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Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

I met Paul on the phone in 1968 and instantly liked him, especially when he said I could drive to Sag Harbor and see a real-live Radio Station! I was about 19, and wanted to be a DJ more than anything. I live in Hicksville, and so, on the 80-mile trip to Sag Harbor, I had almost two-hours of listening to LNG while it got louder and clearer as I approached the Hamptons.

When Paul walked me into the WLNG studio, I remember asking him, “Where’s the studio?” I remember it as a small room with a low ceiling, with all commercials recorded on 3” reels of tape.

The loud AM transmitter was in the studio, with its cooling fan running full blast...clearly audible on the air if you knew what to listen for. That explains why - when I was just a few miles from the station - the newscaster (Bill Chamberlin) had to kill his mike between stories, and during that moment, I heard nothing...just silence...and then a loud rush of air when the mike came on again!

Paul gave me my first job in radio. Back in 1968 we were only AM-Daytime. During office hours, I prepared the logs (on a mimeo machine), but then Paul let me go on the air - after Paul’s Party Line - at 6pm. In the summer, we signed off at 8:15pm, but in December, it was as early as 4:15 in the afternoon!

Although it’s been a decade or more since we spoke, I’ll always remember him fondly. Many times, whenever I found myself in the area, I’d stop in to say hello. Now, I regret these past several years that I didn’t have any contact with him.

I’d like to think that there was a shortage of innovative DJs in Heaven, and that’s where Paul Sidney is now.
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