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Suffolk County May Face $500 Million Deficit

Congress and Obama are owned by the Big Banks,Big oil and Big pharma. Don't expect any help from them" Mar 12, 12 1:19 PM

Wouldn't you think that there would be a major investigation over a shortfall of 530 million dollars? Apparently not just cash those paychecks use those benefits and move that money. Plus keep those idiot taxpayers quiet. " Mar 12, 12 1:35 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

We're supposed to believe that we are lead by honorable men. The joke is on us. While they distribute patronage,cash their paychecks and enjoy their benefits. Sure makes you feel like you are being taken advantage of. And you are. Big time " Mar 14, 12 6:03 PM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

What else is the "pillar of the community" going to say? That he employs a bunch of illegal aliens. I'd like to see the paperwork on his crew and see who is legal and who is not. That's a good way to stop this. Go after the employer. " Mar 18, 12 5:22 PM

That's really awful. You and your neighbors shouldn't have to put up with that kind of behavior" Mar 18, 12 5:45 PM

Desperate times call for desperate measures. The folks in Springs have been invaded. If one of these individuals is an illegal and commits a crime that picture might be the only means of identification." Mar 19, 12 10:28 AM

Conn you are judging the Springs residents without knowing how they are living. Complaints about 94 houses is severe. Walk a mile in my shoes and your opinions just might change." Mar 19, 12 10:51 AM

Google Tarpley and you'll find a biography of George Bush where it explains how Prescott Bush and friends first financed Hitler. There are 3 other books about the Bush gang being released soon. I think that economics and aesthetics play a large roll. Property values declining and kids added to the schools at 25.000 each really hurts. Too many people and cars are disconcerting. Add additional traffic,noise and litter makes everyone angry. " Mar 20, 12 11:04 AM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

Randy Outsourcer should take a nice long vacation to India where he made his money" Mar 21, 12 6:05 PM

You know what isn't the same Phil? This economy. We need Tim in Congress. He's got the experience and seniority. " Mar 22, 12 6:59 PM

New Bill Aims To Stop Gas Surcharges

How about stopping gas speculators? According to Sen. Barry Sanders they add 7.50 per fill up to a small car and 15.00 to a van. That's obscene " Mar 23, 12 1:55 PM

Seven East End School Districts To Seek State Funding For Consolidation Study

Albany has been kicking this around for years. To be able to consolidate 7 superintendents and their staffs is terrific. Plus their purchasing agents. The biggest winners would be the children. " Mar 23, 12 2:03 PM

Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

You guys are doing all this arguing about the puppets. The focus should be on the puppet masters. Wall St,Big Oil,Big Pharma etc. They own Obama and Congress. Like it or not Occupy Wall St has it correct. Add the competition from India,China and other low wage Countries and we are in a battle for our very lives. Better wise up and start swimming. I don't want to sink like a stone." Mar 25, 12 1:37 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

You're the one who offered to "shove these words right down your throat" while speaking to a woman. What kind of behavior is that? If you said that in public you might have a major problem on your hands. Is your real name Rush? " Mar 28, 12 10:01 PM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

Charity begins at home. There are so many Americans who need help in so many ways. Meanwhile to enter this Country without the proper documents is a crime. Every illegal alien is a criminal. To hire an illegal alien without a Social Security card is illegal. Every company that hires illegals is committing a crime. They are also not paying taxes which means Americans must pay. Every illegal's school age child costs the taxpayer about 25.000 a year. Every illegal couple that have a child (paid for by us) is by law an American Citizen. " Mar 29, 12 10:13 AM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

In my mind anyone who ships American jobs overseas is a traitor.A person who relocates in order to become a Congressman is a overly ambitious carpetbagger. He's trying to use the First District as a stepping stone. Will we let him step on us? I hope not." Mar 29, 12 10:31 AM

End the gas speculating. It's hurting us all and the economy. According to Sen. Bernie Sanders gas speculation adds 7.50 per fill up of a small car and 15.00 on an SUV. " Apr 1, 12 2:18 PM

The taxes are lower than they've been in 50 years. Like it or not we are in a war to preserve our Country. Our economy is in the toilet. Many states and municipalities are broke (Suffolk Co. 530million) Third world Countries are clamoring for our jobs. The noose is tightening slightly every day. Eventually you might wake up living under a bridge. We need real help." Apr 1, 12 2:32 PM

Outsourser doesn't have the Republican nomination." Apr 2, 12 10:23 PM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

The Federal Government and local Police turn their backs on illegal immigrants. So you have thousands of people who are undocumented. Crimes are committed,you have no fingerprints,photos,addresses,family etc. to go on. The criminal can just go to another area and commit more crime. Employers who hire illegals are committing a crime.We need all the tax money we deserve. No more working off the books. " Apr 3, 12 5:56 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

IBM is outsoursing high end jobs to India. They are forcing their engineers to train the new workers. If they don't they are immediately fired. If they train them they still get fired but with severance pay and minor perks. Tough,dismal choice." Apr 3, 12 6:27 PM

99% Rally Sunday in Sag Harbor 1PM by the Windmill" Apr 5, 12 11:08 AM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

Trustworthy? Don't you see how Mexicans behave against each other in Mexico? They are chopping off heads! Police are on the take and Mayors are ruled by druglords. We have enough problems without allowing more criminals to stroll across our borders" Apr 5, 12 11:28 AM

Google Operation Wetback (USA term) Ike in 1954 kicked about one million illegal aliens out of the Country. He used about one thousand Border Patrol Agents and local Police. This administration enables illegals. What a shame. Our taxes going for criminal illegals" Apr 6, 12 9:47 PM

Flanders is part of Southampton.Why not take a look at the crimes illegals commit there. Shootings,stabbings,assaults are commonplace. One illegal attacked another with a baseball bat by the Valero station at the Circle. Then their is the illegal drunken driving.No insurance or proper registration.Hope that they don't hit you. When they mention it in the papers they never say they are illegals" Apr 6, 12 10:15 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

People making triple figure salaries living in paradise still aren't happy.They always have to keep stirring the pot. I don't get it. " Apr 7, 12 6:46 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

They should put a net around your house. " Apr 7, 12 6:58 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

Get lost? That's how you speak to people. I have a feeling you wouldn't talk to me that way face to face. Not that it's any of your concern but I have money and I am happy.It's strange that you would say that I would be happy if other people worked for my money. You know nothing about me yet you make these derogatoryremarks. Seems like you are a pompous fool. " Apr 8, 12 10:09 PM

Bridgehampton Front-Yard Pool Proposal Resurfaces

How many of these houses by the ocean have pools? Plenty of them. Why I really don't know. Must be a city folk thing" Apr 8, 12 10:20 PM

Springs School Will Cut Teacher Positions To Stay Under Tax Cap

How many kids in Springs have illegal aliens as parents? Why has the student population risen so high? " Apr 9, 12 6:49 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Arizona is catching up to Florida as the wackiest state in the Union. This mostly Republican "war on Women" is puzzling. It's going to cost plenty of votes. Look at Rush. They couldn't give Ad time away. " Apr 10, 12 9:14 PM

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

Beach Bakery is the center of town. Babies,Children,Adults and Dogs all getting along just fine.Eating bakery goods sipping coffee and smiling at each other." Apr 11, 12 10:08 PM

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