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Two Convicted Drug Dealers Released From Prison; D.A. Cites 'Credibility' Of Arresting Street Crime Unit Officer

They are not coming out with clean slates.One has a conviction for a home invasion using a machete.The other with assault over a drug deal gone bad.The best for all is if these guys move far away.They will have money once they sue Southampton Town and we pay for it." May 30, 12 11:32 AM

New East End DWI Task Force Nets Many Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

They are going to have to save every penny to pay for the lawsuits the drug dealers are going to file and we're going to pay for." Jun 1, 12 1:35 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

What a terrific endorsement!.Tim is a great Congressman and a stand up East End guy " Jun 1, 12 6:02 PM

Hillary Clinton and Bobby Kennedy came with National Recognition and outstanding reputations.How can you compare them to outsourcer who comes with the Koch brothers and their vile manipulations" Jun 2, 12 11:52 AM

Police Union Calls For Investigation Into Leaks

By the time the smoke clears they are going to have to mortgage Town Hall and tax us to death to pay for drug dealers lawsuits.The price of drugs will drop because of the increase in competition. " Jun 2, 12 12:11 PM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Hillary came with credentials. Outsourcer comes with the Koch brothers and all kinds of extremely right wing tea party baggage. I just don't understand how a woman or a man who loves women can vote Republican.They boycotted Rush for a reason. " Jun 3, 12 12:32 PM

Typical Republican claptrap.Mr Behan is a Disabled American Veteran. You have no compassion for him at all." Jun 3, 12 12:39 PM

Senator Bernie Sanders has a wonderful and simple way to fix SS. Raise the current cap from 110,000 to 250,000.Rich people pay a little more and we all benefit " Jun 4, 12 11:05 AM

Bobby was assassinated in the service of our Country and Hillary is Sec. of State a very difficult job " Jun 4, 12 11:09 AM

Veterans are used to being abused by our Country and the VA. A Soldier is an asset and a Veteran is a liability. We have a saying at the VA.You have two lives to give to your Country.One when you're in service and the second when you go to the VA. " Jun 5, 12 12:04 PM

Wall St does own the Country.They collapse our economy and not one person is arrested. MF Global has 1.6 billion missing and Corzine is walking around free as a bird. Time to end the Fed and kick butt" Jun 5, 12 1:06 PM

Legislature Renames Theodore Roosevelt County Park To Montauk County Park

Theodore Roosevelt was giving a speech.An assassin approached and shot him in the chest.He waved off all aid and finished his speech.Then was taken to the hospital. What a man! When he was Police Commissioner in NYC corruption was rampant.He would walk the streets in the middle of the night getting his officers in line.The stories never end. Seems to me the legislature has more pressing matters like getting us out of the 530 million hole they put us in.Teddy would have never done that " Jun 6, 12 3:46 PM

State Senate Approves STAR Rebate Legislation

If there was a guest worker program as there is in Canada the illegal aliens would contribute tax. If the over bloated Counties,Towns and Municipalities (mostly Republican) would make drastic cuts that would help. Hempstead Town Animal Shelter has 5 Republican Committeemen making 100,000 or more plus benefits.That's crazy " Jun 6, 12 4:03 PM

Legislature Renames Theodore Roosevelt County Park To Montauk County Park

Aren't you getting sick of these politicians? We're in a National crisis which isn't improving at all. Meanwhile our "leaders" aren't helping one bit. " Jun 7, 12 10:36 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

What about the citizens who live here? Do we have rights? Or are we just supposed to pay the taxes for reduced services and shut up" Jun 10, 12 10:22 AM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

You're right Z but the mediocre minds don't see it. We need to end the Fed for starters" Jun 10, 12 10:41 AM

Scholarship To Be Awarded In Honor of Hampton Bays Teacher's Aide

This is such a wonderful thing to do." Jun 12, 12 7:10 PM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

It worked real well for Ike in 1954 Operation Wetback (Govt. Name Google it) rounded up about a million illegal aliens.They shipped them 500 miles into Mexico. " Jun 12, 12 7:21 PM

Wasn't that long ago that Hampton Bays was a terrific little fishing town" Jun 15, 12 2:55 PM

How many kids are they going to have? We'll be paying for them as well while they are dumbing down our kids education." Jun 15, 12 3:01 PM

Altschuler Secures Fishing Endorsements

With the way Republicans have been treating women in this Country I just can't see a woman or a man who loves women voting Republican." Jun 16, 12 10:18 AM

I'm for Tim he represents the district very well. Randy ,being from Jersey, doesn't know this area at all. He just wants to get in and do as he's told by the Koch brothers. Our Country is in too much trouble to allow that" Jun 18, 12 8:50 PM

President Bush started an illegal and immoral war in Iraq. Isn't each and every GI killed murder? He's charged along with Cheney as a war criminal. Google Bush crime family to see some of the other crimes this family has committed. Including being the first ones to finance Hitler. There might have never been a Hitler if Bush hadn't backed him.The German people at that time didn't like him at all. " Jun 19, 12 10:39 AM

Captn I really feel sorry for you and your whole family.I hope you don't have children so you can try and poison their minds.Your mind is less than mediocre.I'm sure that you didn't even Google Bush crime family. There is a page of information.Including Neil Bush who headed up Silverado during the Savings and Loan crisis. He pocketed at least 2 million.Add George and his father and you've got 3 Bush multimillionaire criminals walking around free. Need more information on Bush? Google Tarpley for a whole book.Also Google Union Bank 1942 to see that Prescott Bush was holding Nazi money during WWII. This isn't speculation it's cold hard facts. " Jun 19, 12 12:41 PM

Campaign Diary: Altschuler Outraises Bishop For Third Filing In A Row

America's house was in order when Clinton was in office.Then daddy's buddies stole the election and the Supreme Court said George "won". He got to work quickly and had the debt ceiling rise 7 times in 8 years.He also started an illegal and immoral war. Oh yes Wall Street collapsed ruining our economy. Quite a legacy " Jun 20, 12 2:29 PM

Can you imagine how our Founding Fathers would have felt about this election? You have a guy who travels from another State.He made his fortune by sending thousands of American jobs overseas.Last time he ran he spent about 3 million dollars of his own money in the campaign. That's about what a Congressman earns in 10 or 15 years.This time money is pouring in from all kinds of ultra right wing sources. I would think that the locals would be very angry at this interloper.Especially since they have a Congressman who can trace his heritage to this area for many generations. .

" Jun 20, 12 2:59 PM

UPDATE: New Owner Of Former Library Building Is Former Goldman Sachs Partner

The rich get richer and the poor can get lost.They are an eyesore" Jun 22, 12 6:53 PM

Bishop, Altschuler Divided Over Immigration Issue

Charity begins at home and there are millions of Americans who need it." Jun 22, 12 6:57 PM

Hampton Bays Students Urge School Board To Keep Spanish Teacher

How about that Motel that Code Inforcement went into.They found 80 people including 40 Schoolchildren. The Motel pays 1,500 in taxes. Who pays the School taxes for those 40 kids?Look in the mirror" Jun 23, 12 6:05 AM

Update: Police Chief Calls Amagansett Death A 'Terrible Accident'

Lindy's covers much of Suffolk County. They have a very poor reputation." Jun 24, 12 5:38 PM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

Many of these homes have been handed down from generation to generation. Quite a few of these folks have Families that have been here much longer than you " Jun 25, 12 4:14 PM

Many of these homes have been handed down from generation to generation. Quite a few of these folks have Families that have been here much longer than you " Jun 25, 12 4:14 PM

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