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Summer Rental Horror Stories

Have you people not realized that while these may be your homes, to the "summer people" this is their playground?!? Get used to it or don't rent out your homes. " Oct 6, 11 2:17 PM

Appeals Court Lifts Injunction Against Sex Offender Housing In Westhampton

how convenient that the sex offenders live near the shooting range. wonder what would happen if some bullets accidentally missed the targets and hit the useless pieces of crap sex offenders. " Nov 2, 11 1:16 PM

Driver Receives Minor Injuries In Southampton Village Rollover

Thank God he was ok! This man is lucky to be alive. thanks to the emergency crews who helped my uncle out. " Apr 10, 12 11:22 AM

Mario A.C. Hudson, Formerly Of Remsenburg, Dies March 18

mario will be deeply missed. he was a great guy. RIP my friend. " Apr 13, 13 6:29 PM

U.S. Women's Open Arrives At Sebonack

Ridiculous that you have to go to the golf house to get a residence pass, you can't show your license. Can't wait til this is gone! Some people work for a living and don't have time to play games with different rules every day. " Jun 24, 13 1:14 PM

Southampton Prepares for U.S. Women's Open Crowds

Southampton Town has NOT accommodated traffic, especially to residents. Cops are rude and nasty and no one knows what each other is supposed to do. Cluste Mess Up (you know what I REALLY want to call it). Hopefully this crap never comes here again. " Jun 25, 13 12:58 PM

UPDATE: Bicyclist In Stable Condition After Riding Into Back Of SUV

I think its sad, but OMG i could not stop laughing! SERIOUSLY SOMEONE RODE INTO A PARKED CAR!! I love it. I hope Mr. Klapper get better and nothing serious happens, but I am having a laugh at the situation of bike hits car, car ok. LOL " Jul 12, 13 6:52 PM

ATT Cellphone Customers Say They Are Fed Up With Poor Service

We actually switched from Verizon, great cell service yet horrible customer service, to AT&T. We have not had 1 single problem and I work in Hampton Bays, live in Southampton and go out to East Hampton once a week to clean a house. Never any issues, even on Stephan Hands Path! I am very surprised. When we had Sprint, however, that was total waste of money! Loving AT&T and getting wonderful reception everywhere. The only place my husband doesn't get it is in North Sea by Bridies Path to Majors Path. We must be the lucky ones! " Jul 21, 13 5:23 PM

Five Years' Probation For Former Teacher Who Filmed Girls

this disgusting thing needs to register as a sex offender. Oh if we only lived in times where we could stone people like him to death. If that had been my child, he wouldn't be alive today! " Dec 26, 13 2:49 PM

Local Entrepreneurs Roll Out 'The Beach Glass'

I wish I could read the rest of the story any idea where to purchase these awesome glasses?" Dec 30, 13 12:23 PM

Southampton District Seeking Nominations For A Hall Of Fame

Oh I get it...yet another popularity contest. Exactly what qualifies as success? Being wealthy, being a hot shot corporate executive, a parent to a child that doesn't do drugs or is pregnant at 15? " Jan 30, 14 12:03 PM

A Survivor Takes The Helm At The Retreat In East Hampton

Good for her! Congrats on being a survivor and not a statistic!! Good luck in everything you do and keep up the good work in helping on other women!" Jan 30, 14 12:13 PM

Tails Wagging Over New Southampton Dog Park

I'M SO HAPPY! My dogs will have a safe place to play with other dogs as long as other owners know how to train their dogs to behave. I have seen some dogs that bite other dogs and attack others. Hopefully everyone will be respectful of each other!" Mar 17, 14 12:37 PM

Kardashians 'Take' The Hamptons In New Series

GOD HELP US! as if we don't have enough trash out here in the summer now this crap! is it hunting season? LOL" Mar 26, 14 1:29 PM

Southampton Hospital Employee Wins $20 Million Jackpot

CONGRATULATIONS!! Hopefully you will be wise in what you do with this and we don't see you on either Lottery Changed My Life or Hoarders! " Apr 7, 14 12:20 PM

UPDATE: Driver Charged With DWI In Fatal Car Crash

Updated info says speed and drinking played a roll. Wake up people. Young people driving at 2:30 am in an accident. Statistics show that 89% of the time its alcohol, speed and/or drug induced related. Unfortunately this is extremely sad. This is no way for a life to end. It should end with someone in the 80's and 90's. not in their 20's. my heart goes out to the victim's family and if the driver was on anything illegal or over the alcohol limit, I hope she gets what she deserves justice-wise. but in the meantime, lets stop acting like children here. " Apr 21, 14 12:00 PM

Hamptons Chocolate Is A Hot Pleasure

yeah....i'll stick to kit kats. not spending $200.00 on chocolates" May 13, 14 1:37 PM

Bruce A. Peterson Of Southampton Dies April 30

Mr. Peterson was an amazing man and will forever be missed and loved. He had a great heart. His family is amazing and I love them all " May 23, 14 4:57 PM

UPDATE: Kardashian Family Rents North Sea Home For Summer

Funny. Their store opened and they were no where to be found. Good. Stay away. Oh wait...they are renting a house in North Sea. After numerous brokers refused to work with them the decide to stay in North Sea. Love it. Hide in the woods all summer " Jun 3, 14 5:49 AM

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