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New Cap On STAR Savings Angers Some

“We’re not cutting the STAR program—we’re just limiting the amount of the increase,” Fred Thiele has GOT to go.

If you buy his crud, you are being worked over. This is pure and simple political speak at its worst level. Last year, the state spent roughly $325 billion on the STAR program, he said. With the newly imposed cap, the amount of STAR spending will still increase this year but by only a fraction, or roughly $3.3 billion. But without the cap, STAR spending would have increased by another $125 million, Mr. Thiele said. Sounds like a cut to me.

You see how it is called SPENDING when they give you a break on your taxes. He thinks it is him money to begin with and by his grand virtue, the little napolean thinks he's letting you keep some of it. How about this one:

Noting that exact STAR revenues still have to be calculated by the state, Mr. Snyder said he could only speculate as to how the new cap will impact his district. Translation? : I have no clue what is going on or how it will affect the folks whos STAR program I'm in charge of overseeing.

Mr. Snyder maintains that the measure, which received little attention when it was approved by Albany in late March, is essentially a “hidden” tax of sorts. Translation?: It is a tax increase for those on a fixed income, in most cases.

Keep your eye on the bouncing ball. For those folks having their STAR tax break limited or decreased, keep in mind that the latest from your pres, i.e. making sure that payroll taxes are cut - is aimed right at you as well. The only way Medicare is funded is via FICA taxes or the very taxes that your pres. is looking to cut. Not a good time to be on a fixed income these days.

" Dec 6, 11 6:33 AM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

There is nothing majestic nor equal about the corrupt system of law in this country." Dec 6, 11 6:36 AM

New Cap On STAR Savings Angers Some

Not a double digit tax increase where I live. And yes, STAR was supposed to reduce taxes - if you reduce taxes you subsidize spending, there is no way around it, they are not mutually exclusive. Yours is a false narrative meant to dig the schools, either way you slice it, your education was paid for and now you're going to pay for someone else's. Too bad you don't like the demographics, but that is a different story. If you want to attack a school's fiscal irresponsibility, there are a lot more aggregious examples abounding, where there is nothing as necessary as educating our children happening. Try picking on a different target, like your own local hack government. Go tell your neighbor on a fixed income who is getting hurt all over the place that it makes sense to you that her STAR benefit is being limited, see how well she sympathizes." Dec 7, 11 6:46 AM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

Better watch out discussing ''families" and move to discussing "individuals". Homeless families tend to number in the dozens i.e. 30 families could be over 300 people. " Dec 7, 11 6:51 AM

Anti-Noise Group Fails In Bid To Stop East Hampton Town From Seeking Airport Grant

Who cares if the airport closes? Honestly, except for a builder with an anger management problem and a few from the top 1% who cares if the airport closes? In fact, can anyone please explain why a civilian, living in the Hamptons should EVER care about the East Hampton Airport? Time to close it up, especially if its costing the Town of East Hampton millions. Sounds like East Hampton is the most destitute hamlet in the country, with an airport?" Dec 10, 11 7:44 AM

Southampton Town Board Holds Off On Plastic Bag Ban

Its that there is no recycling program like in most municipalities and that the brown paper bags, believe it or not, aren't much more green than the plastic bags. Its a feel good move by the colloquial leaders that want to leave some sort of, ahem, legacy. As if anyone remembers what they had to eat for lunch last week. And to top it off, those greedy souls that run the dilapidated Nusbaums don't feel that $7.00 is enough for a box of cereal, they have to now also charge you for the bags. You remember when if you paid $150.00 at the not-so-supermarket you would get someone to bag it for you in free bags? The whole thing is a work and the little guy loses. Again." Dec 10, 11 7:50 AM

The Beach Box Might Be 'Coming Soon To A Dune Near You' Says Developer

The country was founded on resourceful groups of people coming up with an idea and if consumers find the product useful and valuable, they will pay what they deem a fair price for the new idea. The problem with this is that it is speculation. And the problem with this speculation is that because it is lame so-called house made out of garbage, when nobody is willing to pay the asking price, we are left with an empty house made of garbage on some very pretty real estate. And if someone moves into this house, where do you go for repairs? The docks. Don't get fooled by the false narrative of energy sustainability. It is moot, someone is building a house made of garbage, charging a ludicrous price and it just won't work. What good does an empty energy efficient pile of refuse do us? We already have a lot of that around." Dec 11, 11 7:21 AM

'Occupy' To March In Southampton Village On Sunday

Laugh all you want, but waking up today, I see that all of the foreclosures have been terminated and everyone is back, secure in their home!? Not only that, EVERYONE I speak with seems to have had their attention drawn to foreclosures and are very aware of them now. " Dec 12, 11 6:55 AM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

Translation: Hey what's that, over there!? Really Phyllis? The right this and the right that - that's what you've been reduced to? Exhibit A why you are a humorous aside, 5000 comments notwithstanding. Newsflash: Both parties are screwing you and are completely bought, at your expense. You want to make a difference? Make a pledge to be more sensitive when it comes to your racist tendencies." Dec 12, 11 7:04 AM

New State Tax Code Lessens Burden On Small Business Payrolls

The job is not complete until the MTA tax has been completely eliminated and all of the money that has been confiscated for this folly has been returned." Dec 13, 11 8:27 AM

'Occupy' To March In Southampton Village On Sunday

You know Z, the parade is long over, but the pathological posting of preposterous prounouncements more suited for my posterior will certainly continue for days to come. To take a page out of your playbook, I would recommend you read some of Larry Winget's work. If you haven't heard of him, you may recognize his greatest titles Shut Up, Stop Whining, and Get a Life; It's Called WORK for a Reason; You're Broke Because You Want to Be; People are Idiots and I Can Prove It and Your Kids are Your Own Fault.

" Dec 13, 11 6:41 PM

Town Will Go To Court, If Necessary, To Stop Homeless Shelter At Hampton Bays Motel

Let's see if I have this straight:

1.) Republicans have no regard for future of country.
2.) The New Deal built this country.
3.) Right blaming working people for all of its problems.
4.) Republicans disintegrating under stupidity of supporters.
5.) Obama has moved to the right as a compromise.
6.) Republicans moved toward Fascism.

Would you agree that one party is Good and one party is Bad. And for you, after watching the news its pretty easy to see who the Bad Guy is vs. who the Good Guy is. Do I have this right? And, you often get very mad at the Bad Guys because you are on the Good Team...so far so good? And its your duty to tell the Bad guys that they are Bad so the Good guys like you more and say good job philathome, you go tell the Bad Guys how Good the Good guys are some more and they send you out the door while they laugh and go about their business of ripping you off blind. Feeling a little used yet?

" Dec 14, 11 6:50 AM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

I think I know how this story ends and its not happy. History repeats itself yet again. For the survival of what is left of the Shinnecocks, you should re-read your history books. The chaos that ensues weakens the strongest tribal ties and infiltrates every aspect of life on the reservation. The toxic and unsavory clientele will become your holy grail. And then what? You play with pigs, the pigs enjoy it and you get filthy. Would your ancestors have wanted you to build a bright lights big city monument to greed and desperation? The struggle is between your wallet and your heart, and you must follow your heart." Dec 15, 11 6:35 AM

'Occupy' To March In Southampton Village On Sunday

Yo Z, you have around 30 comments here between your originals and your add ons, and whatever would be the online equivalent to blue in the face is you have got to possess it. Nobody is buying what ya got cookin' over there in the woods of North Sea. Would you describe the "infantile stage of suing the Fed for every dime I've ever paid into Social Security" as posting about it on 27east? This is my Christmas present to you. Get over yourself and give it a rest. It is an interesting social movement - but any idea that it'll have any impact on the presidential election or grow considerably is incorrect. Except of course, if the rumors about Obama taking his creation and turning up the dial because he cannot run on his record or his high poll numbers." Dec 15, 11 6:49 AM

You're losing it Ant..I wouldn't read anything by Arianna Huffington if you paid me cherished US Government Food Stamps. Perhaps you should stop lest you sound like you do. How's your lawsuit going?" Dec 16, 11 6:22 AM