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EDITORIAL: Sadness, But Also Gratitude And Pride

Thank you for the heart warming and very touching editorial. And for taking time to honor the volunteers who often go unnoticed and unappreciated. Being on call during the wee hours of the night is exhausting, and yet so many members maintain a steadfast dedication to helping others, many of whom they have never met. Thank you to our volunteers in the ambulance and fire corps for everything. The buildings can be re-built in due time. " Dec 18, 16 3:41 PM

Ludwick Attorneys Seek Dismissal Of Multiple Charges Connected To Fatal Crash In 2015

“The people failed to provide any evidence to the grand jury that the defendant was operating the vehicle at the time of the accident,”

What a moronic statement. This is exactly why some lawyers are so despised. " Dec 20, 16 7:48 PM

First Nitrogen-Reducing Septics For Homes Presented In East Hampton On Friday

Totally agree. While some leaching fields from decades past are within close proximity of a waterfront bulkhead, they are not the primary cause.

Georgica Pond and Lake Agawam look like green split pea soup every August from the landowners who want their bay front properties to resemble their favorite golf course. All the fertilizer runs straight into the bay after a good rainfall. Environmental departments within each township should regulate the buffers more stringently, and be able to dole out a hefty fine when buffers have been replaced by grass." Jan 2, 17 4:15 PM

UPDATE: Protesters Say Weekend Rally At Zeldin Event Was Peaceful

"...and promptly end up with a Mark 46 torpedo blasting it into dust !"

That would be a waste of a perfectly torpedo. Artillery shell would send a better message." Feb 4, 17 4:46 PM

Two Pit Bulls Euthanized After Attacking, Killing Family Pet In Hampton Bays

90% of the pitbulls are not the problem. It's the 90% of the inconsiderate owners who gravitate towards this breed because of their known tendency towards aggression, for protection reasons or whatever.

What a shame that a beloved family pet was horrifically killed because of sheer carelessness. Thankfully it wasn't a child. Condolences to all including the owners of the wayward dogs who could have and should have had a better master. " Feb 7, 17 8:06 PM

Yogi Bob Is Found

The police can only do so much when it comes to a family pet. So if one you garbage and graffiti haters lost your child, you wouldn't make an effort to do an all out search?!

" May 5, 17 4:33 PM

Sag Harbor Woman Wants To Challenge Zeldin In 2018 Midterm Election

OK so women are still trying to rule the world, which is fine. As soon as this gendercide is over it's probably going to be 203,5 and by then robots will be terminating the human race.

The bigger question is at hand....."Hannah Selinger, 36, a trained sommelier". Does any one know what a trained Sommelier is? and are they something we should be concerned about?! " May 11, 17 11:12 AM

Outstanding qualifications for a government position...

A sommelier (/ˈsɒməljeɪ/ or /sʌməlˈjeɪ/; French pronunciation: ​[sɔməlje]), or wine steward, is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional, normally working in fine restaurants, who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as wine and food pairing." May 12, 17 7:14 PM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

She must be from the deep deep south... of Southampton. ...and how did she know what they were drinking?!!

Little does she know that the village police had a a very high ranking African American officer in the ranks, and he never took crap from anyone. That would have been the ideal karmic revenge if he showed up for the call!

" May 27, 17 3:30 PM

"Why does this surprise anyone in the age of Trump? "

This has nothing to do with any political party. It's more about the very ugly side of human nature, and the entitled arrogant out of towners who think that they can come into a place inhabited by locals, and feel that they immediately belong. ...It's happened in every single community out here, and the issue is not always race related. They buy a house and think that they own the community. ...In this case however, it is far far worse. Spewing hate speech is despicable, and there is no excuse in the world for thinking that one can get away with such an ugly word. It's a shame." Jun 2, 17 12:55 PM

UPDATE: Valerie Smith Posts Apology On Facebook For Using Racial Slur

She and Kathy Griffin need to learn a lesson about consequences. It's a lame excuse when perpetrators try and back peddle to make them selves appear like the victims. It just adds insult to injury by spinning this around. This is what happens to people who wear pink cat hats. They go insane.

" Jun 3, 17 5:19 PM

Regarding the issue at hand, certain communities have been dwindling over the past twenty years, one home at a time. It's already happened along the BH Turnpike, and now it's on-going in the Ninevah section of Sag Harbor. Tensions will always run high when changes come.

Despite the words which were said, hopefully there will be a good resolve. It honestly does not make any logical sense that Ms.Smith truly harbors hate in her heart, especially if she knew what type of neighborhood she was moving into. As per the first comment on the article, she is indeed fearless, and on that note, she had the guts to try and publicly resolve the conflict. Credit is certainly due, and this surely had to have been a very painful and humiliating lesson in social etiquette.

also...apologies also for any insult about gals who want to wear pink hats and "resist". ...totally off topic. They will have their woman president one day. " Jun 4, 17 2:52 PM

Venesina Family Sells Iconic Sag Harbor Restaurant Conca D'Oro To Owners Of LT Burger

Change is never easy. Disappearance of the family run businesses are inevitable as the East End transforms. Hopefully, the new owners will just do an upgrade, while keeping a similar menu, ...without charging ten dollars for a slice." Jul 16, 17 9:18 AM

Surchin: Historic Mocomanto In Southampton Estate Section Threatened

Purchasers of historic homes have to realize that they come with special considerations. Although any structure is legally deemed property of the owner, they are also an inherent part of the community. ...Hopefully the board digs in, and uses the purposes and intent of the landmarks preservation to ensure that this project does not turn into botched effort to create yet another mega mansion.

There are still plenty of Farrell houses with more rooms that you can shake a stick at for sale. If the new owner(s) wanted a bigger home, this surely would have been a better consideration. Thankfully it sounds as if there is a snowball's chance of an application of this nature being approved. Instead of possibly suing the village when this gets shot down, why aren't the brokers placed under scrutiny, for selling homes that shouldn't be tinkered with." Jul 19, 17 8:44 AM

Judge Says Paddle Diva Can Stay At East Hampton Marina

Paddle boards may be deemed vessels, but they are not boats. Therefore they are not being dry-docked, or docked period. There are much better things to complain about rather than bikini clad women contorting themselves in front of one's waterfront mansion.

" Jul 25, 17 5:18 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

This is a shame. Why can't they ask if BH has some interested athletes?... Sports are what keep kids out of trouble from having to much idle time.

Are they ashamed that they'd have a Bad News Bears scenario? The number of players to take the filed is 11... and 14 showed up. If they reach rallied to ask a friend to get on board, surely they could get at least 18 to 20 to make a legitimate squad." Aug 25, 17 10:41 PM

UPDATE: Friend Of Young Woman Who Was Found In East Hampton Overdosed The Day After Her Death

Who is pretending you ask....The schools. The parents. Sag harbor tried getting drug sniffing dogs in the building a few years back, and all hell broke loose because a handful of prissy parents and administrators with their heads in the sand refused to believe that this shit doesn't exist in our cozy comfy hamlet of Mayberry. "Not my kids" the parents say. It's everywhere out here, and teenagers whether they like it or not are going to run across this garbage and the dregs of the earth making money trying to sell it." Sep 11, 17 9:24 PM

Stand corrected. The point being is, it's a plague, and unfortunately many people do not want to acknowledge that we have problems out here." Sep 13, 17 8:50 PM

My point exactly. When the school has a former NYC detective on staff, who specialized in the narcotics division, saying that there is a problem, and they can't check lockers because of policy.... who is really benefiting from their so called rights to privacy? The kids who bring this poison into the building. Every East End school faces this problem, and you're right, Mayberry it aint." Sep 13, 17 9:01 PM

Elie Tahari Puts Sagaponack Home On Offer For $45 Million

There must be a decimal point missing between the 4 and the 5. Anyone silly enough to buy a glass garage for 45M must be drinking the same well water. " Oct 12, 17 3:50 PM

Southampton Town's Conservation Board Says The Hills Project May Hurt The Environment

Long Island is just that, and island. There comes a time when only so many inhabitants can be sustained by the infrastructure. Anyone who spends time on the water can see the direct results of too much sewage, and lawn chemicals can do. Dark brown and rusty looking water in the middle of the bays shouldn't be there.

A life raft can only support so many people before it sinks, and it's time to say that this one is full. ...For the people who want short term monetary gains, at the sake of ruining the environment, there's a state called New Jersey. It's close to the shore, and they have shopping malls, food courts, and all the things which we don't... This is exactly why the East End is so special. Thank you TOSH Conservation Board for having some common sense." Nov 29, 17 4:50 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Board Votes Down The Hills Proposal Tuesday

It's not a very strong argument to rationalize an unwanted development over an imaginary 150 new houses. The majority of people constructing new homes are the seasonal - second homeowners, who tend to gravitate further east. This is a working family community with a quiet country charm, and for those lucky enough to be able to afford a new home, that's wonderful. But to reason that this behemoth should be approved or else EQ is going to turn into Levittown is just silly. This project needs to be denied, or it opens the door for many more of them. " Dec 5, 17 11:09 AM

Details Of Settlement Between Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa And Town Are Released

Detective Costa is above reproach for anyone who knows her. To endure in-house BS for being a female officer - let alone being passed over for promotion despite being one of the best detectives on the East End is unfair and unjust. Yes it's a generous payday, but it sends a loud and clear message. " Jan 3, 18 10:11 PM

I'd vote for better behavior in the work place. Law enforcement officers should be held to a higher standard, and there are still men with morals out there. The parties involved should ideally be paying towards the $300K pay-out - then let's see how swift they might be to denigrate a female co-worker.

Despite the deep seated good old boys networks throughout society, treating women poorly really needs to come to an end. No wonder the pink hat marches were so prevalent across the country." Jan 6, 18 12:54 PM

UPDATE: David Lys Appointed To The East Hampton Town Board Thursday, Over Objection From Bragman

Government is supposed to be diversified - and represent a cross section of the community. Not just a Bragging man's viewpoint." Jan 20, 18 10:16 AM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

We have tried for years to have one built on the SYS property. They have a very large field which is used for soccer. There is more than ample room - and the property is already set up with parking and the necessary infrastructure as far as plumbing, electric and septic. A wealthy donor who wished to remain anonymous even offered to pay three million dollars towards the construction, which would have totaled at least the lions share of the project cost.

The swimming pool facility was designed - for free - and the whole concept is sitting dead in the water based purely on the disinterest of the powers that be. As per the original post - it is nice to dream, and hopefully something will finally come of this. " Feb 1, 18 1:04 PM

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