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UPDATE: County Road 39 Reopens Six Hours After Crash

If you're on that side of the canal, you're toast. I think that's the main issue that the usual drama queens are missing. Of course people feel bad for the motorists in the accident but the bigger picture is that it's scary to think what would happen in an emergency." Jul 25, 12 9:37 AM

UPDATE: Knife-Wielding Man In Water Mill Identified And Charged By Police

It doesn't work that way in this town. " Jul 25, 12 8:58 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

I guess "chains" is the new lib buzzword. Its so cute how you all get together and repeat things like adorable little robots." Aug 18, 12 8:02 PM

I needed one last to buy cough medicine at Stop and shop. Also at the bank to make a withdrawal. Also when I bought my beach sticker. And for the nice man at the liquor store a few Weeks ago when I purchased a bottle of wine. I also needed it when I was registering my son for a sports team. That's just in the last few months and I consider my life pretty boring. I can't get a book from the library without a library card, can't enter my workplace without id, can't access my campus facilities without id. My 86 year old aunt whos on a fixed income and her disabled friend both have non driver ids. Your arguement is condescending to those you claim to defend and a joke." Aug 18, 12 8:17 PM

The doctor confirmed I was pregnant by finding a heartbeat other than my own. Some women can dismiss that as a bunch of cells. I cannot. That's my right. I felt the life of another inside of me and I reject your description." Aug 22, 12 10:27 AM

Statutory rape isn't forceable." Aug 22, 12 10:33 AM

New Hampton Bays Organization Pushes For Change

No she was here before the shelter,I believe she actually is homeless. The shelter folks just walk back and forth to Stop and Shop enjoying this "wonderful" existence their govt has provided for them. Last night I was actually scared for the first time driving down my road as there was a man in front of the shelter waving his fists screaming into a cell phone basically in the road. If it was a drunk kid from the Boardy barn he'd be arrested but he's from the shelter so shhhhh." Aug 24, 12 9:26 AM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

The police seem to think so, they have been here all day. But I guess you know better." Sep 11, 12 9:01 PM

It was mostly working class guys, their service trucks filled the lot. In the morning the lot emptied. I never saw anyone of them loitering in the middle of the road causing traffic to drive around them. I never saw their teenage kids wandering around the streets during school hours. I never saw them trepassing on private property and throwing parties and leaving trash everywhere. I have been out here and I never locked my doors...until now. The residents of this neighborhood have had enough. We actually pay to live here and we are ready to protect it." Sep 11, 12 9:14 PM

Police Make Arrest In Hampton Bays Bank Robbery

Yes I'm sure he just happened upon our hamlet. I'm sure he has no connection to all the orphans and widows at the shelter. That's why the police have been there nearly every day for a week. No connection at all I'm sure." Sep 18, 12 1:59 PM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

No it comes in the form of a NYT headlines, much more civilized." Sep 22, 12 9:42 PM

In Ny insurance comp. couldn't do that anyway, I know from first hand experience about 6 years ago. The obamacare talking points are such a crock. I give you one thing though, 26 year old man- childs and women- childs couldn't be on mommy and daddy's insurance back then. 2 pts democrats creating a more entitleed and dependent future of America." Sep 22, 12 9:49 PM

Hampton Bays Civic Renews Talks Of Incorporation

I can't afford higher taxes but I can't bear to stand by and watch what's happening here. I used to live in Sag Harbor but chose here to raise my family because it's real here. It's beautiful, nanny's don't raise the children, and it has such a great pride and spirit you find in these kind of neighborhoods. Whatever the solution is lets try to find it, I know we are all busy but it is an uniformed and disengaged electorate that got us where we are today (locally and nationally). Get involved or at least be aware. Thanks to the civic association for their service!" Jan 23, 13 9:10 PM

Complaints Over Volleyball Games In Springs Lead To Proposed New Limit

Just wondering...what ethnic groups are we allowed to hold accountable for thier actions and which actually have to comply with the law? Is there a list we csn refer to?" Aug 16, 13 10:27 PM

Transformation Of Hampton Bays Shopping Center Continues

" Who wants to put a store in across from a trailer park ...?"
What a condescending statement. " Jan 9, 14 12:44 PM

Southampton Town Seeking Landlords For Rental Housing Program

People should live where and how they can afford to live. My family struggles to stay in Southampton town but it's worth it. If you can't afford it work harder or smarter or live somewhere else. My parents worked very hard to get my family out of an apartment in a not great neighborhood to a home in a better school district. It required hard work and sacrifice. I will never understand the concept of affordable housing." Oct 7, 14 10:14 AM

Two Women Arrested For Possession Of Crack In Hampton Bays

They from Riverhead. But you're right nothing like that "beautiful" cupsogue beach or that lovely neighborhood by the air force barracks. " Oct 26, 14 9:07 PM

Tuckahoe Denies Student Admission To School Based On Vaccination Record

Question: do we have the vaccination records of the undocumented children in our east end schools? If they can't ask about their immigration status how they mandate their medical records?
Do you feel as strongly about that? " Nov 1, 14 4:12 PM

Hampton Bays Citizens Group Targeting Another Illegally Converted Motel

If they can't afford the area then they can't live in the area. It's nobody's responsibility to help people afford to live somewhere but their own.
I would like to afford to live on the water in Quogue. Or Sagaponack. So either I make that happen or I live where I can afford. This affordable housing thing baffles me." Apr 30, 15 8:31 PM

Town Asks If Flashing Lights Would Ease Traffic Backups

But what we weren't but our children were? Are you going to break up families? But the children!" Apr 30, 15 8:37 PM

Hundreds Decry Montauk Weekend Mayhem

The entire east end sold their soul for a buck. " Jul 14, 15 8:26 PM

UPDATE: Police Arrest Driver In Saturday Night Hit-And-Run Accident

If an accident occurs causing injury or damage and is the fault of one of these noble folks driving around with out of state plates (that clearly live here) what happens? I guess us silly law followers just take the loss? Real question. " Oct 6, 15 11:03 AM

East Hampton Homeowner, Others Face Charges Of Overcrowding And Illegal Bedroom Conversions

Kudos to East Hampton town! I have exactly the same situation in a home on my street in hampton bays, myself and my neighbors have made multiple complaints, nothing.
At one point next door to that house another house had 10 people living in a 900 sq foot 2 bedroom house, 6-7 cars in driveway. Multiple complaints, nothing.
Both have done construction without permits, multiple complaints, nothing.
Maybe Southampton can outsource code enforcement.
All we are asking is that rules apply to everyone. It's not anti immigrant to enforce laws designed for safety and to protect quality of life.
" Nov 18, 15 9:26 AM

Southampton Town Police Arrest Nine During DWI Task Force Enforcement

A lot of us. This towns blind eye to those who have broken the law and continuously do so affects us directly whether it's the undercutting of citizens and LEGAL immigrants salaries, diminishing the values of our property, burdening our school districts to unsustainable levels, or flooding our roads with fraudulently registered cars (commute from Illinois do you?) with uninsured drivers.
A lot of us. " Nov 27, 15 2:57 PM

Yes fish sticks. And guess what the plates from Texas, South Carolina, etc they're not commuting every morning to gampton bays either!
I know because I walk outside every morning and there are a total of 10-11 cars from out of state parked at the two houses next to me.
I'm glad you can get a laugh at my families expense." Nov 30, 15 7:17 AM

Hampton Bays" Nov 30, 15 7:18 AM

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