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Two Southampton Schools Flagged For Improvement By State

Don't confront Mr Z with facts, he works with emotion, supported by the most obscure, self-centered references to, well, weird fluff. And to think there is someone odd enough to explain that the pseudo-legal children of illegal aliens are performing at the top of the class or outperforming anyone is not only a detriment to those kids who need real help but an outright lie that could not be supported in any way shape or form. In fact the legal children of legal citizens are not only outperforming but they carry their families carry the school in every organization, volunteer effort, school program, committee, you name it. The parents of the displaced and bewildered children are nowhere to be found when it comes time to contribute, but their children do indeed outperform other students in consumption, neediness and usage of resources. And these are the facts Jack." Nov 29, 11 7:26 AM

Southampton Fire Department's Firehouse Opens Saturday

What is good about it is that since all of these folks are volunteers, it has enough room to house their families in the event of some catastrophe, while the volunteers are out saving us. They won't have to worry about their own families as much. Appreciate what they do." Nov 30, 11 11:36 AM

New Brand Of Politics In The Future For Southampton Trustees

I imagine the voices of these civil servants to sound much like the teacher on Charlie Brown." Dec 1, 11 8:23 AM

Two Southampton Schools Flagged For Improvement By State

Emotional Argument v. Thoughtful Argument. What exactly are the facts?" Dec 1, 11 8:24 AM

The Fresh Market Is Store Interested In Southampton Village Site

Summertime is actually one of the original settlers. So old in fact, that the season of Summer was actually named after her family. She is married to Mr. Z. There is simply nothing past, present or future that between Summertime and Mr. Z can't be figured out. Unlike us, she was there that fateful day in the 1800s as the "local boy" tore down the house while the "from away" family kept theirs. Fast forward 200+ years and an online love affair much like her old pals Romeo and Juliet take place, just this time, Mr. Z and Summertime. And now you know, the rest of the story. Merry Christmas to you all." Dec 2, 11 7:25 AM