon enough." Jul 4, 16 8:31 PM

Christie Brinkley Lists Bridgehampton Home For $30 Million

Agreed. The house needs to be disinfected anyway. Someone off ill repute slrpt there too. " Jul 4, 16 8:36 PM

UPDATE: DWI Charges Against East Hampton Real Estate Agent Upgraded

Exactly. Could have been a fatality very easily. The bar who was serving this moron should have been more proactive.

Felony DWI charges should keep this problem off the road for a while. He can carpool with the "Prince". Reputation my ass. Lawyers. No wonder they invoke such anger. " Jul 6, 16 8:45 PM

You're right. It's conceivable that he was at home, decided to start the car at three am, go for a ride to clear his head." Jul 7, 16 11:57 AM

Car Hits Bicyclist In Springs On Sunday

Same. Unfortunately the roads are not safe, no matter how wide the bike lanes are. " Jul 17, 16 7:37 PM

Three-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries In Front Of Water Mill Post Office Monday Afternoon

They need a light at Old Mill Road, not in the middle of this one horse town ...which no one goes to other than the post office and to pick up copies at the print shop. That curb cut at the post office is scary to pull out of, let alone the kamikaze maneuver that most impatient drivers make from Old Mill. " Jul 17, 16 7:40 PM

Harmful Algae Blooms Found In Two More Local Ponds

The local municipalities have absolutely no mechanism in place to stop the Thurston Howell's from maintaining their waterfront lawns similar to putting green. It's only when they apply for a new home or renovation that the conservation laws take effect. Unfortunately green lawns equal green water. " Jul 25, 16 7:54 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Remains In Custody Following Heroin Arrest

They let him off the hook the last time for speeding on 114 at over 100 miles an hour with a car load full of this crap.. They gave him treatment. Bad behavior continues. This kid doesn't have a problem. He is the problem!! Peddling this hideous poison to neighborhood kids. Enough is enough. Jail time for sure. They're going to make an example of him. " Jul 26, 16 11:12 AM

Neighbors Fear Pair Of Pit Bulls That Attacked Small Dog In Hampton Bays

Any large dogs capable of biting a child or a small dog need to be accounted for.

" Aug 3, 16 11:35 AM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Hopefully justice won't be blind. This kind of thing needs to be addressed on a local level, not just national. You can't vilify the entire population of illegal immigrants who live among us, but the law breakers don't deserve due process of our legal system. This POS should have sent back to wherever he came from on his first strike. " Aug 7, 16 7:20 PM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Newbies are not necessarily going out into the line up when its overhead. Still, theres a protocol and etiquette about not dropping in on someones wave. Hopefully the instruction involves some of that, aside from the basic fundamentals. ...Whats upsetting most to many of thecritics is that the 'out of towners' have not only Hamptonized the land, they're making their unwelcome mark on the waters too. Every been out on a boat lately? They drive their watertoys as horribly as they do their luxury cars. " Aug 14, 16 8:45 AM

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