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Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

Based on his comments I guess Lars Clemensen will also encourage legal action to stop the future sale (of the numerous) houses on the market in HB, to anyone who has children... Article states, "Lars Clemensen was the only member of the public to address the board. He expressed concerns about how a potential influx of school-aged children could impact his district... “It’s like being in a sealed room, having the water level rise,” Mr. Clemensen said." He liked the 20 and 45 cents increase per lunch the federal government has been paying the district who receive free or low-cost lunches, (7/27/11 article), but he just doesn't want them to live here. Shameful." Dec 3, 11 9:55 AM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

I was looking for info to determine just how corrupt the "Town of Southampton" (inspectors/courts) is, a shame that so many comments here are off-track & nonsense.Please post your democratic vs. republican battles elsewhere. Meanwhile I have rented 2 houses in HBays for 2+ years and can report that after considerable repeated efforts with the Building Ordinance Inspectors, they accomplish absolutely NOTHING-Dangerous living conditions? They may issue citations, but they NEVER make it to court or are resolved-The fact that my slum landlord brags that he "has friends in the local governments" (that protect him) only reinforces the serious/corruption problems in this area. + Last week I told both the police and Town Investigations Units about my landlord's probable drug dealing here (I found 15 oxycodone pills in clear container in mailbox) and they still did nothing! I wonder if contacting the local news regarding the very poor housing conditions+ here would prompt someone to take some action. When I spoke to DOH about the serious growing mold issue at house they were shocked that citations issued 1+year ago by TOS town investigations inspectors still not in court or resolved...Obviously moving out of this area is the only solution for a responsible tenant who does not want to live in a dangerous (and what I later found out is illegal) house rental...David Betts (Chief) joined inspector here last week - but I'm still being told by inspector there is nothing they can do and I should just move asap...Of course I've told them & police that they should either offer me money needed to move or keep their useless suggestions/advice to themselves. BTW- Police officer here last week informed me landlord (and his "friends") have legal right to disturb/harass/threaten me etc. whenever they want, and I the tenant have no rights....I wish I was exaggerating, unfortunately this is the type of stuff that happens to far too many innocent, responsible hard-working people/families here in Hampton Bays..." Jun 19, 12 2:56 PM