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Whale beached in East Hampton survives first attempt at euthanization

so who here knows anything about whales?...

PETA is the WORST " Apr 9, 10 10:51 AM

Suffolk County consumes record amount of water on Friday, Southampton estates lead the way

I agree w/Tuckahoetrick (despite her profession) I will be turning on all of my hoses and running them 24/7 until we are out of water to protest this freedom binding legislation that is upon us - my lawn will die from over watering, then I will replant and repeat!
I also have a newborn (who happens to be kind of ugly) which was kind of like, an accident...If I can contribute to using all of our water resources maybe little Carling wont be able to get any drinking water in her pre-teen stage so she'll leave home...i.e. leave me alone. phew." Jul 17, 10 9:44 AM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

would any eruv opponents please clearly state why they are against this?

here's one example of an eruv: http://www.pjvoice.com/v15/15703eruv.html

so far the only complaints seem to be that "they" might break their own rules...

also: Who makes a sign/symbol religious or not? One man's 2 x 4 is another man's boundry, one man's t is another man's icon.

I personally consider viewing the American Flag a religious experience " Aug 27, 10 8:14 AM

barnbabe (i'm guessing you just loooove the Boardy Barn)

i'm in WHB either " Aug 27, 10 8:24 AM

^ not" Aug 27, 10 8:51 AM

but symbols are irrelevant without observers - an eruv is meaningless to anyone who isn't looking for it - An Islamic crescent and star would be the same - are you so easily swayed by your perceived meaning of any object or sign in your path that you need to protect your wild eyes from such suggestions? How do you react when you see the flag of another nation, how do we decide which symbols are acceptable, is this truly pandora's box - o - worms, should our currency rid itself of the phrase "in god we trust", are we silly, uninformed, bored, and ego driven?

whoops" Aug 28, 10 8:52 AM

Umm Jean...

The permission has to do with abiding by the law - a group wants to place an object on an existing object legally - "They" are not seeking permission from "Us" to skirt "their" own rules.

Frankly - you embarrass yourself by posting here." Aug 29, 10 10:58 AM

Police: Burglar photographed himself with stolen laptop

hmmm... When video chatting your own window is usually the smaller one in the bottom corner of the screen (in this case it shows an empty chair)." Sep 24, 10 8:09 AM

Police Still Searching For Burglars Who Forced Their Way Into Eastport Home

how come we haven't heard about the Southampton man who was shot twice in the stomach two days ago (in southampton)?..." Jan 19, 11 8:27 AM

thanks for the re-direct Joseph Shaw!

Too bad this website is so hard to navigate..." Jan 21, 11 8:04 AM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

why can't i just surf all day?" Jan 21, 11 8:10 AM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

There is no such thing as a "natural flow" of sand - as sand has moved in different ways over time our perspective of "proper flow" has changed as well - After jetties are installed sand will flow in a new way, which is no less natural then the way it moved before. How well the sand is moving is a subjective judgment based on individual ideas surrounding "use" of sand.

even though i agree that this lawsuit is mostly friv-o-los, I don't agree with 90% of the perspectives routinely displayed in the 27 east comments section - you guys put the stupid in "stupid farm people"" Jan 27, 11 7:57 AM

Police Investigate Shooting In Tuckahoe

I am so productive! - I must be a good citizen.

this thread is so sad - you've taken a local story about a drug dealer getting robbed and shot and placed it into the context of national news commentary talking points - then imitated what you've seen and heard on T.V. - going back and forth repeating stupid points that are isolated from every other related point. Try thinking a bit and not trying to act like a cable news outlet personality who's desperate for airtime, ratings, and viewers. " Jan 27, 11 8:06 AM

Group Pushing For Religious Boundary Files Suit Against Southampton Town, Westhampton Beach And Quogue

who here can honestly say that an eruv would directly influence their way of living - in a negative way?

p.s. - saying something like "if we let those bastards put up an eruv, next thing ya'know we'll have sharia law and 7-11 wont sell beer!" is not going to help your case.

" Jan 27, 11 8:12 AM

ok - thatnk you highhatsize - good start.

so let every religion have the opportunity to do this - do we believe that since one group seeks to do this then every other will? I don't believe the point of the eruv is for decoration or advertising.

I understand the concern about climbing utility poles - so perhaps the real solution is to put these objects on something that doesn't have such a critical functional purpose - like a tree, street light pole, speed limit sign, stop sign, etc.

Still no one has really mentioned how this will effect anything...
i.e. "no we're going to to have to let 'ole jesus put crosses everywhere" why might another religion seek to do this ? and if they do, how might it affect you to have every religion's emblem displayed all together at the same place? To me it sounds great for two reasons, first - it will look totally wacky and awesome (subjective), second - having every religion side by side will bring some sort of backhanded negation of each - like too many ads or billboards in one place ." Jan 27, 11 7:14 PM

Freedom of religion is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or community, in public or private, to manifest religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship, and observance; the concept is generally recognized also to include the freedom to change religion or not to follow any religion.[1] The freedom to leave or discontinue membership in a religion or religious group —in religious terms called "apostasy" —is also a fundamental part of religious freedom.

this notes being public or private - so a public display is fine - and you don't have to participate.

explain how they are not being discriminated against" Jan 27, 11 8:46 PM

ICE and David H -

neither of your statements are accurate (and you've already typed them here)

you two should hibernate until the boardy barn reopens in the spring - you can talk your non-sense to the slobs jiggling their guts under the big top then." Jan 28, 11 7:59 AM

Montauk Residents File $25 Million Lawsuit Over Erosion

You can't just build a breakwater - there are other considerations like how sand flow will be altered, protecting of the marine ecosystem, and the visual conundrum." Feb 2, 11 7:56 AM

Police: Drugs Involved In Tuckahoe Home Invasion

thanks biba.

what else should we make legal, then tax?" Feb 2, 11 7:57 AM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

How is her struggle worth $70 million.

" Feb 10, 11 8:13 AM

I was taking photographs in the same spot a bit before this fiasco went down, I wanted some pictures of the helicopter so I parked across the street, stood next to my car and began to snap a few off - about 5 minutes into this a man from the base approached me and told me that I couldn't be there taking pictures. So I left.
I didn't argue due to the fact that I'd already taken the pictures, but I was on public property...
Also its easy enough to take a crisp image as you drive by at 30 mph, next time don't stop, just do few loops.
" Feb 17, 11 8:00 AM

I wonder if you'd be allowed to sit across the street and sketch or paint an image of the base." Feb 17, 11 8:02 AM

Census Shows Soaring Increase in Latino Population On East End

all these latinos are going to force god back into our lives...
we were almost rid of that stuff" Apr 2, 11 9:21 AM

East Quogue Residents Are Ticked Over Pair Of Proposed Cell Phone Towers

EQ/southampton town residents should pay for this.

the potential for added costs, lower quality of life, dealings with cell companies, setting precedents, etc. outweigh the small amount it would cost everyone in town to pay for a necessity.

" Jun 10, 11 8:43 AM


Why would we introduce a multi national corporation and it's interests into our town?

Groups whose primary interests lie outside of those of East Quogue residents should not be brought in under the auspice of support for the local economy.

50,000 a year is kind of junk in terms of revenue from T-mobile.

Am I missing something? The article states that the tower was estimated to cost $150,000 so... here's a very rough estimate:

say the tower and construction actually costs $200,000 and we estimate 5,500 residents in EQ - we get an estimated cost of $36.36 per resident (some of which are elderly/children). Add $13.64 to make it $50 per resident for unseen/maintenance for x amount of time and we have $275,000.
Is it too much to ask for $50 per resident to maintain our own fire department - some could even pay in installments!

there is no reason to introduce T-Mobile into the picture/economy " Jun 10, 11 4:52 PM

Share House Owner Pays $10K In Fines And Gets Court Order

jail time, really?

maybe we should just hang her to avoid further crowding US prisons.

:)" Dec 9, 11 11:07 AM

Developer Seeks Change To Westhampton Beach Zoning Code To Allow For New Supermarket

what's wrong with driving to Hampton Bays or Riverhead for groceries (approx. avg. 7.2 miles each way). How close do you need to be to a 40,000 sq ft. supermarket?

half of a mile?
1 mile?
2 miles?
3 miles?

We might need 3 new supermarkets!" Jan 10, 12 7:39 AM

East Quogue Cell Tower Hearing Draws Large Crowd

We don't need to fabricate or hypothesize about health issues.

There is no need for a cell tower... that's it." Jan 14, 12 8:49 AM

East Quogue Resident Thinks Fire District Should Drop T-Mobile

rrc: "restrict the quality of life"

"quality of life" is subjective. please don't imply that you're speaking for everyone when voicing your own opinion.

"kiss my butt" : kiss my butt

"look like trees" - what level of similarity are you willing to accept? you could be asking to little if you're willing to settle for representations of the real thing.

no on hugs a cell tower" Feb 11, 12 10:25 AM

*too" Feb 11, 12 10:25 AM

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