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Living In The Shadows: Deportation Rumors Spark Fear Around Town

June Bug try a little harder.
I have a 900 square foot two bedroom home next door that at one time had a dozen unrelated people in it. Next door to that there is a home with six families living in it, nine cars sometimes more parked across what used to be a front lawn.
That's how I've been betrayed by my local officials. Because they do nothing about it.( They did when I was a college kid renting a house though!)
As for your condescending comment at the end my father layed bricks, I cleaned houses, my husband landscaped roofed and built houses. I don't know about your world but in mine, there is no job beneath me. Apparently you and Kelly Osbourne think otherwise.
" Jan 22, 16 8:11 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Arrested And Charged With Leaving The Scene Of An Accident At North End Cemetery

Did he head over to Hampton Bays afterward to knock over the pole?" Feb 2, 16 9:23 PM

Montauk Highway Closed In Hampton Bays Sunday Morning Due To Drunk Driving Accident

These Illinois drivers are getting a little out of hand, huh?" Feb 3, 16 5:20 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Man Arrested And Charged With Leaving The Scene Of An Accident At North End Cemetery

Scroll down headlines for update on the driver in Hampton bays. " Feb 3, 16 5:24 PM

Schneiderman Requests Information From Police About Missing Woman Investigation; No Answers For Family

PBR thank you for your perseverance for Sister Jackie. " Feb 10, 16 9:51 PM

Remsenburg Woman Completes 17-Year Journey, Becomes U.S. Citizen

And unlike the Democrats we respect that she did it legally and will fight to keep others who couldn't be bothered to abide by our laws from jumping the line. Thank you Ms. Ortiz!" Feb 25, 16 7:03 AM

Farrell Building Adds Shovel-Ready Packages

Bloomberg was a democrat, changed to Republican to ride Guiliannis coat tails and has now been an Independent for 8-9 years (?)" Mar 1, 16 2:47 PM

Southampton School Board May Vote To Change Name Of Columbus Day

Awesome.You win the Internet today!" Mar 9, 16 12:11 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Sharpens Affordable Housing Proposal, Studying Feasibility

I have a 900 square foot home next to me. The landlord gets an astronomical $2500 a month because he illegally overcrowds his house ( two families illegal rooms in basement) Two houses down the landlord was renting a single family residence to six families for $6000. They paid by the room. If you want to create more affordable housing enforce ((GASP!) existing housing codes and the landlords will be forced to rent to couples or (ONE) family at fair market value. Voila!" Mar 24, 16 1:41 PM

Springs School Parents Speak Out Against Language Barrier In District

I think in terms of benefitting someone it would help them to learn to speak English more than it would benefit me to speak Spanish. Not learning English will only limit their success and the potential success of their children. Not speaking Spanish hasn't affected me at all." Mar 24, 16 1:51 PM

Springs School District To Offer Spanish Translation At Next Board Of Education Meeting

Do you really think they meant in one day? They started learning English on day one. What a nasty response." Apr 6, 16 9:59 AM

Also do taxpayers pay for those professional athletes interpreters?
No other group of immigrants in this country's history has been so coddled, and the effect is glaring in their sense of entitlement.
But entitlements will be their downfall as their dependence on the government will only severely limit their potential of success. " Apr 6, 16 10:04 AM

Southampton Town Police Chief Robert Pearce To Retire

Is Ms. Perez's job to make sure they choose someone who won't enforce laws and continue our "sanctuary" town policies?" Apr 7, 16 4:58 PM

Is Ms. Perez's job to make sure they choose someone who won't enforce laws and continue our "sanctuary" town policies?" Apr 7, 16 4:58 PM

Seven Arrested In Prostitution Sting In Riverside Friday Night

or just stop for a "drink" at the new CB's...." Apr 11, 16 8:22 PM

South Fork Voters Talk Donald Trump

Actually that's their own (the agents) take on our borders. They have publically stated so, and they support Trump." Apr 11, 16 8:34 PM

Shinnecock Man Killed While Crossing County Road 39 On Foot Friday Night

I am very sorry for the family.
But in response to just me please reconsider what you just said. Slowing down paying attention are all good things. But stopping in the middle of the road to let people cross (unless it's a designated crossing area) is putting pedestrians and drivers in more danger. I have seen people do things like that before and they are just unaware of the potential for danger they create.Just follow the rules of the road. Deciding on your own to change them creates confusion for all involved.
" Apr 14, 16 12:03 PM

New Rental Registry Law In East Hampton Leads To First Charges Against Overcrowded Rental

Why do you continue to find excuses for people who break the law?" May 5, 16 11:38 AM

West Hampton Dunes Woman Advocates For Female Faces On US Currency

Harriet Tubman was a proud 2nd amendment supporter and a republican! Right on!" May 5, 16 11:47 AM

Popular Barber Hangs Up Scissors After 15 Years In Westhampton Beach

Tony's is like an old friends place. And that is the secret to her success. My kids had their first haircuts there, first day of school, picture days..
Your love for the east end is so sincere and the love you got back is too.
Good luck Tony on your new adventures! ." May 12, 16 10:03 AM

Shinnecock Tribal Member Fights For More Than Parking Ticket

Proximity yes. But think about it. The whole notion of the Rez is its sovereignty. How can it be both that and part of an incorporated village?
That said I think the village should recognize that there is an historical inseparable relationship between the two entities something should be worked out. They recognized the beauty of the east end first, after all.
" May 12, 16 10:23 AM

Suffolk County Water Authority Will Ask East Enders To Conserve Water

Would six families using one cesspool affect our environment? Just wondering." May 13, 16 10:56 AM

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