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Familes Of Accident Victims Share Stories, Make Pleads To Improve Safety On County Road 111

First things First cut back all those intersections from all trees and brush .Remove all the center trees and brush between the north and south lanes on 111 just like the southern most part of the roadway is .I just dont know why this was never done originally .This alone would create a much safer roadway and save lives ITS THAT SIMPLE . God forbid anyone has a dangerous situation again they could easily look and see if another vehicle is coming . Reaction time would be greatly increased. God bless the Trinca family." Nov 17, 11 4:54 PM

State Police: Wrong-Way Driver Was Intoxicated

that intersection needs to be eliminated so no traffic can mistakingly make that turn . the DOT should make two entrance ramps for that bad area make the existing ramp RIGHT TURN only for south bound 111 traffic .Then install another entrance ramp some half mile further west on sunrise to eliminate that terrible intersection so all traffic is all going the same way as to continue to procede to eastport or moriches via that original service road . Ther are no obstuctions in the way to make this project work properly and with signs to advise motorists of the new patterns it could be a perfect fix for that area JMO" Jan 18, 12 3:42 PM

Sorry i meant northbound 111
" Jan 18, 12 3:59 PM

Survey Shows Increase In South Fork Gas Prices

something has to be done with the rip off artists who operate hbWEST shell station how can prices be 20 cents different from a same name station just a short drive to the east.
" Mar 29, 12 10:02 PM

Residents Still Contending With Traffic Delays In Hampton Bays

who is the fool in charge for not repaving the spot east of the repaved spot which is in need of repair The section i am referring to is just before the bend heading into shinn.hills

" Apr 1, 12 8:18 PM

New East End DWI Task Force Nets Many Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

please park that van on sound ave in riverhead westbound on any late sunday .theres alot of wine sampling to be had.
" May 26, 12 6:51 PM

Preparation For Road Widening Project On County Road 39 To Begin Shortly

I dont get this project .The real problem is that un necessary traffic light in watermill it holds up both directions FOR NO REASON!!! Wake up 10 minutes earlier and take the back way hipocrits
" Jul 9, 12 10:37 PM

New York Knicks' Jason Kidd Charged With DWI In Water Mill

put your cell phone down turn down that stuff you call music and loose the tint on your windows please labor day get here soon
" Jul 15, 12 4:14 PM

Grand Jury Fails To Indict Hampton Bays Man Who Killed Cabbie

a picture of this soon to be free man would be nice hint hint 27 east
" Jul 18, 12 6:52 PM

Head-On County Road 39 Crash Backs Up Traffic For More Than Six Hours

I think a Jersey style barrier would make for a much safer cr 39 only in certain areas .Why they are widening the eastern part is beyond me .Good luck trying to make a left out of any of the auto dealers after that fiasco " Jul 25, 12 4:45 PM

Gregg Saunders, Whole Foods Developer, Lost In East Hampton Crash

Z i drive a K whopper around the hamptons too I keep a couple of extra bottles of water for westchester/ nj/ manhattan lol nuff said
" Aug 11, 12 10:46 PM

New Hampton Bays Organization Pushes For Change

Lets all stand up for our town next week at the meeting. Oh and by the way the homeless lady isnt hurting that bad with a starbucks coffee and cigarettes always burning I can think of much better ways to spend your money there is another women who walks the streets in much more in need of help then her
" Aug 24, 12 9:35 PM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

i said it once i say it again get rid of the watermill traffic light it is useless time consuming everyday mess" Aug 28, 12 7:06 PM

Three Accused Of Running Brothel In Flanders

how about a street address 27 east I know about 100 houses that fit that description?" Sep 23, 12 8:11 PM

Officials Discuss South Fork Traffic Safety At Roundtable

Jersey Barrier keeps innocent people from getting hurt start this at the lobster inn and you would have prevented a couple of accidents this past year. It is 35mph for one good reason REACTION TIME. no shoulder no where to go no brainer oh and by the way after the widening project is completed have fun making the Left out of any auto dealership" Oct 13, 12 11:58 PM

Hampton Bays Civic Renews Talks Of Incorporation

We cant wait for another election we want action now Amazing how a few years back we had a problem with a certain motel in east quogue and its residents were soon gone " Jan 23, 13 5:25 PM

North Road In Hampton Bays Reopens To Traffic Friday Afternoon

can someone tell me why they stopped working on the project in the fall . Then started again in the frigid middle of winter. " Apr 13, 13 8:43 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

again another sad accident and still nothing getting done.
again im gonna suggest jersey barriers from lobster inn to 7-11 .again another life would have been saved. Also who ever wasted millions on the new 3 lane make over did a lousey planning job it should have been 4 lanes plenty of room for one more lane . why all these vehicles must sit in traffic all day is just stupid" Jul 28, 13 9:27 PM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

Dont get any splinters taking down all those full size VERY annoying signs
" Nov 5, 13 6:06 PM

Hampton Bays Man Charged With Stealing Items From Parked Cars

wondering if they will post any pictures
" Dec 26, 13 4:50 PM

UPDATE: Police ID Pair Charged With Stealing Fire Chief Car

how about the names of those arrested
" Jan 26, 14 9:17 PM