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Rumba Files Trademark Infringement Complaint Against New Caribbean-Theme Restaurant In Hampton Bays

Rumba's has the location, the other one looks like something out a strip mall, I wouldn't worry.
It did seem like a cheesy rip off to me when I first saw the plastic sign and palm tree.
" Jun 18, 16 10:30 PM

Democratic Primary In Limbo After Tight Vote

Yes and really smart people see Hillary Clinton as the honest, selfless, fighter for the little guy that she is.
I mean right wing conspiracies, you tube videos, sniper fire, silly email investigations.....She's been through so much " Jun 29, 16 11:29 PM

Man Attempts Suicide On Ponquogue Bridge Sunday Morning

Out of curiosity you said don't blame the victim. What exactly is he a victim of? He threw himself off a bridge.

I hope he gets help but can we stop overusing/misusing words until they become completely meaningless. There are real victims out there that play no role in the harm that comes to them. " Jul 4, 16 12:58 PM

OLA Announces Springs School Vote On Latino Parents Committee

Will the parents be required to be legal citizens to be on the committee? Legal immigrants with roots in the community should be. Legal citizens of this country are guaranteed freedom of association. But the agenda should not be what can the district do for us, rather how can the parents partner in their children's education.
However, people whom entered the country illegally, committed identity fraud to procure employment illegally should not be advising tax payers how to run their school districts. (And no, multiple families living in single family residences do not qualify as tax payers)
" Jul 5, 16 3:05 PM

Southampton Town Says Work On Good Ground Park Is Ahead Of Schedule; Facility Could Open This Fall

I still scratch my head about this whole endeavor. It's bizarre. We can't fill the store fronts on main st.
Hampton Bays (which I love) is in complete decline, property values down taxes going up school district spread so thin it is a marvel it hasn't imploded yet and we're building an amphi theater?
Reminds if the pretty park Riverhead built by the river, I wouldn't walk through there in daylight.
Nobody goes to Brentwood for vacation, even if it had an amphitheater." Jul 5, 16 3:14 PM

Springs School Board Continues To Face Community Concerns Over Latino Outreach

It's been that way for generations. I've never heard of anyone demanding that Riverhead School District begin conducting school business in Polish. In Flushing, where there is a sizable Asian population they do not demand the same. Why is that? Is it that they can recognize the benefits of learning English? " Jul 8, 16 1:37 PM

Southampton PBA President Issues Statement Following Dallas Police Shootings

Also after seeing some of the video footage from the BLM protest in Dallas, "peaceful" isn't exactly how I would describe it." Jul 10, 16 11:53 PM

UPDATE: DA Says Evidence Insufficient To Connect Man Arrested For Southampton Break-In And Sexual Assault With May Stabbing

Maybe the fact this happened on the other side of the canal may wake some people up. Maybe Southampton town will finally help us out in Hampton Bays.
All we are asking is for this town to uphold and enforce the laws that all ready exist.
People living in these sanctuary cities towns, etc should be grateful we do have a right to arm and protect ourselves. Our officials aren't interested in protecting us. " Aug 6, 16 9:27 AM

And this man as well as the others involved in stabbing at CB's are not "transients" The stabbing article stated they all lived and worked here for years. Including this man.
MS13 is in the Hamptons. They were at our carnival.
Please don't insult us by making believe they werent Detective. " Aug 6, 16 3:04 PM

Don't you know that asking people for ID is now considered racist?" Aug 7, 16 12:02 PM

Details Of Tuckahoe Road Reroute Proposal Emerge Amid Community Outcry At Work Session

Just want to say thank you to those who went to meeting." Aug 7, 16 12:05 PM

Lack Of Evidence Prompts Release Of Four Men Charged In May Double Stabbing Outside Hampton Bays Bar

So if the stabbing had connections to MS 13 and one of the suspects went to HB HS, would that suggest there are other connections to the gang at the school. Or will the detective from SH assure us that there isn't." Aug 12, 16 7:00 PM

Police Searching For Driver In Noyac Hit-And-Run

That's exactly the problem. It's ugly but it's the truth.
What do you gain from hiding the truth?
" Aug 12, 16 7:03 PM

Father Of Remsenburg Teen With Down Syndrome Warned To Stay Off School Grounds Or Face Arrest

Got self awareness?
Typical left winger would of "terminated" Aidan in the womb.
I'm what you refer to as a right winger, work in special education, and recognize how special these children are.
" Aug 25, 16 1:43 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

The problem is simple. Landlords make more $ by overcrowding their rentals with multiple families and sub letters.The house next door 900sq ft in HB10 people $3000
Next to that was a house with 20+ people they were collecting $10,000.
There is no enforcement so there is no incentive to rent to young couples, families, seniors.
Enforce the codes,( no multiple families in single family homes, excessive parking, etc) try it for one year I dare you! I'll bet you'll find a rental for your friend." Aug 28, 16 2:59 PM

Guardian Angels Come To The East End

Great comments HB proud.
Anyone who thinks we don't have a gang or drug problem in HB has their head in the sand.
And anyone who thinks a canal will keep it contained, well good luck with that." Sep 5, 16 7:45 AM

Special Needs Student Will Be Able To Attend Westhampton Beach Middle School Under Agreement

Westhampton Beach MS will be better for it. Good luck Aidan.
And congratulations Aidan's mom and dad. " Sep 5, 16 8:06 AM

Hampton Bays Superintendent Expresses Concerns Over Town Supervisor's Accessory Apartment Idea

Many of those students come illiterate in their own language. So yes eventually they may learn English. Either way they require sometimes twice the special services while their families are not paying into the property taxes that fund those services.(No, multiple families living in single family residences DO NOT count as paying taxes)
They also move around often switching schools and districts which is extremely disrupting to the learning process, their classmates and teachers.
It is not "racist" of taxpayers and parents to be concerned about it. Like the liberals say" if it starts a conversation...."" Sep 6, 16 2:38 PM

Regardless I like the sound of legal!
(As long as the homeowner is paying extra taxes.)
I don't think you'll get many bites however, much more profitable to hide the excess income and regarding code enforcement they either get away with it completely or pay what little fines they get as price of doing business." Sep 6, 16 2:43 PM

Suffolk County Legislature Approves Measure To Charge 5 Cents For Shopping Bags

Why do they call them single use? I recycled all my plastic bags all the time as garbage bags, etc.
It's just another examples of progressives who "know better" having us minions alter our behavior confirming to their dictate through taxation." Sep 12, 16 2:21 PM

Police Investigate Link To Cemetery Vandalism With Pokémon Go

It may of lead them there but that has nothing to do with destruction or vandalism. Come on!" Sep 21, 16 9:27 PM

State, County Negotiating For Removal Of Flanders Rest Stops

It's renter's either summer or tenants of the slumlords of Hampton Bays.
But there's been a couple occasions where I've had to pull over and yes there's definitely shady occurrences happening there" Sep 21, 16 9:34 PM

Hampton Bays Motel Owner Insists Business Is Not Polluting Penny Pond Canal

I'm interested to see where this falls on the liberal hierarchy..... Who wins?
Illegals vs. Environment
I love this stuff " Oct 12, 16 5:20 PM

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