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Christie Brinkley Looks To Sell Either Of Two Hamptons Homes

The original sign was being thrown out if you can believe it. Brenda Scheider asked if she could take it from the dumpster - and they said yes. Not long after a fund raiser was held for the replacement letters, Mr.s Scheider wound up giving the entire sign to CB except for the B. There you have it." May 7, 18 9:56 PM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

US Open = Sunrise closed. Golf. Making people mad since the 1400's.

The modern game originated in Scotland, where the first written record of golf is James II's banning of the game in 1457, as an unwelcome distraction to learning archery. " Jun 11, 18 4:53 PM

Southampton Town Officials Seek Opinion From State On Legality Of Trustees' Rose Hill Road Deal

Like knitter said... No Conservation Boards approvals. No DEC approvals. And a pervious asphalt service sending water run-off directly into the bay. Allowing this to bypass every regulatory agency was wrong, and ultimately the truth will come out. " Jun 22, 18 6:31 PM

Not the part about Mr. Schneiderman. But that there were no permits filed for this work. Did not in anyway want to imply judgement about him." Jun 23, 18 8:09 AM

Sag Harbor School Board Bans Cellphone Use For Middle School Students

Most of these kids are going to have seizures, and start rolling around on the floor.

In all seriousness - if a parent needs to get a hold of their child, that's what the administration office is for. This should have been done years ago. Smart phone use has resulted in the dumbing down of every generation that's been exposed to them. By the time they graduate, they've all got digital dementia." Aug 30, 18 8:56 PM

New Rose Hill Ramp Has Deep Hole

New Rose Hill Ramp Has Deep Hole - but not as deep as the pockets of the man who is supposed to upkeep the ramp.

In order to do the work, a wetland permit would need to be obtained, according to Southampton Town Assistant Attorney Martha Reichert, either by the Trustees or Mr. Frankel.

Really!!??? But this guy can reconstruct the entire road and his new private parking area without even a hint of paperwork. The hypocrisy stinks worse than the bay at low tide.

" Sep 12, 18 2:20 PM

Sag Harbor ZBA Hesitantly Closes Public Hearing On West Water Street Condo Plan

A very small park. For the tourists to seek shade alongside the very first 4 story apartment buildings on the East End. John Steinbeck may have had some definite grapes of wrath over this proposal. " Sep 19, 18 3:25 PM

Lake Agawam Coated By Worst Algae Bloom Ever Recorded On Long Island

This is natures revenge on all the Mr. and Mrs. Thurston Howells who maintain gold course like lawns, which are no doubt being heavily fertilized. Same thing is happening in Georgica, Wainscot, and now Sagg Pond.

They wanted green grass, and now they have lovely poisonous green lakes and ponds to match. The problem with fining anyone property owner in this area is that the penalty is less than the cost of a weekly visit from the lawn company. It's a no win situation. You can't fight with stupid, and even more so when they have too much money. " Sep 24, 18 6:05 PM

"golf" course like lawns" Sep 24, 18 6:06 PM

Southampton Town Board Hires Outside Counsel For Potential Rose Hill Battle

"but that can’t happen now until a judge determines if it was alienation of parkland" said Mr. Frankel

He should have said alienation of the community. But on the other hand... it is parkland now. His parkland. For parking cars. It all makes perfect sense. Everything has a price." Oct 3, 18 8:31 PM

This project mysteriously did not require any DEC or Town approvals. Things that make you go hmmmm?" Oct 3, 18 8:32 PM

Car Flips On County Road 39 In Southampton Saturday

There's no shoulder for vehicles to transition from going highway speed to making an exit. Accidents are usually caused by the speeders (50 mph +) who veer in and out of slower moving traffic (35 mph), only to wind up directly on top of the bumper of someone trying to pull into a business (5 mph). That's how and why they lock up their brakes and get into trouble. More lights aren't the answer... more enforcement of the limit is.

" Oct 21, 18 1:21 PM

Schiavoni Proposal To Limit Recreation Space Shot Down

Kids need more open space to play Pokemon go. It's the only time they'll get up off their digitally impaired duffs and do something. - and Discovery Land is just that - follow the money. " Oct 22, 18 8:07 PM

Some Concern About Low Turnout For Town-Run Septic Rebates In Southampton And East Hampton

Yes - they're a great thing for the environment, but the big problem here is not the lack of information, but maybe the unwillingness to go through the process which involves digging up the entire yard.

These I/A systems take up quite a bit of real estate due to the leaching fields involved. Anyone with a fair amount of trees will potentially have to bear the cost of removing them if need be, let alone the potential issue of having a driveway chewed up by an excavator.
" Nov 27, 18 2:52 PM

First New Build On Captain’s Row In 75 Years Finds A Buyer

A long winded advertisement indeed. Don't they create enough of their own pomp and fanfare through the full page listings? " Dec 4, 18 2:04 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Proposes Plan To Turn Vacant Storefronts Into An Art Exhibit

Wonderful idea. It's also really great to see the new mayor clearly thinking outside of the box. " Jul 17, 19 9:32 AM

Cops: Man Was Boating While Intoxicated When He Crashed Boat In North Haven

Agreed. Unfortunately anyone can get behind the controls of a boat. No "captains" license needed. Nothing. Only a boating safety certificate if you're born after 1996. Sad thing, is 1 out of 10 drivers on the road have been doing exactly the same as this dimwit. Luckily he didn't kill anyone.
" Jul 21, 19 7:46 PM

Shark Spotted In Penniman Creek In Quogue Saturday Morning

Most likely a juvenile white shark. The girth on that fish was massive. They come into the inlet regularly. " Jul 21, 19 7:54 PM

Southampton Town, Developer Complete Sale Of Land For Village’s Steinbeck Park

CPF should never have been used on a building. A privately funded one no less. Preservation dollars are intended for open space only.Not a good precedent to set at all. ... As far as the JSMemorial park, what a bonus prize for a developer. Buy a waterfront lot for $20m plus, and get a $10.5m bonus prize from the Town. At least the local kids, (or what's left of them) can have the most expensive piece of real estate this side north of the highway to enjoy their big gulps and hot dogs. " Jul 23, 19 5:50 PM

Bialsky Unveils Prices For West Water Street Condos

Welcome to Miami. Cue the Don Johnson music. " Aug 13, 19 7:37 PM

Zeldin Calls For Federal Review Of New York State Driver's License Law

No, illegal immigrants aren’t allowed to directly vote for the commander-in-chief yet, but in vast numbers they can dramatically alter the Electoral College to favor Democrats for at least a decade because a state’s electoral votes are based on the number of people residing within that state, not the number of citizens present when the Decennial Census is taken." Sep 24, 19 4:30 PM

Thanks to the 14th Amendment, which dictates the mechanics of how the president is elected, as well as the Supreme Court’s ruling in Evenwell v. Abbott, Democrats are using illegal immigration to alter the balance of power in the Electoral College from rural, Republican-leaning states to those that are predominately blue and in some cases purple. A quick glance at the 20 metro areas with the largest number of illegal aliens confirms this." Sep 25, 19 9:08 PM

UPDATE: The Vanna White Is Pulled Off Montauk Beach But Sinks In Harbor; Young Owner Left Homeless

The photo shows that the rigging is not set up. Even if it were, that vessel was already in the surf zone, and he was probably having quite a time just hanging on. Vanna White will see another day. " Sep 26, 19 6:15 PM

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