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Residents Want Hampton Bays Business District To Have 'Small-Town Charm,' Survey Finds

Yogi is telling the truth. We had a home with thirty residents in it probably, maybe four separate families sending their kids to HB schools. The neighbors made multiple complaints. In the end the only reason it was shut down was a domestic dispute at the home alerted the landlords attention to the problem.
Not knocking the code enforcement, I think they are overwhelmed. But its ignorant or disingenuous to suggest it's not a problem." Feb 2, 17 4:10 PM

Then legal residents and citizens will make a fair wage that will no longer be stagnant due to employers getting away with hiring illegal labor
We will once again have affordable housing in terms of rentals because they will not be overcrowded with multiple families and landlords charging by the room
The school district will not be overburdened by a population that does not pay in school taxes(first family pays in, multiple families do not) what they take out
And it will be safer on our streets with a significant decrease of unlicensed and uninsured drivers

" Feb 2, 17 4:19 PM

Parents, Children Fearful Of National Immigration Policy Changes, Local Doctor Says

Maybe she was wrong about birthright, but she's right on about everything else.
The most important things parents can teach their children is about taking responsibility for your own actions.
They took a chance by not following the law. They should have that discussion with their children not their nurse practitioner." Mar 2, 17 10:40 AM

Hampton Bays Will Not Get Trolley Service This Summer

Well put Infoseekee." May 20, 18 6:09 PM

Infoseeker " May 20, 18 6:11 PM

St. Andrews Road Sign Installed By Highway Superintendent Mysteriously Removed

Thank you PBR for never giving up. You may be only one voice but it’s always an unwavering one for justice for Sister Jackie. " Aug 12, 19 10:54 AM

Hampton Bays Dune Washes Away Again; Town Supervisor Says Relief Is On The Way

No one needs to buy anything. Most of the area is all ready a “park” with natural vegetation. Hope we can help those who earn a living from the docks and restaurants. " Oct 31, 19 7:09 PM

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