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Southampton Town Board Will Consider Barring Cops From Politics

1) There are plenty of websites that show public employee names and pension or payroll amounts, there is not a single person above 100K. No even close to $200k as you claim.
2) The town hall meetings are on the town website. There is not a single incident were an officer said a single word, let alone intimidating or "snarling like Ku Klux Klan thugs". They all appear to be just sitting or standing and watching the meeting. No thuggery, just your imagination. If you look at the swearing in for Chief Wilson you will see it was thugs from the SOA and the Republican party who did the screaming and threatening.
3) Bridget Fleming has nothing to worry about as the PBA has been asking for years for someone to do something about the corruption in the Republican influence on police promotions. " May 6, 13 9:26 PM

Both you and Obbservant are dependant on lies circulated on this board rather than doing some actual research. As I pointed out, you can go to websites such as seethroughny.net and find the pay and pensions of actual officers, but that would shatter your dillusion and prove that I am correct about 6 figure pensions.
Both of you have also continued this dillusion about disrespectful cops and "the community was aghast". The only disrespectfull person at the meeting was Supervisor Kabot who started yelling at the cops because they applauded after one of the speakers. And for the most part, just about everybody at the meeting was there to support the cops.
And for you Observant, do not put words down that I did not say. I did not mention if cops are overpaid or under paid. I mentioned a distinct fact. The highest persion of anyone from the Southampton Town is not 6 figure and not close to 200K. and when cops in uniforn, stand silent and do not say a single word, yet elected officials from the Republican party are screaming and cursing, it is accurate to say that it is Republicans and not the police oficers who are out of line. " May 7, 13 6:18 PM

So I see. I answer about pensions and you answer about payroll. You still haven't tolds me which cops have a pension above $100K.
I answer about the swearing in of Chief Wilson and you answer about a totally differnt meeting.
When the facts don't fit your delusion, talk about something else.
By the way, the COST of an official is totally differn't then what an office is paid in wages. For the third time, I would like to mention that there are web sites that you can actually see the wages that each officer in the town makes. " May 8, 13 5:32 PM

Preservation Effort Loses Out To Deep Pockets In Water Mill

Good, maybe now try preserving land west of he canal. That 7.2 million would go a lot farther and benefit many more people." Nov 26, 13 2:31 PM

Woman Hoping Local Cops Can Be Educated About Breastfeeding

Hobby Lobby never issued stock, they have always been a private company." Jul 1, 14 1:25 PM

Southampton Town Approves 38-Unit Affordable Housing Complex For Speonk

Right across the street is a complex where you can rent a 2 bedroom for $1500 a month. And they even have a pool.
So the town is paying to build apartments were they are not needed, more than market rate, and far away from the services and places that apartment dwellers need. ÀWESOME!!!
BTW, workforce houseing should be near work, east of the canal and traffic. The trains in the morning all run west so being near the station is useless. Also people in apartments need to be near supermarkets, bar, restaurants, parks, or just about anything. You know whats in Speonk, one small strip mall.
" Mar 23, 17 7:31 PM

Speonk was never designated as an ideal location for workforce housing. Its not close to work, stores, or entertainment. Problem with this lcation is that it doesn't make sense. No developer would even attempt it because nearby housing is already affordable. The town should spend its money where needed. This place would be good for a mix of summer rental and year round residents that own the condos, but that wouldn't be as profitable. " Mar 26, 17 7:23 PM

UPDATE: Overturned Truck Cleared On CR 39 In Tuckahoe; All Lanes Reopened

Yeah because we all know that Montauk Highway is totally void of traffic in the morning. Look what happened a few years ago when cops shut down County road 39. Its the summer. Traffic is normal on this road. " May 30, 17 8:05 PM

County Executive, Local Lawmakers Showcase Bike Sharing Initiative Monday In Southampton

Lets start by converting the abandoned rail line fron Bridgehampton to Sag Harbor to a bike trail. Then pave a path under the large eletrical lines that run the length of the town. Make it so that people can ride quickly and safely and then bicycles can be a true alternative rather than an occasional thought." Jul 10, 17 8:21 PM

Protesters Converge On Stephen Schwarzman's Water Mill Home

So a group of people that take way more in benefits then they could ever pay in taxes are protesting a guy who pays about 75% of his income in taxes?
And the elitist Democrats still don't know why they lost.
Thanks, I needed a good laugh today. More videos please." Aug 4, 17 8:04 PM

First, check your post for reading comprehension. I didn't say 75% tax RATE, I said 75% of income. When you add up his 35% income tax, 8% state tax, capital gains tax, alternative minimum tax, 8% sales tax, proprty tax, fees, permits, transfer fees, etc, for a person of his wealth he pays about 75% of his income each year to the government.
No his effective tax rate is not lower than mine. This lie that rich people don't pay fair share of taxes is such fantasy its not worth even discussing here.
"An if" (your spelling) I was concerned about billionaires in politics, George Soros wouldn't be one of them. He is well hated around the world and his support for extremist usually ends up helping his opponents. " Aug 6, 17 9:59 AM

Air National Guard Members Assisting With Rescue Operations In Texas

All the good things you mentioned happened after Republicans took over Congress and put an end to Obama's flawed policies." Sep 8, 17 2:20 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

U Penn states that Prof. Kelley died on July 17th, 2011. Yet all of the fake stories going around the internet quoting him are no more than 2 months old.
It is funny when a simple web search reveals that your spreading fake news." Oct 15, 17 9:07 PM

Southampton School Officials Nix Columbus Day In Favor Of Indigenous Peoples' Day On School Calendars

Are they going to teach on that day, that in 1643 the Shinnecock and Narragansett tribes teamed up to kill all the white people in Southampton? Are they going to actually teach history and explain that brutality and slavery was commonplace in those times.
It does no service to the students to promote politically correct lies of Europeans=bad, Native Americans=good." Feb 15, 18 3:36 PM

Columbus was trying to get to India for trade. Great to see you blame Columbus for something that he didn't do and you make excuses for something the indians did. The Europeans=bad, Native Americans=good has worked well on you.
" Feb 15, 18 4:58 PM

Gershon's Comparison Of Trump's Rise To Hitler's Stokes Political Flames In 1st District Race

Well this article just made my decision easier. Gershon is a nut job." Jul 26, 18 9:14 PM

Southampton Town Board Hopes To Connect Two Hampton Bays Parks With Bike Paths

What the town should do is convert the abandoned train rail line from Bridgehampton to Sag Harbor. They can pave it so bicyclists, joggers, and handicap people have a safe trail away from traffic. They can also leave a few feet of grass on either side of the trail for horses and pets to also walk." Jul 26, 18 9:23 PM

Zeldin Responds To Comments Made By Trump Jr. Comparing Democratic Party Policies To Nazi Policies

Democrats now are running on a policy of hate. They have no deas other than harassment of people who disagree." Aug 7, 18 6:18 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

Read the above 10 comments from anti-Trumpers. 10 lies, 10 hate filled comments, and not a single correct fact. Typical for a modern Democrat supporter." Aug 14, 18 8:55 PM

My statement still stands correct no matter what made up fake statistics ( without evidence ) you post. " Aug 15, 18 8:02 PM

So "golden showers" was supposed to bea compliment?" Aug 15, 18 8:04 PM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton

Mueller already said there was no Trump-Russian collusion. Several months ago. Do you pay any attention to actual facts?" Aug 17, 18 8:03 PM

President Donald Trump To Fly Into Gabreski Airport On Friday

In reality, the stock market and the economy continued to fall until the Republicans took control of congress and stopped Obamas crazy ideas." Aug 25, 18 8:29 PM

Community Members Urge Southampton Town To Consider Legislation Limiting Local Police From Communicating With ICE, Honoring Warrants

Southampton police do not enforce immigration law. If ICE request an administrative hold on a person, it means that the person was arrested and fingerprinted for violating a New York state criminal law. It is routine practice for law enforcement to turn over people after arrest to other agencies that also have criminal charges against that person. To only turn over "citizens" but not illegal immigrants to other law enforcement agencies would be utter stupidity, and probably unconstitutional. You can not have one rule for citizens and a different for non-citizens within the U.S.
Also, the women who was deteained by ICE and is now here as a documented immigrant, what is her complaint? She got detained by ICE, forced to become a legal immigrant, and now she is unhappy? Why, because she now has to pay taxes? " Sep 30, 18 8:48 PM

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

Gerson doesnt care about eastern Long Island. His volunteers are from Manhattan, paid for by N.Y.C. Democrats that want to control the state. He invested in companies that harm the environment of the east end and then lied about it.
Gerson and his money donors just want to take advantage of the eastern half of Long Island. Every time people like him get in power, we suffer and our money gets sent to Democratic strongholds.
He will ruin the environment, raise taxes, depress wages and jobs, send health care cost through the roof, and make life miserable.
Do some basic research and you would see, that if you care about where your live, only a fool would vote for Gerson." Oct 1, 18 8:26 PM

UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

It was Obama's idea, and Democrats idea to put children in cages. Remember that Trump was holding the parent and turning the the children over to family members. Perry Gerson and other Democrats held rallies to stop breaking up families, they wanted the family held together in detention centers. The end of Trumps policy even lead to illegal immigrants stealing children to get in to the country easier. This is why DNA test are now done on some parents before handing over children." Feb 28, 19 7:34 PM

Well this has never happened and the comment is so stupid and unsupported, I dare you to provide any historical data." Feb 28, 19 7:38 PM

If you read the whole article, about 2/3 of the way through you would have found out that the hospital was not following proper procedure. Letting mothers develop infection and possibly dying is not a religious belief." Mar 1, 19 7:42 AM

So why was there a court order, prior to Trump getting elected, that children could not be held indefinitely in detention centers?
Why did Gershon and many other Democrats hold "family seperation" rallies? Because Trump was not keeping children in detention centers but giving them to other family members.
Why was Obamas official policy to hold children for 21 days and then release them with mother or other family member?
To say Trump kept "ALL children" is the opposite of what his policy was." Mar 1, 19 8:02 AM

Like I said,
If you read the whole article, about 2/3 of the way through you would have found out that the hospital was not following proper procedure. Letting mothers develop infection and possibly dying is not a religious belief" Mar 3, 19 9:30 PM

So the first comments anti-Trumpers say that Trump kept the children "in cages". The last two comments they say that the children were seperated as punishment.
Their arguement went totally opposite. They are making up fake facts as they go along.
Cant tell if they are being hypocrites or intentionally misleading." Mar 3, 19 9:43 PM

Hampton Bays Nun Arrested In Washington, D.C. While Protesting Treatment Of Children At The Border

Thats probably not true unless they came in illegally. You may recall a place called Ellis Island where millions were detained, screened for health, and returned if they did not have a sponsor to support them." Jul 27, 19 6:56 PM

Obama kept them longer but lost a lawsuit limiting him to 21 days. Trump was turning children over to family members after a few days so they could be with relatives and attend school. Democrats called this "family seperation " and demanded that the children be held at processing stations." Jul 27, 19 7:01 PM

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